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__________________ - 1.0 -_____ INTRODUCTION

____________________ 1.1_______ General Information

____________________ 1.2_______ Author Information

__________________ - 2.0 -_____ GAME BASICS

____________________ 2.1_______ Story Situation

____________________ 2.2_______ Controls

____________________ 2.3_______ Stealth Action 101

____________________ 2.4_______ Digital Notebook

____________________ 2.5_______ Training

____________________ 2.6_______ Game Options

__________________ - 3.0 -_____ CHARACTERS

____________________ 3.1_______ Sydney Bristow

____________________ 3.2_______ Marcus Dixon

____________________ 3.3_______ Michael Vaughn

____________________ 3.4_______ Marshall Flinkman

____________________ 3.5_______ Jack Bristow

____________________ 3.6_______ Anna Espinosa

____________________ 3.7_______ Julian Sark

____________________ 3.8_______ Arvin Sloane

__________________ - 4.0 -_____ MISSION WALKTHROUGH

____________________ 4.1_______ Monte Carlo:____ Operation Casino

____________________ 4.2_______ Saudi Arabia:___ Operation Museum

____________________ 4.3_______ Saudi Arabia:___ Operation Ruin

____________________ 4.4_______ Romania:________ Operation Tattoo

____________________ 4.5_______ Romania:________ Operation Asylum

____________________ 4.6_______ Hong Kong:______ Operation Embassy

____________________ 4.7_______ Rio de Janeiro:_ Operation Nightclub

__________________ - 5.0 -_____ OP-TECH INVENTORY_________________

__________________ - 6.0 -_____ OUTRODUCTION

____________________ 6.1_______ Credits and Shameless Plugs

____________________ 6.2_______ Revision History

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________________________ 1.1____ General Information

_______________________ ---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---

If you're reading this, then you obviously want to know more about the game

itself, and it's background. And I've got all the info, straight from the

horse's mouth... :-D

(The following information has been extracted from an interview with Patrik

McCormack, developer of the Alias game, and an article by Paul Terry. Both

were published in the official Alias magazine. Yes, I subscribe to the

magazine. Nyah.)

The scene is approximately one year ago. The main player is Acclaim

Entertainment UK, a rather well-known game developer. They were creating the

gameplay aspects of a new type of action-stealth-combat game, when they heard

about a TV show by the name of Alias.

At the time, Alias was not even being screened in the UK, therefore the

developers knew nothing about it. They were soon brought up to speed when

they realized that the game they were creating was a perfect fit for the

storyline and action of Alias.

If you don't know what Alias is, it's a spy show. Sydney Bristow, our hero,

works for the CIA and gets herself involved in all sorts of adventures,

trying to stop the terrorist forces of the world from obtaining top-secret

technology. Her nemesises in the past have included the Alliance, a group of

rich white men that control black markets worldwide; SD-6, a small cell of

the Alliance, pretending to be the CIA; Arvin Sloane, director of SD-6 and

member of the Alliance; and currently (series 3) the Covenant, formed after

the Alliance was disbanded, taking their place but much more deadly.

How does the game tie in with the show? To quote from the interview now:


Q._ How does the game's story fit into the complex Alias universe?

A._ It was imperative that we captured the essence of the show by

___ collaborating with the scriptwriters to create an intriguing plot, fully

___ integrated into the Alias world. The game is set between episodes 19 and

___ 20 of season two. Without giving any surprises away, the game ties into

___ the series closely, and the game story events makes permanent changes to

___ the Alias world. Rather than just use characters from the series, the game

___ designers wanted to create a character from the game that ends up as one

___ on the TV show. This is exactly what happened - Dr. Caplan in the TV show

___ (played by Christian Slater) was actually a character created for the

___ game.

___ To touch on the game's story a little, Sydney Bristow's aim is to locate

___ various works from Milo Rambaldi, and stop ecological disaster triggering

___ across the planet. Players will be able to interact with their favorite

___ characters from the TV show, such as Agent Vaughn, Agent Dixon, Jack

___ Bristow, Marshall Flinkman, Arvin Sloane, and the cunning Mr. Sark.


In a nutshell, there you have it, folks.

The Alias game was released worldwide in early April 2004. (Midway through

the screening of series three of the TV show.) It is not known as yet the

success of the game, only that it will surely be popular due to the amazing

success of the show. Only time will tell...

_______________________ ---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---

_________________________ 1.2___ Author Information

_______________________ ---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---

*stands up and waves* Hi, my name is Rebecca Skinner, I'm an Alias addict....

People that know me know how true that last comment is, I'm afraid. Since the

pilot episode, I have not been able to get enough of the show, therefore it

is my honour to bring this guide to you. This is my (unlucky?) thirteenth

guide, written for GameFAQs, the greatest video game website ever.

I am not a video game expert. I am especially not a stealth video game

expert. Alias is my first shot at that genre, both for playing and writing.

RPGs are usually my weapon of choice, but seeing as Alias would make a really

crappy RPG...

*has nightmares of a turn-based RPG with Sydney, Vaughn and Dixon in the

party, fighting against the big bad boss Arvin Sloane*

... I'll have to make an exception to the rule. I do try to inject a little

variety into the games I play and write for, as is shown by my list of

achievements - guides for Final Fantasies VI and X, Parasite Eve II, AFL

Live 2004, Where in Space is Carmen Sandiego, and Clockwerx, just to name

a few. Alias will rather shortly be added to that list, by the time you read

this ;)

To contact me, either about the game, my guide, any other guide I've written,

general Alias info (I can provide just about anything Alias you might need),

or just to talk, I got a little thing called e-mail. I hate e-mail, it's so

impersonal, but I'm not about to go putting my phone number in my guide now,

am I? So e-mail it is.

Unlike most serious guide authors, I don't have rules for e-mails. However, I

do throw away about 90% of guide-related e-mail I get because it either:

a) asks questions that I've already documented the answers to in my guide,

b) asks questions that answer themselves,

c) asks common sense questions, or

d) reads something like "omg you suck, I hope you die".

If you don't fit into any of the above categories, feel free to drop me a


-----__ karpahqueen @ hotmail. com__ -----

Boring copyright info now. This FAQ is copyright Rebecca Skinner AKA Karpah,

2004. You can read it, download it, print it off, e-mail it around unaltered,

whatever, I don't mind. (Please don't e-mail me asking for permission to print

it or download it, I've had that before.) But you wanna post it on your own

site? That's a definite NO-NO, sorry.

This guide can ONLY be found on the following sites:

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Any other sites you find it on, lemme know so I can send some nasty e-mails to

webhosts. I like doing that.

-----_ Go download Melodies of Life, by Nobuo Uematsu, as you read this._ ----


____________________________ 2.0____ GAME BASICS


All the little important things you might need to know when playing the game.

I'm not really good at these sections, but I'm gonna try my best...

_______________________ ---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---

__________________________ 2.1____ Story Situation

_______________________ ---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---

Meet Sydney Bristow, an active field agent for the CIA specialising in

infiltration and data retrieval. Young. Smart. Deadly.

When Sydney is called in to work on her day off, she knows there must be a

high priority mission on the line. The order has come from the CIA's best

mind: her father Jack Bristow.

A fellow operative, Agent Jacobs, has gone missing in suspicious

circumstances. His last communique to the CIA contained highly sensitive

intelligence regarding Sydney's arch nemesis, Anna Espinosa, formerly a top

agent for a rival agency, now gone rogue.

The trail starts in a Monte Carlo casino, Jacobs' last known location, but

Sydney is soon in a global race against time through Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong,

Rio de Janeiro and beyond.

If that wasn't enough, Anna has teamed up with the formidable and sinister

talents of Mr. Sark and Arvin Sloane - but why? And for what purpose? How are

the "Followers of Rambaldi" involved? And what is "The Machine"?

Will Michael Vaughn get enough screen time to show off his sexy self? As

Sydney Bristow, it is your job to find out.

(Storyline taken from introduction in instruction manual, with the addition of

one small sentence, spot the added sentence for a free cookie.)

_______________________ ---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---

______________________________ 2.2___ Controls

_______________________ ---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---

There are three different controller set-ups. I'll specify the default set-up


(However, in none of the set-ups do you get to use the D-pad to control

Sydney, which is a major drag. I hate using analog sticks.)

Left stick:___ Move Sydney

Right stick:__ Rotate camera (VERY USEFUL)

D-pad: Left:__ Gadget select (costumes, op-tech devices, etc.)

______ Right:_ Drop weapon

______ Up:____ Toggle thermal vision on/off

______ Down:__ Toggle enhanced vision on/off

Triangle:_____ Cancel (for gadget select, menu)

Circle:_______ Action

X:____________ Attack

Square:_______ Special attack

L1:___________ Toggle stealth mode on/off (or) enter stealth mode

L2:___________ Crouch

R1:___________ Block

R2:___________ Camera reset

Start:________ Pause/digital notebook

I'll try to be general, in terms of button use, in my walkthrough (ie.

referring to 'action button' instead of circle) but sometimes I'll lapse, my

apologies in advance.

For descriptions on each of the general ideas implicated by different buttons,

skip ahead to...

_______________________ ---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---

_________________________ 2.3___ Stealth Action 101

_______________________ ---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---

If you're new to the stealth genre of games like me, this section will

probably be invaluable. However, because I am a total newbie, it's probably

not as good as it could be. As I become more proficient at the game, I'm

constantly refining this section to be more advanced and cover more expert

tactics and ideas.

_______________________ -----------------------------

__________________________________ Movement

_______________________ -----------------------------

These sections deal with de-mystifying the controls, which sound rather vague

and complicated if you're not used to them.

The left analog stick is used to control Sydney in the field, making her walk

and stuff like that. Movement is action-oriented, ie. pressing up will move

Sydney forward, pressing left will make her turn to the left. By default, she

will run at full speed, and will only walk in certain circumstances. Because

she runs, she makes a fair bit of noise, especially if she's in a costume

requiring her to wear high heels or other such footwear. (Imagine trying to

run in those things? I'd be lucky not to break an ankle.)

Instead of running, Sydney has the option of sneaking around, tip-toeing if

you will, by entering what is called stealth mode. Stealth mode is triggered

by holding the L1 button. Depending on your settings in the options menu, you

may need to hold L1 to walk in stealth, or pressing L1 may trigger Sydney in

and out of stealth mode. Crouching can also be used for movement, to hide

behind objects and avoid detection by enemies. To crouch, simply press L2. You

can also walk while crouching, although Sydney will walk slower (as would most

people if they tried to walk while squatting down, I would think.)

On the second point to do with movement; I mentioned that choice of costume

may change Sydney's movement. Sydney will react to her conditions depending on

her clothing, ie. if she's in a freezer, while wearing skimpy clothing, her

movement will be sluggish. Don't ask me where Sydney keeps her change of

clothes (file it in the Alias mystery file), but she keeps spare sets of

clothes handy, depending on her mission. From the start of the game, she will

have the option of changing into a black stealth neoprene suit, suitable for

all weather conditions, such as a freezer.

Changing costumes, as well as many other processes, is done using the Gadget

select menu (left on the D-pad).

_______________________ -----------------------------

________________________________ Gadget Menu

_______________________ -----------------------------

In the Gadget menu, the costumes option is signified by the clothes hanger.

Changing from Sydney's starting waitress outfit to her stealth suit is as

simple as pressing left to access the gadgets, and selecting costumes. No you

do not get to see Sydney change clothes, in case you were wondering.

Onto other aspects of the Gadget menu. The Gadget menu also allows you to use

all of your current op-tech devices, such as a remote modem or a lockpick. TV

show fans will know that gadgets such as these are a major part of the action,

and you will need to use many of them accordingly. Each gadget can be selected

from the Gadget menu at any time, however most of them are unusable unless you

are in the right position. For instance, selecting the remote modem will yield

nothing unless you are next to a computer.

_______________________ -----------------------------

________________________________ Vision Modes

_______________________ -----------------------------

Up and down on the D-pad will trigger thermal and enhanced vision,

respectively. Thermal vision will give you a typical view of everything

regarding its temperature, I'm sure you know how it works. Hot bodies, such as

people, are colourful because of their heat, but cold inanimate objects will

simply be seen as dark.

Enhanced vision is good for cluttered rooms, because it gives you a gauge as

to where all your potential opponents are. Green arrows around the outside of

your screen will mark the direction of your opponents, and green circles will

mark visible targets. So far in the game, I have not found a real use for

either of these modes, but I'm sure their purpose will be revealed to me soon


_______________________ -----------------------------

__________________________________ Fighting

_______________________ -----------------------------

So what happens if you should be spotted by an enemy, such as a patrolling

guard? Running away is not an option here, unfortunately. So you'll have to

fight, and take out any spotters quickly. This is done using the attack

buttons, namely X for normal attack and square for special attack (by default

set-up). There is no button to lock on to an enemy to attack, unfortunately,

but to attack an enemy normally you simply must be facing them, and within

reach of them. Depending on the weapon you hold, or lack there-of, the two

attack buttons will do different things:

Holding no weapon and pressing X will cause Sydney to lunge out and strike an

opponent, should she be facing them. Pressing X repeatedly will cause Sydney

to attack repeatedly, using kicks, punches, and other moves. Holding X will

build up Sydney's strength for bigger combos, dealing out more damage.

Special attacks are more powerful, but require more time and better timing to

perform well. Pressing, tapping, and holding the button will perform different

moves, each more powerful than the last, and good for melee situations with

multiple opponents. However, all attack moves are different, should Sydney be

holding a weapon.

Weapons can be anything from pool cues, to glass bottles, to knives, to guns,

to metal poles. These are found anywhere and everywhere, simply by looking

around. If Sydney spots one within arm's reach, the words "Pick up weapon"

will appear on screen. Picking up weapons, as well as most other actions, are

done using the Action button (who would've figured?), circle on the default


_______________________ -----------------------------

__________________________________ Action!

_______________________ -----------------------------

The Action button is arguably the most important button. Action is also used

to drop any weapon Sydney holds, and if selecting to pick up another weapon

when Sydney already holds one, the currently held weapon will be automatically


Picking up weapons is not all the action button is good for. Action might have

been renamed Examine, for the exact same effects. If near a device such as a

computer, pressing Action will examine it. Action will also open closed doors

if you are near them, make Sydney jump to grab a rope or a ladder, or grab an

object to push or pull into position. If there's an object within arm's reach

that can be manipulated in any way, the Action command for it will appear near

the bottom-left of screen, telling you what you can do with it by selecting

Action. Rather useful, I must say.

_______________________ -----------------------------

_________________________ Advanced Fighting Tactics

_______________________ -----------------------------

Other than just the obvious hit/kick/punch/special attack, there are other

maneuvres that can be performed using somewhat non-obvious buttons. I've

detailed how to attack enemies, but not how to avoid attacks upon Sydney's


Most of Sydney's opponents are just as adept as fighting as she is, perhaps

even more so if you're clumsy with the controller like me. Because of this,

attacks can be blocked, dodged, and countered.

Blocking is done with the R1 button. It requires good timing between attacks

to block an opponent's attack, and do note that the most powerful of attacks

cannot be blocked. Rather, to be avoided, they will need to be dodged.

Dodging is done by holding Action as you select a direction with the left

analog stick. (See what I mean by non-obvious?) In a non-battle situation,

this is resembled by Sydney side-stepping left or right, or jumping forward or

back. In battle, this will help you avoid a large majority of attacks, by

dodging at the right time, and is a good tool to learn how to use properly.

Counter-moves are performed by simultaneously blocking and using a special

attack. These are the hardest to perform, timing-wise, but look AWESOME if you

can pull one off. (As of writing, I only ever managed one :-/) As you hold

block, tap special attack when your opponent gets the brush-off with the

block, to counter-attack. Hey, no damage sustained, and damage inflicted, it

works in my book.

Counter-moves also have an added benefit, if your opponent is carrying a

weapon. Countering them will disarm them, meaning you can pick up their weapon

and use it on them. This works to your advantage well on your first mission,

when Sydney's armed with a bottle and your opponents are holding guns with

laser sights...

_______________________ -----------------------------

______________________________ General Stealth

_______________________ -----------------------------

Sydney, being specialized at infiltration, works best when she can slip around

undetected. When she's spotted, she's forced to fight, and the more you fight,

the more you will have to fight, if that makes sense. Any enemy that sees

Sydney will raise the alarm about an intruder, bringing other people running

to fight you. As well, guards can radio for back-up, resulting in more and

more people attacking poor defenseless (well, maybe not defenseless) Sydney at


Have you worked out yet that being undetected works best? This is why things

like stealth mode are the key. Tip-toeing around will allow Sydney to get

around quietly, to slip past guards, hug walls and peer around corners, sneak

past security cameras, the works.

If you're not familiar with stealth games, like me, at the beginning you'll

find this rather difficult. Eventually, once you get the hang of the controls,

it will all become second nature to you, and you'll be able to walk through a

minefield being patrolled by cameras, lasers, and guards unscathed... maybe

I'm exaggerating. Maybe I'm not. You be the judge.

_______________________ -----------------------------

______________________________ Saving Your Game

_______________________ -----------------------------

Saving your game can only be done at save points. These are fairly obvious,

being yellow S's that dance in the air. Whenever you approach one, Sydney will

also turn her head to look at it, and the words "Save Your Game?" will appear.

To save at a save point, pause by pressing Start and select Save. Gameplay

details such as game length are not saved, surprisingly, rather the current

date and time (real time) are saved with your file, as well as your location.

More will be added to this section as I learn it.

_______________________ ---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---

__________________________ 2.4___ Digital Notebook

_______________________ ---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---

The digital notebook is where Sydney keeps all of her intel about her current

mission, past events, op-tech devices, the works. Access it by pressing Start,

once in-game.

The first screen you see upon pressing Start (pausing the game) is the main

in-game menu, allowing you to load your game, access audio options, gameplay

options, or quit your game. Once in the notebook, L1 and R1 are used to switch

screens to view other features such as maps and training.

As Marshall downloads area information to your GPS, of you enter and discover

new areas for yourself, the information will be added to your map screen.

There are some quirky features to the map - your current objective (even if

you haven't discovered it yet) will be marked in green, Sydney's current

location will be marked yellow, and enemy bodies, dead or alive, will be

marked red. Dead bodies will disappear after a short time (another one for the

Alias mystery file).

All areas of the location of your current mission are accessible from the map

screen. Up and down on the D-pad selects floors, up and down on the left stick

moves up and down on the map.

Also included in the digital notebook are details for all of your op-tech

devices, with basic descriptions. This comes under the 'items' heading. You

can find out exactly how to use each device in your Gadget menu, including a

list of available costumes.

After the items list comes the 'training' menu, which details all the

different moves Sydney can perform, in detail. There are various fighting

moves she can do that I have not listed, such as finishing moves (wtf this is

Alias, not Smackdown), plus detailed directions on how to do things like hug

walls and peer around corners. Always useful info... and this has been

transcribed in the next section, Training.

What else does it contain... well, it also has what I would call a mission

transcript, and an objective list. Each time you complete an objective or

obtain a new objective, it is added to the objective list to keep track of

where you are up to in each mission. Each objective is clearly labelled in my

walkthrough for ease of navigation.

The mission transcript is basically the game script, and you can view the last

ten transmissions (pieces of character dialogue). For completeness' sake, I've

included the mission transcript in the walkthrough as well, and it does prove

useful every now and then when you want to check what you're supposed to be

doing. The objective list isn't exactly clear at the best of times, so the

mission transcript can help greatly in this regard.

_______________________ ---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---

______________________________ 2.5____ Training

_______________________ ---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---

Okay, I did decide to type up the training in the digital notebook after all.

Yes, this section extends on controls. Yes, I've already delt with a lot of

this in my Stealth 101, albeit more generally. Yes, this section contains a

lot of nifty moves that just might save Sydney's life in a combat (or non-

combat) situation.

Name:________ Ambush Attack

Description:_ Ambush an opponent by leaning against a wall and moving to a

_____________ corner - perform your attack just before the enemy reaches you.

Press:_______ Stealth into Wall Press mode, Special Attack

Name:________ Attack From Above Move

Description:_ When you're on a ledge, and an enemy is below you, use this move

_____________ to jump down and disable them.

Press:_______ Special Attack

Name:________ Block

Description:_ When blocking you will take much less damage from enemy attacks,

_____________ but some of their attacks will be unblockable.

Press:_______ Block

Name:________ Climb Ladders and Poles

Description:_ You can automatically climb up ladders and vertical poles by

_____________ walking into them. Use Action to jump up and grab horizontal

_____________ poles.

Press:_______ Action

Name:________ Climbing

Description:_ You can automatically climb up one or two meters. Use the Action

_____________ button to jump up and grab higher ledges, and the left analog

_____________ stick to pull yourself up.

Press:_______ Action, Up

Name:________ Computer Hack

Description:_ When at a hackable computer, select the Remote Modem in the

_____________ Op-Tech menu. Enter a protocol code by using the buttons shown.

_____________ The remote modem will show you how many characters of the code

_____________ you got correct, but not which ones they were. If the code you

_____________ entered is incorrect, you will get another chance.

Press:_______ N/A

Name:________ Crouch Roll, Into Somersault

Description:_ Stealthily move by enemies and objects using these moves.

Press:_______ Crouch + Action + Up on analog stick, Block + Action + Up on

_____________ analog stick

_____________ (Author Note: just press Crouch + direction on analog stick,

_____________ then Action)

Name:________ Dodge Move

Description:_ When blocking, you can use the dodge move to evade enemy attacks

_____________ and give yourself time to reposition and launch another attack.

_____________ Use the left analog stick to define the direction you want to

_____________ dodge in.

Press:_______ Block + Action + direction

Name:________ Full Area Attack Move

Description:_ A multiple attack useful when surrounded by opponents.

Press:_______ Special Attack, Attack, Attack, Special Attack

Name:________ Gun Disarm Move

Description:_ Use this move to disarm an enemy with a gun.

Press:_______ Block + Special Attack

Name:________ High and Low Crouch Attack

Description:_ You can launch attacks while crouched, although you are

_____________ vulnerable in this position.

Press:_______ Crouch + Attack

_____________ Crouch + Special Attack

Name:________ Jump Attack

Description:_ A powerful jumping attack.

Press:_______ Hold and release Special Attack

Name:________ Lock Picking

Description:_ When at a locked door, select the Lock Pick in the inventory.

_____________ Rotate the left analog stick to the position indicated by the

_____________ amber pin. Hit attack to unlock the pin. Repeat until all pins

_____________ are unlocked.

Press:_______ N/A

Name:________ Long Weapon Combo Attacks

Description:_ With a long weapon, as well as opening up new moves, you can

_____________ still use every attack and combo that you could when unarmed -

_____________ only now you get to inflict more damage!

Press:_______ Special Attack, Attack, Special Attack

_____________ Special Attack

_____________ Special Attack, Special Attack

Name:________ Melee Weapon Disarm Move

Description:_ Use this move to disarm an enemy with a melee weapon.

Press:_______ Block + Special Attack

Name:________ Quick Attack Combo

Description:_ Fast, effective attack combo.

Press:_______ Attack, Attack, Attack

Name:________ Rear Attack

Description:_ Attack opponents dorectly behind yourself.

Press:_______ Attack + Special Attack

Name:________ Short Weapon Combo Attacks

Description:_ If you acquire a weapon, you open up new moves. You can still

_____________ use every attack and combo you have while unarmed - only now you

_____________ get to inflict more damage!

Press:_______ Attack, Attack, Attack, Special Attack

_____________ Hold and release Special Attack

_____________ Special Attack, Special Attack

_____________ Special Attack

Name:________ Special Combo Finishing Move 1

Description:_ One of the many special combo finishing moves available.

Press:_______ Attack, Attack, Special Attack

Name:________ Special Combo Finishing Move 2

Description:_ One of the many special combo finishing moves available.

Press:_______ Hold and release Attack, Special Attack

Name:________ Special Combo Finishing Move 3

Description:_ One of the many special combo finishing moves available.

Press:_______ Attack, Special Attack

Name:________ Stealth Attack

Description:_ If you are behind an opponent who hasn;t noticed you, you can

_____________ take them out stealthily.

Press:_______ Special Attack

Name:________ Stealth Corner Peer

Description:_ When in stealth mode you can lean up against walls and move left

_____________ or right against them. Peer around corners while in this mode__

_____________ using the left analog stick to dictate how far you peer.

Press:_______ Stealth, into Wall Press mode

Name:________ Stealth Door Opening

Description:_ You can check what's on the other side of the door without being

_____________ spotted by opening a door in wall press mode.

Press:_______ Wall Press mode + Action

Name:________ Throw Move

Description:_ When at close range, you can throw an opponent.

Press:_______ Block + Attack + Special Attack

Name:________ Unarmed Counter Move

Description:_ You can counter an opponent's attack when using Block.

Press:_______ Block + Special Attack

Name:________ Wall Flip

Description:_ When facing and close to a wall, use Special Attack to flip off

_____________ it.

Press:_______ Special Attack

_______________________ ---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---

____________________________ 2.6___ Game Options

_______________________ ---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---

Game options are accessible from the main menu of the digital notebook, by

pressing Start when in-game. There are audio and gameplay options to select

and choose from, each of which are detailed below.

_______________________ -----------------------------

___________________________________ Audio

_______________________ -----------------------------

These are just pretty standard.

SFX:_____ Adjust the volume of the sound effects.

BGM:_____ Adjust the volume of the background music.

Speech:__ Adjust the volume of the in-game character speech.

Sound:___ Select from Stereo or Dolby Pro-Logic 2 sound.

_______________________ -----------------------------

__________________________________ Gameplay

_______________________ -----------------------------

Stealth Toggle:__ 'On' means that pressing L1 will toggle Sydney in and out of

_________________ Stealth mode. 'Off' means that Sydney will only be in

_________________ Stealth mode when L1 is held down.

Combat Lock:_____ Sydney will strafe around her opponent to lock back onto

_________________ them after she attacks, if this is set to 'On'. If 'Off',

_________________ Sydney will only strafe while the Block button is held down.

Enemy Target:____ When 'On', coloured rings around your opponents' feet will

_________________ indicate their health and attack status (green for healthy/

_________________ good, yellow for average, red for weak/poor).

Camera:__________ Sets normal or reverse camera movement. Using the right

_________________ stick to rotate camera, if set to reverse, pressing left

_________________ will rotate the camera to the right, and vice versa.

Vibration:_______ Makes your controller go bzzzzzt when important things

_________________ happen, if set to 'On'.


_____________________________ 3.0____ CHARACTERS


A brief rundown of the players in this here Alias game. Always good to know

who's good, who's bad, and who's downright ugly, eh?

_______________________ ---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---

___________________________ 3.1___ Sydney Bristow

_______________________ ---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---

Date of Birth:__ 17th April 1975

Height:_________ 5' 8"

Weight:_________ 125 lb

Occupation:_____ CIA field agent

Sydney is the character whom the Alias series revolves around. Recruited into

SD-6 by Arvin Sloane in 1994, she worked for them for years, not knowing that

they actually worked for the Alliance, the very organization Sydney believed

she had been fighting against. When she discovered that SD-6 were not actually

a secret cell of the CIA, she went straight to the real CIA to offer her

services as a double agent... and ended up doing the exact same job as her

father, Jack.

Working as a double agent, with Jack Bristow, Sydney and the CIA were

successful in dismantling SD-6, and the entire Alliance, in one fell swoop.

Now Sydney is working hard to stop Arvin Sloane, who went rogue after the

Alliance disbanded. She is the only playable character in Alias.

_______________________ ---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---

____________________________ 3.2___ Marcus Dixon

_______________________ ---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---

Date of Birth:__ ---

Height:_________ ---

Weight:_________ ---

Occupation:_____ CIA field agent

Dixon was Sydney's trustworthy partner in SD-6. He also believed that SD-6 was

a secret cell of the CIA, and only found out the truth when SD-6 headquarters

was raided and everyone arrested. After a short spell away from the

intelligence scene entirely, he returned to work for the real CIA, and still

works alongside Sydney, providing vital backup.

During missions, Dixon will provide you with intelligence information,

op-tech, and mission updates via Sydney's communication link.

_______________________ ---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---

___________________________ 3.3___ Michael Vaughn

_______________________ ---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---

Date of Birth:__ 27th November 1968

Height:_________ 6'

Weight:_________ 180 lb

Occupation:_____ CIA handler

The sexy beast himself. Vaughn has always worked for the good guys, the CIA,

and became Sydney's handler when she turned double agent. Working closely by

her side, he began to get more involved as things turned personal with Sydney,

YES LIKE THAT. Lucky girl, she gets to snog Vaughn on more than one occasion.

During missions, Vaughn will privde you with intelligence information,

op-tech, and mission updates via Sydney's communication link. He also makes

for some seriously good eye candy, whenever he appears on screen.

_______________________ ---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---

__________________________ 3.4__ Marshall Flinkman

_______________________ ---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---

Date of Birth:__ ---

Height:_________ ---

Weight:_________ ---

Occupation:_____ CIA op-tech support

Marshall Flinkman, apart from being the brainy geek, is Alias' regular comedy

relief. The guy has no social skills whatsoever, which becomes hilariously

evident early on. Like Sydney and Dixon, he was a part of SD-6 and then joined

the CIA when SD-6 collapsed. Unlike Dixon, he never agonized over the

situation, merely continued to perform his same job in a different HQ.

Marshall will provide Sydney with all her op-tech devices, as well as detailed

descriptions on how to use them. He keeps in touch with Sydney via her

communication link, and often brings a light-hearted element in sticky

situations with his social ineptitude. "Voila! It's your birthday! It's your

birthday! Well, no not really..."

_______________________ ---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---

____________________________ 3.5___ Jack Bristow

_______________________ ---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---

Date of Birth:__ 16th March 1950

Height:_________ 6' 2"

Weight:_________ 195 lb

Occupation:_____ CIA senior field agent and tactical expert

Spy Daddy lives! Jack, Sydney's father, was estranged from her most of her

life. After his wife's sudden supposed death twenty years earlier, he was

merely a figurehead in Sydney's life. Unlike Sydney, he was a CIA operative

first, and joined SD-6 for the sole purpose of being a double agent and

bringing about the Alliance's destruction. Now, he's getting to know Sydney a

little better, and will even help her out of a tight spot. He's famous for

being cool calm and collected, but things are not always what they seem with


In this game, Jack may as well be director of the CIA, as he is in charge of

the taskforce working on stopping all bad guys in existence. He doesn't

venture away from operations HQ much, but is always supporting Sydney and

offering good (sometimes slightly fatherly) advice.

Last of the good guys. Onto the bad...

_______________________ ---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---

____________________________ 3.6__ Anna Espinosa

_______________________ ---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---

Date of Birth:__ ---

Height:_________ ---

Weight:_________ ---

Occupation:_____ Former K-Directorate field agent

Not much is known about Anna, the elusive Russian beauty. She surfaced as a

front for the K-Directorate, a secret Russian equivalent of the FBI, and faced

up against Sydney time and time again in their shared quest for Rambaldi

artifacts. After Sark assassinated Khasinau, the leader of the K-Directorate,

it dissolved and Anna disappeared, only to resurface now.

It seems as though Anna is working with Sark and Sloane in this game, and

again she must compete with our hero Sydney. Her agenda is once again hidden,

apart from her insatiable greed for Rambaldi.

_______________________ ---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---

____________________________ 3.7___ Julian Sark

_______________________ ---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---

Date of Birth:__ 1983

Height:_________ ---

Weight:_________ ---

Occupation:_____ Independent terrorist

Not much is known about Sark, the softly-spoken twenty year old British dealer

in mass destruction. His father was revealed to be the late Andrian Lazarey, a

Russian diplomat killed by Sydney during her missing two years. He goes

wherever the money calls, and aligns himself with no-one for any extended

period of time. A real enigma. A dangerous enigma.

In this game, Sark has teamed up with his old buddy Arvin Sloane for the

development and use of a newly discovered Rambaldi device. He has the resouces

to back up the development, and Anna working as a grunt to do all the dirty

work. Not that Sark doesn't like getting dirty, he proves to be a tough and

wily nemesis.

_______________________ ---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---

____________________________ 3.8___ Arvin Sloane

_______________________ ---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---

Date of Birth:__ ---

Height:_________ ---

Weight:_________ ---

Occupation:_____ Former SD-6 director, international terrorist and all-round

________________ BAD GUY

Arvin Sloane is like, the representation of all that is evil. Heading up the

former terrorist cell of SD-6, and an active member of the Alliance, Sloane

lost it all when the Alliance went kaput and that has made him ten times more

dangerous. He knowingly deceived every member of SD-6 into believing they

worked for the CIA, and his depths of deception know no bounds. A real

character, one you will hate on sight.

Sloane is often the mastermind behind any escapade he gets himself involved

in, and Alias the game is no exception. While remaining much of a mystery for

much of the game, his presence is everywhere, dictates the actions of his

lackeys Sark and Anna, thereby deciding exactly what Sydney and our good guys

will do to try and stop them. Will we get a confrontation with the face of

evil himself? Play the game to find out...


__________________________ 4.0____ MISSION WALKTHROUGH


Step 1:_ Get out PS2.

Step 2:_ Obtain ALIAS game disc, either legally or illegally.

Step 3:_ Insert disc into PS2, and turn PS2 on.

We're ready to play Alias!

--->>__ Note: Important notes and definitions will be denoted with "--->>", as

_______ is marked to the left here. Some of these might not be relevant to the

_______ process of the game, but are important notes for general Alias

_______ knowledge.

Before we even get to the main menu, we're right into things. Sydney's out on

a mission, but she's been ambushed by a couple of goons. They radio to their

boss - they've got Sydney. Who's their boss? Anna Espinosa!

Alias fans who saw series 1 would remember Anna. She was the local K-

directorate representative, and Sydney's main nemesis outside the Alliance.

--->>__ K-Directorate: An evil Russian organization, also scouring the world

_______ for Rambaldi documents.

And as the scene would indicate, who's Anna working with in this particular

instance? The big bad boss, Arvin Sloane. Is this looking nightmarish

already, or what?

Anna approaches Agent Jacobs, a CIA operative working undercover. His cover

has been blown, and now he shall disappear under mysterious circumstances,

well, mysterious to the CIA, anyways. Jack Bristow finds out about this, and

calls a meeting to discuss the matter. This is where our story starts.

Click New Game once the menu screen loads up, and now we can start!

In the meeting, which actually turns out to be a mission briefing. Jack's

heading up the show, seems like Director Kendall wasn't important enough to

get a mention in the game. Agent Jacobs was working undercover with a group

known as the Followers of Rambaldi, when he disappeared. The leader of the

cell, Anna Espinosa, was working on a device codenamed "The Machine". They

traced Jacobs to Anna's last known location, a casino in Monte Carlo, owned by

Sark.... so yes Sydney, the general consensus would be that Anna and Sark are

working together. Sydney is to go to Monte Carlo, and tag Sark's driver with a

radioactive serum so you can trace Sark's movements. Then, recover the dead-

drop that Jacobs made somewhere in the casino, of a computer disc. Sound

peachy? Your disguise will be as a new waitress, and seeing as your outfit

won't exactly have any pockets, Dixon will accompany you to carry your op-

tech, disguised as a player on the casino floor.

Marshall decides to witter on about the op-tech for the mission. A

radioactive tracer serum to drop in the driver's drink, just don't drink it

yourself or you'll wind up with a barium hangover. A razor prism for security

cameras, to see what they can see. And last, but not least, a fingerprint

replicator that Marshall discovered the idea for when playing with wax as a

child. God, I love the way this guy talks. Seriously.

Anyways, we're on a plane to Monte Carlo.

__________________ ---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---

___________________ 4.1___ Monte Carlo:_ Operation Casino

__________________ ---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---

_______________________ -----------------------------

_______________________________ Objective List

_______________________ -----------------------------

1.__ Drug the chauffeur with the tracer serum.

_______ 1a. Locate Dixon and retrieve your gadgets.

_______ 1b. Check in with the head waitress at the bar.

2.__ Retrieve the Disc from the freezer.

3.__ Infiltrate the "Gersh Room" Executive Suite and search for information on

____ "The Machine".

4.__ Locate a safe place to use the razor prism.

5.__ Cross the Security Corridor to reach the Weapons Facility.

_______ 5a. Rescue the Razor Prism from the guard before the technology falls

___________ into the wrong hands.

6.__ Investigate the Weapons Facility in the Basement of the Casino.

7.__ Obtain the Laser Prototype in the Vault.

_______ 7a. Sneak into the Science Labs.

_______ 7b. Obtain the correct fingerprints to access the vault.

_______ 7c. Disable the security system.

_______ 7d. Return to the "Gersh Room" to spy on the meeting between Anna and

___________ Sark.

8.__ Escape the Casino.

_______________________ -----------------------------

__________________________________ Op-Tech

_______________________ -----------------------------

Tracer serum, remote modem, razor prism, cocktail waitress outfit, stealth

suit, lock pick, finger print replicator

_______________________ -----------------------------

________________________________ Walkthrough

_______________________ -----------------------------

Inside the casino, Sydney is searched for weapons, then let loose. Walk

forward and a scene will trigger.

____ Sydney:__ Base camp. I'm in.

____ Vaughn:__ Read you, loud and clear. Find Dixon for your op-tech before

______________ you proceed with the mission.

____ Sydney:__ On my way.

--->>_ Objective:__ Drug the chauffeur with the tracer serum.

--->>_ Objective:__ Locate Dixon and retrieve your gadgets.

Dixon's hiding off in one corner, nursing a drink, so head down the stairs and

out onto the absolutely massive casino floor. Up the short flight of stairs on

the right, he's sitting in the right hand corner. Talk to him for another

snippet of dialogue.

--->>_ Objective Complete:__ Locate Dixon.

____ Dixon:___ Right on time. I just tapped into casino security's com-

______________ channel, should be able to make this run smoother. Here's

______________ Marshall's technical support - including the tracer serum.

______________ Sark's driver is the one in the corner, he's been knocking back

______________ Bloody Marys for an hour now.

____ Sydney:__ Good. Hopefully he won't notice when he's drinking barium. I'll

______________ go check in with the head waitress and get him another drink.

--->>_ Objective:__ Check in with the head waitress at the bar.

Now, across to the waitress to get that alco ANOTHER drink. (He's the driver?

And he's drinking? Is he nuts?) Back across the casino floor to the bar, the

waitress is on the right hand side, simply ascend the steps and...

--->>_ Objective Complete:__ Check in with the head waitress.

____ Sydney:__ Order up... Another Bloody Mary for the guy in the corner.

____ Waitress: Fine, fine. As long as Mr. Sark's picking up the bill, might as

______________ well keep 'em coming.

____ Vaughn:__ Okay, Syd, wait for her to turn her back and then add the

______________ serum. First select the serum from your inventory...

(press left to access your gadget menu...)

____ Vaughn:__ ... now add the serum to the drinks, then take the tray to the

______________ driver.

____ Sydney:__ No problem.

____ Dixon:___ Good going, Syd.

Make sure the waitress is walking away from you before selecting the serum.

Sydney will dump it in the drink, then press Action (circle) to pick up the

tray. Walk it over to the driver, across the floor and up the left hand

stairs. If you ever get confused as to where you're going, use the directional

map in the centre, at the top of screen. The red arrow is the direction you

need to go. Once at the driver, Sydney will set the tray down and the driver

will pour the drink straight down his throat, yech.

--->>_ Objective Complete!

Walk away from the driver, and down the stairs, to trigger another scene.

____ Vaughn:__ We're picking up a clear signal from the driver. Before Jacobs

______________ was compromised, he indicated that he would be dead-dropping

______________ the disc in the freezer room beyond the kitchen. It's in the

______________ back of the casino.

____ Sydney:__ Great. I'm glad I'm dressed for the freezer room.

--->>_ Objective:__ Retrieve the Disc from the freezer.

Head back behind the bar from the right hand side, and through to the door on

the left. Action will open the door. The first save point is on the left, the

yellow dancing S, so save then head up the stairs. Ditch the waitress outfit

for the stealth suit, by changing costumes in the gadget menu.

____ Dixon:___ Sneak past the guards to avoid raising a security alert.

We'll try, Dixon. The game gives us the nice tip of entering stealth mode, so

press L1 and tip-toe into the room. The freezer's on the left side, so when

the guard is walking away, sneak past him and open the door quietly. If he

spots you, you'll have to fight for the first time, but it's not that hard to

get past. Inside the freezer...

____ Vaughn:__ Do you have a visual on the disc?

____ Sydney:__ Negative...

But in the back left hand corner...

____ Sydney:__ Wait... I found it. I need something to smash this open with...

If you have a weapon in your hand, smash the ice block open. If not, scour the

room until you find one to pick up (there's a few lying around), then break

it. Take the disc.

--->>_ Objective Complete!

But our mission in Monte Carlo was not that simple, you see...

____ Jack:____ Local area networks just intercepted a call from Sark. He

______________ mentioned a meeting in the Gersh Room... apparently its an

______________ executive suite somewhere inside the mansion. Marshall's

______________ downloading blueprints of the mansion to your PDA to help you

______________ access the location and eavesdrop from it.

--->>_ Objective:__ Infiltrate the "Gersh Room" Executive Suite and search for

___________________ information on "The Machine".

Take a look at the map, in the digital notebook, for a moment. Flip to the

third floor, and note the green dot in the room. The room is the Gersh Room,

the dot is our target. Nice, eh? So back outside the freezer, head through the

door top right of screen to head further into the mansion. Wait, mansion?

Aren't we in a casino?

____ Marshall: Okay... see that camera? You have to stay clear of that.

____ Vaughn:__ The elevator up to the executive suite should be down this

______________ corridor to the left. Try not to alert the guard.

Easier said than done, sexy. There's another save point just to the right,

inside the door, but using it will alert the guard if he's looking in your

direction. To avoid the camera and the guard, sneak along the left wall,

crouching behind the box (R2) when the camera sweeps your way. Then simply run

past and down the side corridor on the left. Use the switch, and jump in the


____ Sydney:__ I didn't do that... what the hell's going on?

____ Vaughn:__ What's wrong?

____ Sydney:__ The elevator just started moving. Someone on another floor must

______________ have called it.

____ Vaughn:__ You don't have clearance to be up there!

____ Sydney:__ Then I'll have to make it up as I go along.

When the elevator stops and the doors open, you'll HAVE to fight for the first

time. Two bad guys, so just hammer Attack (X) and be done with them. For

creativity, use Special attack (square).

____ Vaughn:__ Great work. Take a look around, see if you can find any clues

______________ about this meeting Sark is having.

There's a save point along the hall, before you enter through to the Gersh

Room. Inside, there's a hostile target (well, that's what he says YOU are, but

we know the truth), so beat him up. There's some weapons behind the bar, a few

glass bottles, should you need them. On the left hand side of the large table

is the computer. (Dun DUN.)

____ Marshall: That computer might contain something - hack it with your

______________ remote modem. Select the device when you're next to the

______________ machine. That gives you a visual representation of the security

______________ protocols you'll have to break to get into the hard drive.

So head into your gadget menu, and select the remote modem. You'll connect to

it, download info from it, then be asked to enter the access code. I believe

the code seems to be random, but BAC works more often than not. Enter it in,

and if it doesn't work, randomly try combinations until you get one that


--->>_ Objective Complete:__ Locate information concerning "The Machine".

____ Sydney:__ ... Hot off the press.

____ Jack:____ What is it? Is it about Jacobs?

____ Sydney:__ No... It's a dossier on The Machine - something Anna prepared

______________ for Sark. Nothing on Jacobs, but... it seems that the Followers

______________ of Rambaldi are working on a... prototype for it... in some

______________ kind of weapons plant.

____ Vaughn:__ Where's the plant?

____ Sydney:__ According to this... oh my God... it's underneath the casino...

____ Marshall: Wait - I've managed to isolate the schematics of this weapons

______________ plant from the computer hard drive when you hacked it... It's

______________ kinda like, "Knock knock, serendipity calling"... Serendipity

______________ ... means like lucky!

____ Jack:____ It's imperative you find this weapons plant. We might be able__

______________ to get ahead of Sark and Sloane for a change.

____ Sydney:__ That depends on how much time I have. Dixon, any sign of Sark?

____ Dixon:___ Not yet...

____ Sydney:__ All right, base camp. I'm heading for the plant.

--->>_ Objective:__ Investigate the Weapons Facility in the Basement of the

___________________ Casino.


Once you're done there, there's nothing else to do in the Gersh Room, so head

out the way you came, and back down in the elevator. None of the buttons work

except the 0 button, so hit it and go down.

Out back in the hallway, sneak along the wall, around the shelves, and around

to the left, very close to the wall to avoid being spotted by the camera. At

the end of the hall is another elevator, this one inoperable, but there's a

nice vent above it that you can go through. On the right side of the hall in

front of the elevator, is a crate you can grab using Action. Grab it, drag it

backwards to be in line with the broken elevator, then push it close to the

wall. Jump up, press Action to jump up and grab onto the vent, then hold

Action and press up to climb through.

In the elevator shaft, work your way over to the right hand side then drop

down. There's a ladder in the bottom right hand corner, so make your way over

there. Please don't jump down the shaft, as it's automatic game over if you

do. Climb down the ladder, and save your game at the bottom.

Jump down the shaft again, through the brownish patch bottom of screen (hard

to see in this light), and you'll be in the basement. Sydney will pan around

the floor, and spot where she should be going - a grey door patrolled by a

single guard.


____ Dixon:___ Sydney, there's a lot of guards on patrol down here. You'll

______________ need to take this guy out with your stealth attack. Otherwise,

______________ you'll alert the whole crowd.

Get your map out, and you'll see where we need to be going. The single guard

is at the door to the south of your location (however, that's not near out

target though...) From your location, sneak around to the right (from Sydney's

perspective), and nab the guard. He'll most likely raise the alarm, but you

can take him out and move on before the other guards get there. Enter the door

he was patrolling, and save at the end of the hall.

Inside the next room, two bad guys, ones that can pick up the good weapons

like metal poles unless you get them first. Take them out quickly, hopefully

Sydney doesn't get TOO hurt. Once they're down, access the bank of computers.

____ Marshall: Okay. There's your security corridor. Make, one... two... three

______________ cameras. You'll need to tap straight into that feed so we can

______________ figure out how to get around it...

Sounds like a job for... RAZOR PRISM! However, we don't have a place to use it

yet, and we have some new objectives that don't come up on our screen.

--->>_ Objective:__ Locate a safe place to use the razor prism.

--->>_ Objective:__ Cross the Security Corridor to reach the Weapons Facility.

--->>_ Objective:__ Investigate the Weapons Facility in the Basement of the

___________________ Casino.

Right, now we're off. Back out onto the main floor, being patrolled by every

man and his dog.

____ Vaughn:__ That room's on frequent patrol. You'll have to set up the razor

______________ prism somewhere else.

____ Marshall: Hey, hold on, now this is interesting. See those cables coming

______________ out of this room? They should lead you to a safe location.

Get map out, check the safe location Marshall's talking about. Of course, it's

over the other side of the room. If you switch to enhanced vision, by pressing

down on the D-pad, you can get an accurate impression of the directions the

guards are in, so you can sneak past them. Two are on the left, and you don't

need to worry about them, but one patrols and he's the dangerous one.

Of course, if you can't get the hang of enhanced vision *cough* you can always

just keep pausing and checking your map. The guards are marked red. Works for

me. At the door, try to open it, and you'll realize it's locked. Damn...

____ Marshall: Okay, time to pull out your lock-pick. Select it from your op-

______________ tech menu when you're close to the lock. Now rotate the pick in

______________ the lock... drop the pins into place in the right order...

______________ Voila! It's your birthday! It's your birthday! It's not

______________ actually... your birthday... but... ...I think Mr. Bristow said

______________ it was his birthday on the 12th... ...but he's kinda mean.

See why I freakin' love this game? Anyways, this is where I start getting into

deep doo-doo. Skip past all the dialogue, and HIDE until the patrolling guard

is gone. Once he's well past, walking away, get out your lock-pick. The screen

switches into dual-screen, so we can see when the guard's coming back. Eek,

music picks up here, as we hammer around with our lock pick. There's two pins

in the lock, drop the left one, drop the right one, and we're in! Run into the

room, away from the guard.

____ Dixon:___ Good going, Syd.

Okay, now new target is the junction box in the far corner, with the red wires

running to it. Go over to it, for another dialogue.

____ Marshall: Here we go, see the junction box? Use your razor prism on it

______________ and I should be able to give you a visual feed of the cameras

______________ in that corridor.

Use the razor prism when the op-tech logo flashes.

--->>_ Objective Complete:__ Use the razor prism to connect to the Casino's

____________________________ security system.

____ Vaughn:__ We're running out of time. Leave the razor prism there, we're

______________ piggy-backing off your signal here in the Rotunda. By the time

______________ you get back to the security corridor Marshall will have

______________ figured out the best way to bypass the cameras.

____ Marshall: ...I will?

____ Vaughn:__ Yes, you will!

As soon as you leave, a guard spots the open door and walks into the room,

funny thing is, he's armed with a broom. Pick a broom up off the floor

yourself, and beat the guy to death with it. Save in the far corner, then

we're heading back out into the madness.

As soon as you open the door, you'll most likely get the cry of 'intruder!'

One guy, with a gun with a laser pointer, aimed right at you. If you can take

him out, you can take his gun and use it to wipe out the other two guards that

come a-running when the other guy spots you. Once you've dropped the other

two, take one of their guns cuz yours will be almost out of ammo.

Now, we don't know where we're going, where's this blasted security corridor?

If you get your map out, it's the room on the bottom left of screen, of

Basement 1. Inside the security corridor, save.

____ Marshall: Okay, I think I got it. The system cycles in order through each

______________ camera, so... only have to worry about avoiding the

______________ active camera. I'm displaying the pattern now on your PDA. Look

______________ at... look at the PDA.

This can be tricky. The camera cycles through three patterns - the first, with

the yellow writing on the floor, the second, with the crate, and the third,

with the glowing device thingy. (Bad descriptions, but they're good enough.)

The first camera, with the writing, is on the right hand side of where you

start, so you can sneak past it by hugging the wall. When you get to the

shelf, wait then run over and crouch next to the crate. (If you're not moving,

and you're semi-hidden, you're safe.) As soon as the camera switches to first

person view, check your map for your bearings, then run like hell to the

bottom of the map, to the door. If you get spotted at any time, guards with

guns will appear from the door at the bottom - you can take one or two out

with your gun, take their gun, repeat process.

When they're gone (or if you never had to deal with them to begin with), save

your game outside the door. Through the door, you'll be spotted, and you'll

have to deal with a scene as you fight:

____ Sydney:__ Base camp, are you reading this?

____ Vaughn:__ Yeah, we see it... but what is it?

____ Sydney:__ I don't know... If they are building weapons they have enough

______________ material for a small army.

____ Vaughn:__ See what you can find out about this "Machine".

--->>_ Objective Complete:__ Cross the Security Corridor to reach the Weapons

____________________________ Facility.

--->>_ Objective Complete:__ Investigate the Weapons Facility in the Basement

____________________________ of the Casino.

'Kay, what now? There's a set of stairs to your left, head down them.

Halfway down, you'll find a crowbar, drop the gun and pick it up. At the

bottom, Marshall panics...

____ Marshall: Uh, Syd, small problem. I've gone blind. I mean, not Oedipus

______________ blind because that would be a tragedy... eyes would be

______________ removed although... I mean, we lost the camera feed. Uh... I

______________ think somebody found the razor prism.

____ Guard:___ Control, you have any re-routers in the maintenance room? I

______________ found some weird device in there. Over.

____ Vaughn:__ Syd, you have to get that back before your cover's blown...

--->>_ Objective:__ Rescue the Razor Prism from the guard before the

___________________ technology falls into the wrong hands.

Geez, something ALWAYS goes wrong with this stuff now doesn't it. But luckily

for you, the guard with the prism is walking down the stairs towards you right

now. Beat him up, knock him down, then search him (using Action) to retrieve

the device.

--->>_ Objective Complete:__ Rescue the Razor Prism.

____ Vaughn:__ Nice work, but more guards are going to come looking for their

______________ friend.

Eek! Let's skedaddle out of there, shall we? There are three guards headed in

your general direction, two with guns, one with big tough fists. If you can

manage to get past them without alerting them, my salutations to you! However,

I can't, so I'll just go in with brute force. If you can run past them all,

around the S-shaped path, up the stairs, through the door and save. Then, out

the next door, around, and down two flights of stairs. Take out as many or as

few guards as you want, you've saved, so when you re-load your save, they'll

be gone.

Swap weapons at the base of the stairs, then head through. Crouch and sneak

past the guy in the security room, then out onto the floor.

____ Marshall: Hey! Syd! Freeze! Stop! Oh boy... this is trouble...

____ Vaughn:__ What do you see?

____ Marshall: ... this room... totally wired with pressure sensors. Without

______________ the correct code those gas vents are gonna open up... ...and

______________ then there'll be big holes where your lungs used to be.

____ Sydney:__ With that kind of security, the prototype has to be behind that

______________ door.

--->>_ Objective:__ Sneak into the Science Labs.

____ Scientist: BR5-49, checking in.

____ Guard:____ Right. So. You're the one taking the prototype to Mr. Sark?

____ Scientist: Yeah, I'm on point with three other guys. So. This thing do

_______________ what they say it does?

____ Guard:____ Sorry, I really can't talk about it.

____ Jack:____ Sydney, you MUST get through that door and retrieve the

______________ prototype.

____ Marshall: Okay, let's take a deep breath and think things through.

______________ Thinking... thinking... got it! If you hack into that computer

______________ terminal, you could deactivate the sensors.

____ Vaughn:__ The remote modem will work but that means you have to get to it

______________ without touching the floor.

____ Sydney:__ I don't know... it doesn't look good. If I could somehow get up

______________ to those pipes... maybe through the ventilation system... then

______________ I could get through.

____ Dixon:___ ... there's a ventilation shaft back in the loading bay...

____ Sydney:__ Yeah but if I go back through the security corridor, I'll get

______________ nailed by the cameras. There has to be a way outside so I can

______________ come back in through the vehicle doors and up onto those

______________ ceiling beams.

Oooookayyyy, did that make any sense whatsoever? Not much. But back the way we

came, the door to the security room, where the guard was happily sitting

watching a video, is open now, so knock the stuffing out of him and go through

that way. Save if you wish.

In the guard's room, take a big-ass gun from one corner, and the security

keycard from the desk. Now, op-tech for that shiny thing. Use the remote modem

and input a two letter password (CA worked for me, DC the second time, again,

it's just random so start inputting). It will download a map to your digital

notebook - of an entire new ground floor that just wasn't there before. From

Basement 3, head back up to Basement 2 and a new target will appear on your

map - a green dot at the far side, you may have noticed that the door was

inoperable before. Well, now we can operate it, so muchacha over there.

Use the security keycard to open the blue door. Two guards inside, neither

particularly dangerous, so beat 'em up with your fists or whatever weapon you

can find. Save point on the left side of the computer hardware, switch on the

right side. Save, and press the switch. This opens up a door back at the

entrance to Basement 2, behind a wire-mesh screen you may have noticed before.

Back through the minefield of Basement 2 we go! I hated this place the first

time we were here, seriously. You can simply run straight through the guards,

then save in the connecting room between the two halves of the room. If you

die, you start back here with full health, no guards pursuing you, simple.

In this first section before, you may have noticed before, a little tiny voice

saying "what was that? What was that?" over and over. I'm not sure what it

means just yet, just a point of note. Anyways, run right back up to the

entrance of Basement 2, either stealthily or shoot-em-up (as I did, this

stealth stuff isn't really for me, I decided.) Use the little device to the

left of the mesh screen, and enter the room. Use the device inside, which

turns out to be a lift, and choose your floor. 2 would be the right option

here, as that sends you moving up, up, up.

Now we're on the ground floor, as the map would indicate. Save your game (

phew), then note that we have a target on this floor. And a guard too, meh.

Run straight past him, to your target, which in this case is another vent in

the wall. Hold Action, to jump up, then press up to climb through.

____ Vaughn:__ Good work. This path should lead right around to the front of

______________ the loading bay.

We're doing something right here. Another save point, these things are

everywhere. Start heading down the alleyway, cuz we're outside now. You'll get

a panoramic view of the whole thing, rather nice. Again, you can sneak along,

or alert the first guard you see then run like hell.

Halfway down, near the next save point, Marshall decides to just make you feel

REALLY great about the situation.

____ Marshall: Okay, okay, don't freak out... but there's a gun turret very

______________ close to you. And it's linked to a motion sensor detector... so

______________ please, be uber-careful.

Hell no, we're running like a scared little chicken! All the way to the end of

the alleyway, where there's a big truck sitting.

____ Dixon:___ I'm picking up reports of a truck headed to the loading bay -

______________ do you see it?

____ Sydney:__ Affirmative.

____ Dixon:___ If you can sneak into the back of it...'ll drive you

______________ inside right under the guards' noses.

So run up to the back of the truck, and hold up to hoick yourself inside the

back. Presto, we're in.

We're back in Basement 1, the *other* minefield. Our target's now a little

vent in the corner, as always, marked with a green dot. But we can't just run

over there and jump through, OH NO. We gotta get up onto the grating

overlooking the basement first. From the truck, on the map, you'll note two

hollow rectangles along the left wall. Just above the bottom one, is a ladder

leading up.

If the guards are giving you trouble, you'll find a few guns and the like in

the top-left corner of the basement. Guns carve up bad guys easy.

Once up the ladder, save your game then head out onto the catwalks. You can

fall off the catwalks if you're not careful, so watch your footing. Guards

will occasionally see you up on the catwalks and shoot you off, so best to

take them out first. Make your way across precautiously to the vent, then

crouch and waddle through.

Save in the ventilation shaft, then proceed forward and down the ladder. Now

we're in basement three, and our target is the computer in the room with the

pressure sensors. Crouch under the pipes and make your way to the right,

kicking the grating out. When out on the grating, jump up (holding Action),

make your way across the pipe, then drop down at the end by releasing Action.

____ Marshall: Sweet! Now hack into the computer...

Use your remote modem and guess a three letter combination (mine here was

CAB.) You'll get a map downloaded to your PDA, look at the size of Basement 3!

____ Dixon:___ All right!

Now that you've disabled the pressure sensors, head through in the direction

the scientist went before, and save.

--->>_ Objective Complete:__ Sneak into the Science Labs.

____ Sydney:__ Base camp, I see the prototype, but it's going to be harder

______________ than I thought.

--->>_ Objective:__ Obtain the Laser Prototype in the Vault.

Good thing is, we have a green dot to follow. Simply follow the hallways

there, no muss, no fuss. When you get there, you'll see the entrance to the


____ Marshall: Okay, what we have here is your basic co-intel-pro biometric

______________ scanner. These things usually come in twos so scan a registered

______________ handprint through to get inside the vault. If I'm right about

______________ this there should be another one just like it, directly

______________ opposite here in the other observation point. I'm usually right

______________ about stuff like this... ...not personal matters... I can't get

______________ a girlfriend... but I'm trying!

____ Vaughn:__ You're going to need a set of fingerprints to enter the vault.

______________ Take out one of the scientists and use your fingerprint

______________ replicator to make a fake print.

--->>_ Objective:__ Obtain the correct fingerprints to access the vault.

And again, our green dot will lead the way. Pick a scientist, any scientist,

four of them are marked in green. Pick two, you need two because there's two

of the co-intel-pro biometric thingymajigs to fool. So take two out, use the

fingerprint replicator on each of them.

____ Dixon:___ Good going, Syd. Not bad.

--->>_ Objective Complete:__ Obtain the fingerprints.

Now, back to the thing that needs the fingerprints. Examine the device, and

Sydney will not be happy. After all, there's one of her and two of the


____ Sydney:__ Marshall, I'm on my own here!

____ Marshall: I know... I know... I know... okay! I got it! If you use the

______________ remote modem on one of the panels, I should be able to delay

______________ the signal just long enough for you to reach the other panel

______________ and activate that one. Okay? I got your back!

Always reassuring to know King Techno-Geek has our back. But I like the guy.

Moving right along. Use the remote modem on the first device, and pick a three

digit password. (ABD?) Oh boy, now you gotta be quick, cuz there be a 50

second time limit for you to get from one device, to the other. 50 seconds may

sound like a lot, but it's NOT, especially when you got bad guys in your way,

and each half of Basement 3 has a different layout. If you're going from the

right side to the left side, once you get through the door, head left straight

away. If going from the left to the right, head through the scientist area and

then to the left before going out the next door. Sound clear? Oh boy, RUN


If you screw up, you can try again. Use the remote modem on the first device,

then the fingerprint replicator on the second. Once you've done that, the

doorway to the vault, at the bottom of Basement 3, will open. Go straight

through to there, and pick up the laser prototype from the platform in the


--->>_ Objective Complete:__ Obtain the Laser Prototype in the Vault.

____ Sydney:__ Looks like some kind of laser... but not like any laser I've

______________ seen before.

____ Dixon:___ I have a positive ID on Sark. He's heading up to the Gersh Room

______________ for his meeting.

____ Jack:____ Sydney, this may be our only shot to find out what they need

______________ the laser for. You need to get back to the Gersh Room to

______________ eavesdrop on the meeting.

____ Sydney:__ Understood.

--->>_ Objective:__ Return to the "Gersh Room" to spy on the meeting between

___________________ Anna and Sark.

Head out of the vault, presumably to take the lift right up to the third floor

and the Gersh Room. No go, Syd.

____ Dixon:___ There's no way you can use the elevator to reach the upper

______________ floors without the guards sounding the alarm. Can you try and

______________ disable the security system?

____ Sydney:__ I dunno, this doesn't look like your typical remote hacking

______________ job.

____ Marshall: Ah! Ice cream freeze! Brainstorm! Got it! Use the laser on the

______________ alarm system fuse boxes. The power of the beam should overload

______________ their system and take it out of action.

We're actually going to use this prototype device? Are we NUTS!? Argh...

anyways, so head over to the little fuse box on the right. Get out the laser

prototype, from your gadget menu. Aim at the box.... hold X.... fire!

____ Vaughn:__ I couldn't have done it better myself.

But that's not the only fuse box, you'll have to blow them all, one at a time.

_Next one is in the top right corner of the Basement 3 circular hallway, third

is in the scientist's room on the left side.

--->>_ Objective Complete:__ Disable the security system.

____ Dixon:___ Syd, I've lost my bead on Sark and Anna. You've got to get back

______________ to the Gersh Room - fast.

Lost his bead? Lost his marbles, more like it. Anyways, dash back to the

elevator at the bottom of the Basement 3 map, and head up to 1. 1 meaning

third floor, of course. Three hostiles waiting for you when you get out of the

lift, two guys and one girl. Cocktail waitress is unarmed and weak, one of the

guys is also unarmed, but one carries a club you can steal from him. Enter the

Gersh Room when ready.

____ Vaughn:__ Find somewhere to hide. They should be up there if they're not

______________ already.

And nicely, teh green dot tells us where to hide, so go behind the counter and

crouch down low. Watch the scene, with Anna and Sark. She needs guinea pigs

for her project, human guinea pigs, but she has samples there for Sark to

test. All he needs to test with is the prototype... but it's gone, of course.

Sark knows who's got it, he knows you're in the building, and tells his men to

seal off the exits to the room, make sure nobody comes and goes.

____ Vaughn:__ Syd! He's coming straight at you, get out of there!

--->>_ Objective Complete:__ Spy on the meeting between Anna and Sark.

--->>_ Objective:__ Escape the Casino.

Dude, we are so out of there. Bolt straight out of the Gersh Room the way you

can, taking out the two guards, then going down on the lift. Save on the

second floor. In the next room, near the freezer, take out the three guards,

then Sark will appear.

____ Sark:____ Sydney... I never thought I'd see you again. Alive, anyway.

____ Sydney:__ Sark, I thought you had to be at least 21 to be allowed in a

______________ casino.

____ Sark:____ You're not leaving with my prototype.

Boss fight time, it would appear! Sark is armed with a couple of cleavers, and

isn't about to let Sydney leave the premises with his prototype. However, he's

not that tough, especially if you have a weapon, just a standard one on one

fight, though he has a little more health than the rest. Once he's done like a


____ Vaughn:__ Time to go, Syd! There's too many to fight!

Okay, now Sydney starts running her little be-hind out of there. Down onto the

casino floor...

____ Sydney:__ The doors are blocked, I can't get out!

Never fear Sydney, run to where the green dot is, near where Sark's driver was

originally sitting. A FMV will take over, Sydney will get into a fight, and

jump straight out the window, into Dixon's waiting car!

______________________ --->>_ Mission Complete!_ <<---

Back at CIA Headquarters, everyone is all impressed that Sydney got out alive.

They analyzed the laser prototype - while Sydney was using it to blow up fuse

boxes in Monte Carlo, it's actually meant to be used as a brainwashing device.

However, two components are missing for the device to be operational - a

series of prisms that focus the insane amounts of heat and power into a strobe

light that hypnotizes the victim; and a fuel cell, chemically advanced for

its time.

Of course, no prizes for guessing, this device is a Rambaldi device. It was

designed in the 15th century, amazing technology. He also mentioned neutrinos,

things that didn't even exist back in the 1400s.

The reason Anna is working with Sark and Sloane is to utilize their

resources to find the second of the missing pieces, the fuel cell. It was

cleverly hidden in a piece of bone and dumped in the Saudi Arabian desert, and

was picked up by an archeological digger before Anna could get it. Your next

mission, Sydney Bristow, if you choose to accept it, is to go to the museum

where the fuel cell is being held, get it, and get the hell out of there,

before Anna arrives. You've got a 24 hour head start, according to the

timetable recovered from Jacobs' dead drop disc. Sounds easy, no? We're going

to Saudi Arabia.


__________________ ---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---

___________________ 4.2__ Saudi Arabia:_ Operation Museum

__________________ ---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---

_______________________ -----------------------------

_______________________________ Objective List

_______________________ -----------------------------

1.__ Make your way to the upper floor.

2.__ Find the security terminal.

3.__ Hack the security terminal.

4.__ Find the Mainframe Room.

5.__ Hack the Mainframe.

6.__ Collect the six bones.

7.__ Locate the Vault.

8.__ Take photos of Rambaldi artifacts.

9.__ Find the fire escape at the rear of the museum.

10._ Follow Anna through the back streets.

_______________________ -----------------------------

__________________________________ Op-Tech

_______________________ -----------------------------

Lock pick, remote modem, laser beam interruptor, mini-camera, neutrino reader,

stealth suit, museum benefactor's outfit

_______________________ -----------------------------

________________________________ Walkthrough

_______________________ -----------------------------

Sydney is posing as the wife of a large investor to the casino, but she's

going in blind, with no advance knowledge of how to find or retrieve the fuel

cell. Approaching the guard at the desk, following her alias, she discovers

that she'll need a key card to get in to see the curator, something she

obviously doesn't have.

____ Vaughn:__ Marshall, you're our eyes and ears down there... ...can you

______________ pick up anything off the building design?

____ Marshall: Okay... searching... searching... bingo! There's a security

______________ junction upstairs. If you can reach it, you should be able to

______________ knock out their security cameras.

____ Vaughn:__ Syd, just maintain your alias until you get there...

______________ ought to help you get past the guards.

--->>_ Objective:__ Make your way to the upper floor.

Fairly simple, because you're undercover, all of the guards are nice to you.

So simply run through to the right side of the map, and up the stairs. Save

your game at the top of the stairs if you wish. Open the door and that's the

first objective, done.

--->>_ Objective Complete:_ Find your way to the upper floor of the museum.

____ Sydney:__ I'm past the guards.

____ Marshall: Syd, yo, wassup! You have some electronic eyes here. Perfect

______________ chance to try that beam interruptor to get past them.

--->>_ Objective:__ Find the security terminal.

Now we go looky looky for security terminal, armed with beam interruptor. Beam

interruptor is cool, you simply lock it onto the beam's source, ie. where it

appears from the wall or whatever, and fire. Walk past where the beam was,

take back the 'beam cap', as I like to call it. Beam reappears, no sweat.

Repeat process for beams worldwide, wherever your imagination may take you.

Bad news is, you only get two beam caps at a time, so if you have three or

more beams to interrupt, you gotta compromise. Anyways, head up to the far

wall and cap the first beam on the left, walk past, uncap, cap next two, walk

past, uncap. The three guarding the door can't be helped, so head up the


Three beams, one after the other. Cap the first two, walk past, stand in line

with the centre beam. Uncap first, cap last, walk through, uncap last two.

Phew. Through the doorway, cap the bottom two, crouch, and walk through.

Change costumes if you haven't already, into your standard black neoprene

suit. The game will remind you to do so, if you haven't already. Through the

far door, around the courtyard, just keep going through. Cap next two and


____ Vaughn:__ Do you see a computer terminal? You should be able to hack into

______________ the security system and deactivate at least the local network.

______________ That should take care of the keycard problem.

____ Sydney:__ Copy. I see a terminal.

Er, where? Oh, over on the far side, just keep capping/uncapping laser beams,

following the balcony around until you get to it. (Tedious.) Once you get

there, use your remote modem to hack into it, inserting a three-letter


--->>_ Objective Complete:__ Hack the security terminal.

____ Vaughn:__ Alright, you now have clear access to the mainframe room from

______________ here.

--->>_ Objective:__ Find the Mainframe Room.

From where you are on the balcony, head right straight over the edge, to the

door below you. Through it, split screen will tell you when it's safe to run

through, and enter the mainframe room, which is on the left of the save point.

--->>_ Objective Complete:__ Find the Mainframe Room

____ Marshall: Hey, you know the drill here... ...hack into that mainframe,

______________ transmit the encrypted data to me.

--->>_ Objective:__ Hack the Mainframe.

So walk over to the mainframe, and use the remote modem to get into it. (This

mission is pretty boring so far.)

____ Sydney:__ I'm on the server. Transmitting the data packets through my

______________ phone...

____ Marshall: Great... gimme one second here...

Lol, just as I say that, things get ten times more interesting. Well, six,

actually ;) Some heavies have broken through a skylight, buddies of Anna's,

here early to pick up the fuel cell! Uh oh... poor Sydley... and if that

wasn't bad enough, Marshall's taken readings of the museum, and discovered SIX

neutrino readings of bones, any one of them could be the fuel cell you're

after :-P Sydney doesn't want extraction, she just wants the location of all

six so she can check them all out. You got your work cut out for you on this

one, Syd...

____ Marshall: Yeah yeah yeah, already done.

____ Sydney:__ Good, we're seeing this mission through.

--->>_ Objective:__ Collect the six bones.

Yes, we're taking ALL SIX of them with us. The locations are as follows:

- North-west corner of first floor (one)

- North-west corner of ground floor (two)

- South-west room of ground floor (two)

- Central laser-lined room of ground floor (one)

Let's up and get them, then! Starting with the one closest to our location,

the one on the first floor.

Out of the mainframe room, the previously-locked door opposite is now wide

open, so we can go through that way. In the big square room are two guards,

armed with mean-looking swordy things with curved blades on both ends (not

sure of the name here...) Take them out, keep moving, in the bone's room are

two more guards that it isn't really possible to sneak past. Beat them up too,

find the bone. Op-tech logo? There's two ways we can go about getting the bone

out of the case - unlock the door, or smash the case open. Both work. If using

the lockpick, press left on the analog stick, drop the first pin, repeat for

second pin. Take bone.

____ Vaughn:__ That's the first bone, Sydney.

Woot. One down, five to go. When you go to leave the room, a guy armed with a

laser-pointer gun will appear, walking in your general direction no matter

where you're hiding. It is, as I've found out, possible to completely avoid

this guy (she says with exhiliration.) Run past the next two, and save back

outside the mainframe room. Now for the ground floor.

It is very easy to do what I have done here, and just run for your life and

collect the bones. I suck at stealth stuff, I just blitz straight past the bad

guys cuz I run faster than they do. If you follow the path around on the first

floor, you'll find stairs leading down to ground, so just run. On ground, head

right through the door, hug the wall, avoiding the guards, and grab the second

bone the same way you got the first.

____ Vaughn:__ Second bone collected.

Now I decided to make a bee-line for the two in the north-west corner, but

that's just me. There are two guards with guns there, and these guys really

can't be avoided. Take out one, steal his gun, shoot the other, take his gun,

before dealing with the locked doors on the bone cabinets. The lockpick thing

should be second nature to you now.

____ Vaughn:__ That's three so far, you're halfway home.

____ Vaughn:__ Two left... almost there...

Again, when you leave the room, a guard will come for you. Shoot, take gun.

Run to other room, rinse lather repeat. Note that it is possible to just run,

break open case, grab bone, keep running, without fighting any of the

bazillion guards.

____ Vaughn:__ One more to go... Syd, hold your position... That's a confirmed

______________ visual?

--->>_ Objective Complete:__ Collect the six bones.

____ Vaughn:__ Okay, we have movement outside the museum on the satellite

______________ again... ...Anna just entered the building.

____ Sydney:__ I have all the bones. Do we have a 20 on Anna?

____ Marshall: Anna... no, don't see her. Whew, is it getting hot in here?

______________ Getting a little sweaty... ...but I am reading an EMP spike in

______________ the shaft leading to the vault...

____ Sydney:__ Is it her?

____ Marshall: Oh man, they've locked me out of the security feed - these guys

______________ are good! Uh, hang on a sec, I'm checking the museum inventory.

______________ Uh Syd, sorry, there's one more bone inside the Vault.

____ Marshall: What, you think your kung fu is good, little man? You think

______________ your little firewall's gonna keep me out of the system? I don't

______________ think so! Don't mess with me... ...Syd? Syd! Syd! Anna's in the

______________ vault. Repeat, she is in the vault.

____ Vaughn:__ Syd, you can still get to the vault through the armory beside

______________ the security mainframe but you have to fly.

--->>_ Objective:__ Locate the Vault.

*hums* On the run again... whoa whoa whoa, on the run again...

Luckily for us, the green dot tells us where the armory beside the security

mainframe is, just check out your first floor map. (What would we do without

Sir Green Dot?)_ So blitz straight through, these guards (who I'm quickly

discovering have IQs closely resembling that of toaster ovens) won't even

touch you.

In the room leading to the vault, a man will stop you, he recognizes you!

____ Man:_____ Wait a minute... weren't you a waitress?

____ Sydney:__ "Ahh, I'm terribly sorry. You have me mistaken for someone

______________ else..."

____ Man:_____ Hold it, you're not going anywhere!

Oh yes we are, buddy. Run to the door marked with the green dot, but it's

locked. Okay, maybe we'll stop and fight. Second boss time, I guess. There's

five guards with the boss man, making this a tad tricky. Luckily, there's

weapons abound all over the place, so pick one, and start slashing. If you

keep stopping to run every few seconds, you'll only have one or two guards to

deal with at a time. If you have all six swinging, you're in trouble, so keep

moving and slashing. With every new guard you kill, take their weapon and keep


When they're done, go back and save before proceeding past the green dot.

We're near the vault, so there's a lot of guards with some nice weaponry

around patrolling. In through the security door, to the right, and down the

ladder to the ground floor.

Around the catwalk, you'll find another ladder leading down, so just drop down

into basement 2. (What happened to basement 1?) Just keep heading for ladders,

going down down down, until you arrive in basement 3, aka the Vault. Save your

game. Examine the door, and Sydney will climb into the vault.

____ Sydney:__ Dammit, no Anna!

____ Vaughn:__ What is that? Those artifacts on the wall... are those Rambaldi

______________ markings?

____ Sydney:__ I can't carry them all!

____ Marshall: They've just locked me out of the system again. They're closing

______________ the security door to the vault!

____ Vaughn:__ Photograph as many as you can before the door closes.

--->>_ Objective:__ Take photos of Rambaldi artifacts.

We've got 30 seconds, aye. Whip out your mini camera, and run over to the left

wall, with the computers and the briefcases. Zoom in, and move the camera

along the wall taking all manner of photos. At the end of 30 seconds, Sydney

will escape the vault as the door closes. Outside the vault...

____ Sydney:__ Base camp, do I have clearance to reactivate security?

____ Vaughn:__ Negative. You'll blow your cover and be trapped inside...

____ Sydney:__ That's the point, Anna will be stuck in here with me.

____ Vaughn:__ Alright, you have clearance. Marshall, see if you can find some

______________ escape route once we get the bone back from Anna.

____ Marshall: Escape route... yeah, I can do that...

____ Marshall: Oh! All right, fine! Fine! You got me this time but I'm not

______________ giving up! You've won round one but there are many rounds to

______________ go!

____ Sydney:__ Marshall, what is it?

____ Marshall: Anna's got a guy on the security system with me. I thought I

______________ was racing him but he's been hacking me this whole time.

____ Sydney:__ Is your position compromised?

____ Marshall: Um, I don't think so. But they intercepted the escape route I

______________ had for you. There's a fire escape beside the stairs at the

______________ back end of the ground floor. It's the only way out now that

______________ security's back on... but Anna's already heading in that

______________ direction.

--->>_ Objective:__ Find the fire escape at the rear of the museum.

Argh, NO GREEN DOT. Anyways, start heading up the ladders. Up the first one,

Vaughn will panic.

____ Vaughn:__ She's getting away!

____ Sydney:__ I'm not going to catch her!

____ Marshall: Lock onto the bone with the signature reader. I should be able

______________ to track her via satellite.

And just like that, our red friend at the top center of screen is replaced

with a green beeping friend that serves the exact same purpose. We're still

heading for the fire escape, so get out your map and I'll tell you where it

is. On the ground floor, bottom-right hand side of screen, you'll see a little

hall to the right of two medium-sized square exhibits. That's the fire escape,

so run there.

--->>_ Objective Complete:__ Find the fire escape.

--->>_ Objective:__ Follow Anna through the back streets.

We're still chasing Anna, one of the red dots on our map screen. You might be

able to see her to chase her by now. From the fire escape, veer left, through

the door on the far wall, left down the stairs, across the hall through the

door in the centre of the far wall, out to the right and through the door at

the end, and across. Marshall will interrupt the pursuit at this point.

____ Marshall: Hey, I'm sorry you're not supposed to be in here. Wait a

______________ minute, you're the ones! You're the one who's been... Well your

______________ kung fu is nothing, buddy, because compared to Marshall J

______________ Flinkman... Syd! Syd! Get out of here!

Marshall is in deep doo-doo, his position was compromised and he was found...

damn... keep running, keep chasing, it's all you can do at this point.

____ Vaughn:__ We're picking up a hotspot from a nearby rooftop. Anna's got

______________ some kind of transport arranged.

____ Sydney:__ I'm going after her. You just worry about finding Marshall!

Out in a big courtyard, you'll spot a doorway on the left hand side, run

through and up the stairs. At the top, Anna will blow you a kiss as she jumps

inside a helicopter and flies away, with the fuel cell!

______________________ --->>_ Mission Complete!_ <<---

__________________ ---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---

___________________ 4.3___ Saudi Arabia:_ Operation Ruins

__________________ ---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---

_______________________ -----------------------------

_______________________________ Objective List

_______________________ -----------------------------

1._ Explore outer ruins.

_____ 1a. Explore inner ruins.

_______________________ -----------------------------

__________________________________ Op-Tech

_______________________ -----------------------------

Only lockpick is required.

_______________________ -----------------------------

________________________________ Walkthrough

_______________________ -----------------------------

No we do not get time to catch our collective breath, before the next mission.

We're in a set of ruins now, presumably outside the museum. Marshall was

kidnapped by Anna, and Vaughn went out with a team to track him down,

therefore Dixon will be your handler for the rest of this mission. He goes on

to talk a lot of mumbo-jumbo, but most of it is irrelevant. About Marshall's

tracking device, using different CIA servers, etc.

Now we're in the ruins where the bone cell was found, where Anna left the

museum and flew away to. There's a save point right ahead of us, so save. And

then, cuz it's so freakin dark, switch to night vision goggles, or thermal

imaging works equally as well.

--->>_ Objective:__ Explore outer ruins.

If we look at our map, we have a target that basically requires us to traverse

the whole outer perimeter of the ruins to get to it, clever no? Looking on

your map, if you stick to the inner perimeters you can basically avoid all the

guards, so head to the right, around the big ass crate until you hit the wire

fence, then turn left and follow it to the wall. Left along the wall, and

you'll find a door, head through, then turn right and run up, no guards in

this part.

Halfway along the hall, you'll spot a light over a door on the left, go

through. Again, the easiest way is just to follow the wire fence, marked with

a thin black line on the map. You can just bulldoze your way through here, run

to your hearts content, or just run through the shadows and stay unseen, your


Through the next door you'll find a save point, so save before heading up.

Around to the right, following the wire fence (which you might have guessed,

blocks off the inner ruins), and when you get to the row of columns, the door

through is on the left hand side (being patrolled, argh.) You can sneak up

past on the other side of the columns, though. Through the next door, and you

can find the wire fence on your right to follow. From there, it's not far to

get to the point of the green dot.

--->>_ Objective Complete:__ Explore outer ruins.

--->>_ Objective:__ Explore the inner ruins.

Now we're on the inside of the wire fence, cruising back over the same

territory. Just follow the path, you can't exactly get yourself lost. Through

the first door, you'll find a save point, so save before going through the

second (a part coming up shortly can be a touch tricky.) Around the corner,

you're pretty much guaranteed to be spotted by two guards, so get your running

shoes on and go for it. At the end, there's a light that makes thermal vision

go insane, take a left at it. When you get to the supposed dead end, hold

forwards to climb up on the ledge, then walk up the stairs. Through the door

and you're there.

--->>_ Objective Complete:__ Explore the inner ruins.

____ Sydney:__ Dixon, I've got a visual on a large bomb in the comms truck.

______________ Can you tell me what kind of explosive I might be dealing with?

____ Dixon:___ Hang on, I have to change the satellite imaging system. I'm

______________ picking up a nuclear emission.

____ Sydney:__ Base camp, repeat...

____ Dixon:___ Confirming. Anna has a tactical nuke.

____ Sydney:__ Oh my God...

____ Dixon:___ I'm not getting any kind of missile signature and you're in the

______________ middle of the desert. Which means Anna's not going to bomb

______________ anyone, she most likely wants to cover her tracks.

____ Dixon:___ Hold your position, I have a lock on the fuel cell.

____ Sydney:__ I see it too, base camp. It looks like they're treating it in

______________ some way.

And we cut to FMV. Anna wants to know where Sydney is, but her guards report

that there has been no sighting of her. She can't have gotten through their

men, he says, but Anna knows the truth. She'll bring Sydney out of hiding,

using her 'little friend', Marshall.

Not good news, Anna's holding a gun to Marshall's head and counting down from

five before she 'splatters his brains all over her warhead'. She gets to three

before Marshall starts crying and calling out for Sydney, which brings her out

of hiding. (She always had a weak spot for collateral damage.) Of course, now

they've got both Marshall AND Sydney.

____ Sydney:__ Marshall, they completely disarmed me. I don't have any op-tech

______________ left, do you?

____ Marshall: Well, actually, I designed these pants after some sweet

______________ parachute pants back when... ...y'know, breakdancing was all

______________ the rage. You'd put the cardboard down and do the spinning. If

______________ you dig around, I have a lock-pick in one of my pockets.

____ Sydney:__ Hang on, I'm trying to work my hands around.

____ Marshall: There you go... just a little lower... a little lower... kinda

______________ tickles actually... ooh, you just went past it... uh... uh...

______________ Uh, Syd, that is not the lockpick. That's not the lockpick!

______________ Wait, there it is!

After you finish laughing at Sydney's accidentally groping Marshall, HERE

COMES THE TRICKY PART. 45 seconds in which we've gotta unlock a three-pin lock

(which is trickier than usual, presumably to do with the fact that you're tied

up trying to free yourself) and then a three-digit password on a computer to

disarm the bomb before it goes off. Yikes.

If you fail, game over, bomb detonated. It might take you a while, but soon

you will eventually gather a method for deciphering computer passwords rather

quickly, ie. going ABC, BCD, narrowing down the possibilities.

Once you're done, Marshall and Sydney will climb into the Humvee, and scream

out of those ruins, dignity and lives intact!

______________________ --->>_ Mission Complete!_ <<---

We're back in operations HQ now, and Sydney is active. Anna mentioned

Bucharest (she did?), a mental asylum there. Yes, Jack says, they knew this,

because the asylum she mentions recently changed hands to be owned by its #1

stockholder, Arvin Sloane. (Oh boy.) It's now being used as a gulag for

political activists, with two notable inmates. One, Agent Jacobs of the CIA.

(Whoo!) Two, a scientist by the name of Caplan. Fans of the show will

recognize the name Caplan, he was a scientist that was kidnapped then rescued

by the CIA. He went into protective custody, but left on his own free will,

only to turn up in a Romanian loony bin.

Your mission is twofold - Extract Caplan and Jacobs, and retrieve the fuel

cell. If the second objective can't be completed, destroy the cell at all

costs. Yes, you'll kill just about everyone there, including possibly

yourself. But Jack is insistent. AT ALL COSTS.

The guards in the asylum use a combination of keycards and biometric scanners,

that they haven't entirely worked out. However, you can get your hands on a

keycard at a dive the guards are fond of visiting - a local tattoo parlour.

Marshall has some op-tech for you, in the name of some de-ionised

nitroglycerine, and an EMP gun. Instead of buying her a box of chocolates to

say thank you for saving her life, he decided to cook up the nitroglycerine as

an opposite for the fuel cell, it will neutralize it for a few minutes,

allowing Sydney to escape the asylum before it goes boom and levels the place.

The EMP gun is good for knocking out security cameras, as well as repelling

light metallic objects such as aluminium cans. Also, you have a DNA scanner,

for reasons unknown. Good luck, Agent Bristow.

__________________ ---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---

_____________________ 4.4___ Romania:_ Operation Tattoo

__________________ ---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---

_______________________ -----------------------------

_______________________________ Objective List

_______________________ -----------------------------

1._ Search the Tattoo Parlour for a keycard.

_______________________ -----------------------------

__________________________________ Op-Tech

_______________________ -----------------------------


_______________________ -----------------------------

________________________________ Walkthrough

_______________________ -----------------------------

No sooner do we land, than we get into a fight with a guy in what looks like a

locker room of some sort, on first impressions, but it actually turns out to

be a bar. Beat up the guy, and search him for a key.

--->>_ Objective:__ Search the Tattoo Parlour for a keycard.

Pick up a pool cue from the left bench, just cuz it's cool to carry around a

pool cue. Save in the far corner, then use the key to get out of the room.

Next, you'll have four of the guards to dispose of. Can be tricky, but there's

a few good weapons around, and of course pool cues rock.

____ Sydney:__ Base camp, I don't see any keycards anywhere.

Start searching the guards, looking for a keycard. One of them will have a

tattoo on his arm.

____ Sydney:__ Are you seeing this? It's the eye symbol tattoo from the

______________ Followers of Rambaldi... but more complex.

____ Marshall: You're right... something seems a little... off.

____ Sydney:__ Off?

____ Marshall: Askew... not right... strange... the opposite of "how perfectly

______________ normal".

____ Marshall: The digital readout picked up a special dye on the tattoo.

______________ That's the keycard!

____ Vaughn:__ If you want to get inside the asylum, you'll have to tattoo

______________ yourself.

____ Marshall: The biometric sensors actually read the dye, not the tattoo

______________ itself. So you won't be stuck with anything permanent. Although

______________ I was thinking about a yin and yang on the ankle myself. You

______________ know, sorta like a 'circle of life' kinda thing, like in that

______________ movie... Great movie! Was kind of scared though when it got

______________ kind of dark and they went into the bone patch. I fast forward

______________ through that part now when I watch it.

--->>_ Objective Complete:__ Search the Tattoo Parlour for a keycard.

So Sydney sits in the tattoo chair, to ink herself with the special dye.

______________________ --->>_ Mission Complete!_ <<---

__________________ ---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---

_____________________ 4.5___ Romania:_ Operation Asylum

__________________ ---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---

_______________________ -----------------------------

_______________________________ Objective List

_______________________ -----------------------------

1._ Gain admittance to the Asylum.

2._ Locate Dr. Caplan.

3._ Free Dr. Caplan, and take him to the main doors.

4._ Get into the Morgue.

_____ 4a._ Get the security keys for the Morgue door.

5._ DNA scan the bodies to find the scientist with the upgraded tattoo.

6._ Analyze the body with the X-ray machine.

7._ Collect the tattoo upgrade chemicals.

8._ Get to the Lab.

9._ Obtain the prisms.

10. Free Jacobs before he's lasered!

11. Reclaim the prisms, and add the nitroglycerine to the fuel cell.

12. Trail Sark and take a DNA reading.

13. Get the tranquilizer chemicals and the syringe to take Sark out.

14. Get Sark out of the Asylum before the fuel cell explodes!

_______________________ -----------------------------

__________________________________ Op-Tech

_______________________ -----------------------------

Stealth suit, nitroglycerine, mini-camera, EMP gun, DNA scanner, lock pick,

remote modem.

_______________________ -----------------------------

________________________________ Walkthrough

_______________________ -----------------------------

____ Vaughn:__ First things first - get inside the hospital. Marshall's

______________ already downloaded ground floor plans to your PDA.

--->>_ Objective:__ Gain admittance to the Asylum.

Looks fairly standard, right, just get inside the damn building. Save, then

examine the far wire fence stopping you from getting it. There's a crate you

can push, but a white box and a red chair are in the way, so crouch and kick

them to bits. Then, push the crate up against the wall and jump over the


The next bit can be tough. You can either hide in a corner of the alleyway and

wait to stealth attack the patrolling guard, which is satisfying indeed. One

hit and he'll go down if you hit him like this, then take his gun. If you

decide to do that, the next part is easy. If not, run down the alley and up to

the entrance of the Asylum. You'll have to use the device on the right side of

the door to gain access to the interior, which is nicely patrolled by another

half-a-bazillion goons. Make it past them and you're home free. Hell, just

barge through.

____ Sydney:__ I'm in.

____ Vaughn:__ Find Caplan. We're transmitting a DNA sample to your scanner.

______________ That should help you lock onto his location.

--->>_ Objective Complete:__ Gain admittance to the Asylum.

--->>_ Objective:__ Locate Dr. Caplan.

Save at the save point, then check out either one of the typical barred gates

leading out of the lobby. We see some keys, but where are they? Who knows. The

green dot on our map is Caplan, so make haste there now.

Now, I know how I would avoid at least one of the guards in the main area.

Take the left barred door, and hug the right wall to the corner. A guard

patrols up and down, but you can take him out with a stealth attack quickly

when he gets close. Then, you've got a gun. Run straight through from there,

and through the next door. Pick off the lone guy, then you can shoot the few

patrolling in the main room. However, if you walk away, the other guards will

forget about you. They forget quickly when there's a door in between you and

them. Works to our advantage.

Through the next door, hug the close wall in the corner until one guard makes

the trek down the hall towards you. Then, you can take him out and grab his

gun before the other two see you. With his gun, pop the other two, then

there's two inmates to take care of. Nasty.

Search one of the guards to find the Padded Cell Key. From there, you can use

it to visit all the other inmates, but they've just got random things to say

that don't help our investigation. So make a beeline for Caplan, in the cell

on the far left.

--->>_ Objective Complete:__ Locate Dr. Caplan.

Talk to Caplan, and a scene will commence. (For fun, leave him in his cell and

talk like that.)

____ Caplan:__ I... know you, don't I?

____ Sydney:__ Neil, it's me... Sydney Bristow.

____ Caplan:__ Sydney...? Oh God... Oh God, what am I doing here?

____ Sydney:__ What happened?

____ Caplan:__ The last thing I remember... someone was shooting a laser into

______________ my eyes... God, I've been hallucinating... they made me think

______________ I was just away on business.

____ Sydney:__ The laser - they must have another prototype...

____ Caplan:__ Yeah that's right. I remember now. It's in the upper floor of

______________ the building. But you need a special tattoo to get to their

______________ lab...

____ Sydney:__ Got one.

____ Caplan:__ No, not what the grunts around here have. It's a special

______________ design for scientists and administrative staff.

____ Sydney:__ ... where can I find it?

____ Caplan:__ Last week, they... killed one of the scientists. His body's in

______________ the morgue.

____ Sydney:__ Alright, hang on, I'll get you out of here. Can you draw me a

______________ map of what you remember about this building? I'll take all the

______________ help I can get right now.

____ Caplan:__ Yes... yes, of course. Just don't leave me here!

____ Vaughn:__ Sydney, Dixon's waiting to extract Caplan just outside the main

______________ doors.

--->>_ Objective:__ Free Dr. Caplan, and take him to the main doors.____

So unlock Caplan's cell with the Padded Cell Key, and save inside. Talk to


____ Sydney:__ Okay Neil, let's go.

Now he'll follow Sydney slowly as she makes her way to the main doors. He

doesn't fight, he just tip-toes along after you, trusting you to follow the

way. There's one guard patrolling the hall outside, but he starts off walking

away from you, so just run along and down the hallway with the padded cells,

and through the door.

In the next room, you can tell Caplan to wait in a corner somewhere, so you

can make some ambushes of the guards patrolling the main room. Or you can just

bolt through and out into the lobby, your call. Once in the lobby, examine the

main doors.

____ Caplan:__ That's two I owe you, Agent Bristow!! Sydney, there's one more

______________ thing: they needed my branch algorithms for certain security

______________ access. But one of the keycodes is 4747. Also, here's a map of

______________ the basement - good luck!

____ Dixon:___ Sydney, I have Caplan, we're taking him to a safe house now.

____ Vaughn:__ Look for the elevator on the floor. According to Marshall's

______________ schematics it should give you a straight shot to the morgue.

--->>_ Objective Complete:__ Free Dr. Caplan, and take him to the main doors.

--->>_ Objective:__ Get into the Morgue.

Oh, this just gets more and more charming, now we're gonna get down and dirty

in a freakin' morgue. We can repeat our ambush trick from before when we

re-enter the main area of the ground floor, which works well. Now, where this

elevator be? It not marked on your map, but it's at the very right of the

hallway Caplan's cell was in. So barge through the main area, avoiding

everything (they won't even see you if you hug the right wall after ambushing

the inmate, then use the EMP gun on the security camera.) Save in the next

room, head through and wipe out the sole guard. Take his gun, and run to the


____ Sydney:__ 4747... let's see if this works...

Use the switch, and enter 4747. Lo and behold, it WORKS! Yay. Elevator doors

open, so enter, use the switch and select the -1 floor. Oooh. Creepy.

Now, in basement 1, the morgue is the main southern room on the floor. Big

room, with three large rectangles in it, no prizes for guessing that they

represent guerneys. Head there, and you'll pass a few inmates on the way,

since when were inmates patrolling an Asylum? This is all screwed up.


____ Sydney:__ Dammit, it's another security bolt system, like the cell door.

______________ Base camp, I need a new set of keys...

____ Vaughn:__ I'm reading a guardroom somewhere on that level. There might be

______________ keys in there.

--->>_ Objective:__ Get the security keys for the Morgue door.

And now we have a location to head for, whoo. These were the keys we saw upon

entering the Asylum, I'll bet. Follow the path around, completely ignoring any

guards you see, just for the hell of it. Lol, Dixon will chastise you:

____ Dixon:___ There might be a stealthier way to approach this.

But I'm having fun, Dixon! Follow the hall all the way around, and if you end

up at the left entrance of the room with the keys, you'll spot a ladder. Up

the ladder, ignoring the inmates at the bottom calling for backup, and save.

Then crouch and enter the room, you'll be on the catwalks above the room.

____ Sydney:__ Are you picking up my visuals, Vaughn? Any ideas on where the

______________ keys are going to be?

____ Vaughn:__ Scanning the image... highlighting the target... now.

The guard you want will be the one patrolling near the south door of the

guardroom. He can be tricky to get to, but not that hard. On the catwalks,

head forward, take the first right, then left, then two rights until you're in

the corner of the room, right above a guard sitting at a table reading a

newspaper or something. As you travel over it, the last catwalk will fall,

trapping you in the corner.

Lucky lucky, when the catwalk fell, it disturbed the guard at the table,

causing him to leave his post and take position over the other side, near the

pool tables. Now, this bit takes timing. Watch the target guard, to study his

movements. He'll get to the very left, closest to you, then turn around,

pause, walk forwards a bit, stop, and say 'All clear'. As soon as he turns

around, drop down from the rafters, sneak up to him, then stealth kill that

bastard. Leave him for now, but nab his gun, cuz the other guys are all gonna

see you and wanna fight.

Use his gun to take out the next armed guy, and repeat gun-stealing process.

When all the gunners are down, fight the brawlers (arm yourself with pool

cues) until they're all down. When you're through, save in the far corner,

then search the target guard and get the keys.

--->>_ Objective Complete:__ Get the security keys for the Morgue door.

Now, the only entrance out of this room is the northern one, and it's locked

(which is why you needed to take out the other guys before you could escape.)

Four pin lock, rather standard (the locks are getting more complex, with more

pins, as the game goes on) so unlock it. Out in the corridor, there are two

guards patrolling in a row, right near the door, so unless you're in stealth

mode and can stealth kill them quickly, they're gonna see you and hit you

right off the bat. Plus there's the CCTV camera that stirs up guards worse

than a hornet's nest. Either way, sprint like hell, towards the morgue door

marked green.

When you get there, you'll prolly have three inmates to kill (two chasing you,

and one stationed outside) but if you've still got the last guard's gun,

they'll fall quickly. Use the key on the door, and enter the morgue.

--->>_ Objective Complete:__ Get into the Morgue.

There's four of the unarmed guards (okay, maybe they're not inmates...) but a

lot of weapons around. Keep on the run until you find one, pick it up, bash

the shit out of people until the weapon disintegrates. Repeat process. They go

down after a few blows if you're armed. When you're done...

____ Sydney:__ The tattoos on these bodies all look the same. How do I know

______________ which one is the right one?

____ Vaughn:__ We're feeding Interpol's Genetic Database into your DNA

______________ scanner. Most of Anna's scientists for hire should be in the

______________ IGP. Test the bodies... the one that gives you a hit should be

______________ the one that has the level two pass.

Our Op-Tech logo's flashing like crazy, because of all the bodies around. You

can use your DNA scanner on all of them until you find the right one, or you

can simply head to the cabinets on the right side of the room, use the switch

on the second one from the left, use your scanner, and presto, there's your

dead body.

--->>_ Objective Complete:__ Find the scientist with the upgraded tattoo.

I didn't even know we officially HAD that objective. Anyways, we've got a hit.

____ Marshall: Oh-oh-oh! Do you see the X-ray next to the body?

____ Sydney:__ Yeah...

____ Marshall: It doubles as a gas spectrometer. Man, I am so jealous, I've

______________ always wanted to use one of those. It'll read the chemical

______________ make-up of the tattoo. It's compatible to your PDA so scan it

______________ and I'll be able to dissect it on my end...

--->>_ Objective:__ Analyze the body with the X-ray machine.

Not that hard, eh? See the X-ray machine in the corner? Grab it, and drag it

over and push it right up to the body, then use it with the Action button.

--->>_ Objective Complete:__ Analyze the body with the x-ray machine.

____ Sydney:__ Scanning...

____ Marshall: Okay, the level two tattoo is just an adjustment to the one you

______________ already have... a liquid magnesium sulphide, plus ca change. If

______________ you can find the storeroom, you should be able to find the

______________ sulphide that will get you into the upstairs lab.

--->>_ Objective:__ Collect the tattoo upgrade chemicals.

Alright, we need to get ourselves a NEW tattoo. The storeroom is just off the

morgue, through the south door. You can either go find a key for it, or simply

pick the lock, both work. If you want the key, the guy in the windowed morge

room has it, so go beat him up and take it. Or it's a four-pin lockpick job.

Note the cheesy music from the radio in the storeroom, god it's annoying. And

this part took me a rather long time to work out how to do. The two chemicals

are sitting right on top of the shelves that the scientist is patrolling

around, in split screen view. And no matter how you move, he won't turn around

_and see you on the other side of the bars. We need to get past the bars, or

rather, over the top of them...

In your corner of the room, there's a few cupboards in the very corner, climb

up on the small box, then the big cupboard. From there, jump up and grab the

pole, and worm your way over the bars to the other part of the storeroom. GO

all the way across, and drop down on the shelf.

Run across the top of the shelf, and when you get to the obstacle, whatever it

is, drop down, hang off the edge of the shelf and work your way across, before

climbing back up. Pick up the first tattoo upgrade chemical in the small

purple vial in the corner of the shelf, then jump across (just run) to the

next shelf and grab the next one. The scientist will see you, but won't be

able to hurt you. Save your game at the save point.

When the scientist sees you, make sure you're standing directly above him,

then tap Special Attack for an instant stealth kill. Nothing much else to do

here, so leave the storeroom the way you came in.

--->>_ Objective Complete:__ Collect the tattoo upgrade chemicals.

--->>_ Objective:__ Get to the Lab.

And where, exactly, is the lab? Who the hell knows, but we must find it.

Seeing as we now have an upgraded tattoo, we can go wherever we like on this

floor. So lets explore. There's a small room in the south-east corner of the

floor (map-wise), that might be worth investigating. Why? Well, from the looks

of things inside, it's a torture room (eek). There's three people inside, one

doctor and two grunts. When you kill the doctor, you can search her to pick up

her outfit. Change into it, and you have a new disguise. Presto.

Now, small arrow pointing upwards on the directional indicator, top of screen,

means we need to go up at least one floor to find the lab. We know it's not on

the ground floor, cuz we explored all that, so it must be the first floor. The

elevator we came down on is no good to us then, it only goes between this

floor and ground floor. So we need another method. Some stairs? Look on the

map for some stairs, there's some branching out from the morgue. Head back

there, and use the switch to open up the stairwell. Start running up, saving

partway before continuing.

Security cameras wont touch you, in disguise, so when you access the first

floor, you're safe from them. Along the hall, your first right leads to the

lab, so go there. Nice yellow biohazard sign on the door, not the familiar

one, but still rather distinctive. Use the switch, and enter the

decontamination room. Note: guards will still try to beat you up when you're

in disguise. 'Try' being the operative word. Sydney could kick their asses in

her sleep.

--->>_ Objective Complete:__ Get to the Lab.

Inside the lab, Sydney spots the new laser prototype. Much upscaled from the

little hand-held one we had in Monte Carlo, too.

____ Sydney:__ Base camp, I have a visual on the new prototype.

____ Vaughn:__ If it's operational, it should have both the prisms and the

______________ fuel cell stored inside... do you see them?

____ Sydney:__ Negative on both.

--->>_ Objective:__ Obtain the prisms.

See, the camera panned to two gaps in the prototype, both were empty. But,

along the wall of the lab, we have three big white cases with purple things

stored inside. The prisms! We need to get them out! Walk over to them and

examine them.

____ Sydney:__ I found the prisms... but the storage containers are

______________ magnetically sealed.

____ Marshall: Then there should be a computer that will give you access to

______________ the locking system.

Whoa, Sydney sounds a little stressed, there. Calm down, chicky. Time to

explore the lab and find this computer. The lab has two levels - the main

floor, and the small mezzanine accessible by stairs. Well, not really

accessible by the stairs, try and run up them and get shot down by the gun

turret at the top. Damn. We'll find another way up.

Always look for things you can jump up on, or grab hold of. Here, we can jump

up on the brownish lattice-like container, so do so. Once up there, you can

repeat your morgue storeroom tricks and grab the pipe, working your way across

the divide to drop down on the mezzanine. Use the computer in the corner

overlooking the main floor, hack into it if you must.

Now you've unlocked the cases, and de-activated the turret, whoo. Go and try

to get the first prism.

____ Marshall: Hey, can you take a picture of those for me?

Whip out your mini camera, and take a satisfactory photo, zooming in a little

so the prism fits the whole shot.

____ Marshall: Oh my God! Boom! Did you hear that? That was the sound of my

______________ brain exploding.

____ Sydney:__ What is it?

____ Marshall: I magnified your picture by ten to the eighty-third power. You

______________ see those grooves on the prism? These bad boys have sub-atomic

______________ microchips built into them. Must be for all the brainwashing,

______________ right, that's why Caplan was all like "la la la, I'm frolicking

______________ on the beach" when, in reality, he was helping Anna and Sark.

Almost worth playing this part again to hear Marshall going "la la la"! Grab

each of the three prisms from the three cases.

--->>_ Objective Complete:__ Obtain the prisms.

But looks who's on his way into the lab! It's Sark! Okay, this does not look

good... and Vaughn doesn't help the situation.

____ Vaughn:__ Syd, listen very closely. You have to put the prisms inside the

______________ laser.

____ Sydney:__ What?

____ Vaughn:__ If Sark comes in and sees the prisms are missing, your position

______________ will be compromised. You have a short window to operate in and

______________ hide while they go through the decontamination locks. Move,

______________ Sydney, move!

So motor over to the right side of the laser, closest to the prism cases, and

the Use command will appear, so use the prisms. From there, we need a spot to

hide. That lattice-boxy thing we stood on before looks good. It has a door,

with a peephole, perfect for professional spies like it. So when you've placed

the prisms, run inside the box and the door will automatically close. Await

Sark's arrival, and stand very still throughout his inspection.

When he's satisfied that the place is secure, he and two nurse-wannabes bring

in the patient - Jacobs. They're gonna use the prototype on him? This is the

last clinical test before mass production begins... aye! Now, Rudy and Shaun

can't decide who goofed and left the prisms in the laser, but Sark knows that

no-one did... they were just placed there. So it ain't secure after all. He

leaves them to run the test, while he goes off and finds some more security.

____ Vaughn:__ Syd - deactivate that laser - now!

We're on a 60-second timer here, to get out of our box, kill poor Rudy and

Shaun, and de-activate the laser using the small computer on the left side.

Fairly standard task, especially if you have a weapon. (You should always

carry a weapon.) Once you've deactivated it, you have to free Jacobs, picking

the locks on each of the four restraints holding him on the guerney.

--->>_ Objective Complete:__ Free Jacobs.

____ Sydney:__ Jacobs... Jacobs, can you hear me? My name is Bristow, I'm

______________ CIA...

____ Jacobs:__ Oh thank God...

____ Sydney:__ We're picking up a lot of movement toward the front of the lab.

______________ You're gonna have to find another way out of there.

From the looks of things, this lab has only one exit, through the

decontamination room. But there must be another, if Vaughn's words are any

indication. Now, me, I spotted a panel on the wall below the mezzanine that

looks a lot like the security panels we blew up in Monte Carlo, using the

laser prototype. Wait... we have a laser prototype... a functional one too. So

use it, aim it at the panel, and boom! The metal grating drops to reveal a

room under the mezzanine floor. For now, it doesn't look like there's anything

interesting in there, except perhaps a shuttered window. Shuttered window has

another of the same security panels on the right of it.... laser it too, and a

scene will commence.

____ Vaughn:__ The order just came down. It's too hot for you to get out of

______________ there with the fuel cell. We're going with the acceptable loss

______________ scenario.

____ Sydney:__ There are still patients in here!

____ Vaughn:__ Sydney... please... it's for your safety...

____ Jacobs:__ I can get the patients out. I know where all the cells are. I

______________ can get to them.

____ Dixon:___ I'll meet up with Jacobs and ensure the asylum is evacuated.

____ Sydney:__ Alright, let's do it. Marshall, after the de-ionised nitro's

______________ added to the fuel cell, how much time do I have?

____ Marshall: Plenty. At least a couple of minutes.

--->>_ Objective:__ Reclaim the prisms, and add the nitro-glycerine to the

___________________ fuel cell.

Hey, how come Jacobs can waltz right out that door, when I can't? Pfft.

Anyways, this objective is easy as hell, just take the prisms from the right

side, then on the left side, use the nitroglycerine when the op-tech logo


--->>_ Objective Complete:__ Reclaim the prisms, and add the nitroglycerine to

____________________________ the fuel cell.

Now to get out of the lab. We unlocked the shuttered window by blasting the

security panel, so go back and climb through it, and save at the save point.

This next part might take a bit of practice, and is regarded as one of the

most difficult to date, but if you follow my tips, you should be fine. Climb

over the shelves, and get yourself into stealth mode. Sneak up to the door and

make to leave the storeroom.

____ Vaughn:__ Sark's not going to come quietly so you'll have to tranquilize

______________ him... enough to knock him out, but not so much that you kill

______________ him. We'll need a new DNA sample from him. I'm feeding our old

______________ file sample to your DNA monitor. Use it to follow Sark, and

______________ register a new sample.

--->>_ Objective:__ Trail Sark and take a DNA reading.

Uh, wha? We're not leaving Sark to die? Why the flamin' hell not? Grr, we're

gonna knock him out and take him with his before we blow the place, but we

need his DNA to know how much tranq to give him. Makes little sense, but then

again, this is all pretty far-fetched stuff.

AS SOON as Vaughn starts talking, press circle to leave the room and you'll be

right behind Sark in the hallway. The reading of his DNA will commence

immediately. In stealth mode, follow him down the hall, he'll stop every now

and then, either just to pause or to turn around and check behind him.

When you approach the second locker on the right, get behind it next to the

wall, because Sark will turn around at this point. If you stay pressed up

behind the locker, you'll be safe. When he turns around, get out and keep

following in stealth. When you get to the second next archway down the

corridor, hug the wall on the left behind it when Sark stops again. At this

point, the DNA reading should be complete.

--->>_ Objective Complete:__ Get a DNA reading from Sark.

____ Vaughn:__ Good. Marshall's analyzing it now. In the meantime, you need

______________ to find the right drugs and some sort of tranquilizer gun.

____ Dixon:___ Jacobs and I just passed a doctor's staff room in the Ward

______________ where they keep the supplies. There's a pharmacy in the

______________ corridor just beyond that...

--->>_ Objective:__ Get the tranquilizer chemicals and the syringe to knock

___________________ Sark out.

Looking for a storeroom... for a storeroom... where they might keep a syringe.

Check our map, and you'll see a storeroom clearly marked, we just have to get

there. So keep on cruising along the hall. There's a save point just outside a

medical facility that we'll need to pass through, so save there.

Getting through this place would have been easy enough had we been tackling it

during the last objective, but it's a bit tougher this way. Trade-off we made,

because if we had've cleaned this place out before getting the DNA reading,

the reading itself would have been a damn sight trickier to get. We can always

bluff our way through a room with guards, we can't bluff our way into getting

a DNA reading.

There are four guards in the medical ward, one with a gun. If you venture far

into the ward, another gunner will appear as well, which can be tricky. If

stealth doesn't appeal to you, just run straight through, and through the hall

on the right at the far end of the room. Through the hall, hand a right at the

end, through the narrow gap in the bench (note the presence of a wheelchair

right there), and into the storeroom.

____ Vaughn:__ Please don't let her get you with the needle.

This nurse is one vicious bitch, armed with a needle she likes to jab at you.

If it gets you, most of your health will go bye-bye, what's she got IN that

thing? Who cares what's in it, we want it, so take her out. Once she's down,

search her and you'll get the syringe and her outfit, just for a change of

clothes if you didn't grab the last doctor's outfit.

____ Sydney:__ There's no tranq gun in here, I'll have to go with a syringe.

Well, the objective DID say to get a syringe. Now we need the drugs to go in

it, and Dixon said they were in a pharmacy in the hall just past the medical

ward. If you look at your map, you'll see the hall, plus the pharmacy just off

it, with the drugs marked green in the corner. That's where we're going.

Save before heading back out, no doubt there's a few bad guys waiting for you.

Change clothes into disguise if you like. A weapon would be helpful, seeing as

you won't get far in stealth with guards and doctors patrolling everywhere.

Take them out as you meet them, and steal a gun or two, or run right through,

your call. Out in the hall leading to the pharmacy, hug the right wall just

before the corner. There's two guards with guns marching slowly around the

corner, and because they walk on an angle they'll walk right past you, guns

drawn, never seeing you. Once they're gone, dart past them to the pharmacy.

You'll need to jump the counter, and you can save your game again.

____ Marshall: I'm targetting the drugs you'll need on your display... now.

Grab the chemicals.

--->>_ Objective Complete:__ Get the tranquilizer chemicals and the syringe to

____________________________ knock Sark out.

____ Vaughn:__ Okay, you're all set. Now you just have to inject Sark and

______________ he'll be out like a light.

____ Sydney:__ You wouldn't believe how much I'm looking forward to this...

____ Marshall: You can locate him with your DNA monitor and then hunt him

______________ down in the street like the dog that he is, little nasty dog,

______________ right? Was that too over the top?

____ Vaughn:__ A little.

Oddly enough, you can run around in the pharmacy to your hearts content and

nothing will shoot at you from the hall. Now we have to find Sark, in the one

room we haven't accessed yet on this floor. The other medical ward, near the

first, so go back there for a confrontation.

____ Sark:____ Sydney... I've been waiting for round two since Monte Carlo.

____ Sydney:__ One way or another, Sark, I'm taking you in.

____ Sark:____ Over your dead body.

Heh, I like that. Now, what's worse than fighting a guy who, no matter how

many times you hit him, just gets back up? That's what Sark does, in this

fight, you can't kill him no matter how hard you try. What you can do,

however, is knock him to the floor with a Special Attack, then stand over his

body and use the syringe when the command appears. Simple. Easy battle.

____ Sydney:__ I have Sark. But how the hell am I going to get him out of

______________ here?

____ Vaughn:__ You'll have to push him out. Find a wheelchair.

Now you see why I noted the location of a wheelchair a few paragraphs ago? We

need it now. Leave Sark's prone body there, and go back and get it, it's near

the entrance to the storeroom where we met the nurse. If you're in disguise as

doctor, and not holding a weapon, you're safe from attack from guards until

you get to the wheelchair, in which case the guy outside the storeroom holding

a big-ass gun will go BAM BAM BAM.

Grab the wheelchair, and run it back to Sark. (In the room Sark is in, you're

also safe from attack.) Inside the room, the screen will fade to black, and

Sark will magically transport into the chair. Save again.

Now we have to get Sark out of the Asylum. Seeing as we're on the first floor,

we can't exactly push him down the stairs, so we'll need an elevator, and

there is one on this floor, in the hall past the pharmacy where we got the

tranq chemicals. Now, if you run and push Sark, you'll alert suspicion. So

walk. No, there is not a walk button on your controller. So you will have to

run as normal, but very very slowly, stopping after each step to give the

illusion of walking. If you do this, in disguise as a doctor, the guards will

let you slip by and down the hall.

Through the mesh door near the pharmacy, a passing doctor will spot your badge

and note that your profile does not match the picture. Sydney makes a run for

it, as the doctor activates a mechanism to slam the steel door behind her.

____ Sydney:__ I've been made! They're powering down this whole section of the

______________ Asylum!

____ Vaughn:__ They're trying to pin you down...

... and they're succeeding, it would appear, we're now all alone in the

elevator section. Push Sark into the elevator, and inspect the controls. Of

course, they've powered it down, it's not working.

____ Sydney:__ No power to the elevator.

____ Vaughn:__ You'll have to operate it manually.

And we flash to some switchboards in a vent above and outside the elevator.

That's where we need to go, so we'll need something to hoist ourselves up

there. In a small room opposite the elevator, at the end of the hall, you'll

notice a silver surgical tray, grab in and drag it over under the manhole.

There's also a save point in that room, so save while you're there. Jump up

into the vent, and examine the switchboards.

____ Marshall: Uh... Syd? Slight alteration in plans. Based on the reactive

______________ readings I'm getting, the fuel cell explosion timetable has

______________ moved up just a bit. I'm displaying it now...

____ Vaughn:__ Syd, get Sark out... now!

--->>_ Objective Update:__ Get Sark out of the Asylum before the fuel cell

__________________________ explodes!

This would be so much easier if we would just leave him there to die, he's a

bad guy, we hate him, leave him for dead. But no, this MAKES THINGS MORE

COMPLICATED in the fact we have to save his Pommy ass. The elevator lowers to

the ground floor, and opens with a typical ding. Sark rolls out, still

unconscious, while Sydney drops from the vent above, straight into a war zone.

Oh, and we have a five minute timer on our heads.

There's only one way to do this safely, and that is to fight. (Yeah, real

safe, I know.) If you do like I tried and grab the wheelchair and run for the

hills, you won't make it. (Although I did, when repeating this part. Hmm.) So

we have to fight, and keep our fights local to avoid alerting more guards and

creating more fights. Yay.

First scneario is two doctors, and a guy with a gun. If you stray too close to

the door in the far wall, you'll prompt another doctor to appear. There's a

bar in between the vending machine and the table, use it to smack the shit

outta the guy with the gun, take his gun, shoot some other guys with it. Leave

Sark there, grab another weapon, and move on.

Around the corner, another doctor will appear from the next room. Take him

out, grab the next broom, keep going. Another doctor near the top of the ramp,

and another patrolling at the bottom. This we can handle, one at a time with

no machinery. Save before the doors.

If you took out the gunmen and patrolmen when you were in the next main room

the very first time, it's a piece of cake from here on out, just grab Sark and

run out. If not, it'll be a bit trickier. Go back, grab Sark, and bring him to

the save point. This will give you time to recover a little health. Save again

if you wish.

You prolly will have alerted one more guard on the trip, but who cares. If you

didn't empty the next room, there will be three gunmen and a couple of

doctors, a rather tall order. My idea for the room is this: Run into the room

pushing Sark, face the closest gate, then let go and kick him as close to the

gate out as you can. If you can get him halfway there, you're good. Go

straight to the other right-hand gate and out into the foyer, then come back

in through the Sark gate. Grab Sark, and move out. Watch Syd and Dixon load

Sark into the back of a truck, and it will drive away as the fuel cell


______________________ --->>_ Mission Complete!_ <<---

Back at HQ. Due to Sydney's unorthodox methods, they got more intel than they

bargianed for, from Sark. In exchange for Sloane helping Anna with the laser,

she offered him a diamond, a special diamond with a drop of Rambaldi's blood

in the center. So Sloane's taken the diamond to a Hong Kong embassy, where he

has a crack team of scientists trying to extract it.

On-crack, more like it, but anyways.

You don't know what he's intending to do with the blood, but you don't care.

You're going in to try and get it, but you're still acting under zero-sum -

their loss is your gain - so if you can't get it, destroy it.

Marshall was assessing the security, and he discovered you'll need a virus to

get into the lab. The computer network has a virus built in, and will infect

anyone accessing it that doesn't already have it. Only problem is, it mutates

everytime someone accesses it. Enter Marshall - he can predict the next

mutation, should he get his hands on the virus. Presto.

Syd and Dixon will be going in as partygoers. He'll distract the guards while

she goes off in search of the library, where the virus is being held. Sounds

simple, right? Nothing's ever simple in this job...

__________________ ---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---

____________________ 4.6__ Hong Kong:_ Operation Embassy

__________________ ---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---

_______________________ -----------------------------

_______________________________ Objective List

_______________________ -----------------------------

1._ Find a Keycard for the Control Room.

2._ Plant CCTV Jamming Device in Control Room.

3._ Find the Library on the top floor.

_____ 3a._ Hide from Sloane.

4._ Examine Library's architecture.

_____ 4a._ Download virus.

5._ Lock the Library doors.

6._ Reach Satellite Dish.

7._ Transmit Virus data to HQ.

8._ Find Lab in Basement.

9._ Find Rambaldi Diamond.

10. Locate source of the signal.

____ 10a._ Download info from truck.

11. Trigger fire alarms to evacuate the building.

12. Get to the Ballroom.

13. Neutralize aggressors in the Ballroom.

14. Find Dixon and escape from Embassy.

_______________________ -----------------------------

__________________________________ Op-Tech

_______________________ -----------------------------

Stealth suit, evening wear, CCTV signal jammer, hard drive downloader, lock

pick, remote modem.

_______________________ -----------------------------

________________________________ Walkthrough

_______________________ -----------------------------

Laugh as Dixon enters the embassy, in cowboy mode pretending to be drunk, to

distract the guards by wanting to purchase some of the embassy's displays.

Sydney will sneak past, and now the spotlight is on us.

Oooooh, look at Sydney dolled up in her evening wear. We basically have full

roam of the embassy here, because we have no objectives and we're in decent

disguise. So explore a little. At the south side of the balcony you're on is a

save point, so save there cuz you don't really wanna be doing the last part of

the asylum again. When you descend the second set of stairs of the grand

staircase, Vaughn will stop you.

____ Sydney:__ Base camp. I'm clear.

____ Vaughn:__ Copy. Before you can get to the library, you'll need to disrupt

______________ the CCTV system. The control room's on your floor.

____ Vaughn:__ The entrance to the control room is via the guard room... and

______________ it requires a keycard.

--->>_ Objective:__ Find a keycard for the control room.

There we go, we have an objective. We saw where the control room was, in the

corner of the floor marked by a door with big 'NO' signs on either side. I

don't care what country you're in, those signs mean NO. Time to find a guard

with a keycard, beat the shit out of him, and steal it, no?

On the left of the control room door, (on the top-right hand side of the

ground floor), you'll find a familiar sign on the next door. At least, it'll

be familiar when you enter the room, it's a ladies' toilet. It's not

suspicious that you're in there, but there is a nice female guard in there

drying her hands. Stand behind her, go into stealth, press special attack.

Presto. Instant kill. Search her body, and you'll find a keycard.

--->>_ Objective Complete:__ Find a Keycard for the Control Room.

--->>_ Objective:__ Plant CCTV Jamming Device in Control Room.

Out of the bathrooms, into the main foyer, through the next door on the right.

in the corner. Use the keycard on the white panel, and proceed through. As we

turn the corner, we get a split-screen view into the next room, an office of

some sort, where a guard is patrolling near a photocopier. (How fun.) You can

use the split screen view to sneak through when he's not looking, or simply

barge through, beat him up and take his night stick. (No prizes for guessing

which I did.) Proceed into the control room.

____ Marshall: You need to plant the jamming device by the force switch

______________ modulator relay... Hang on, I'm displaying it on the HUD for

______________ you.

____ Sydney:__ Got it.

In case you weren't sure, its the green glowy thing in the top-left corner.

Approach it, and the op-tech logo appears, so use the CCTV signal jammer.

____ Vaughn:__ All right, now you can jam the camera feed. Head for the

______________ stairwell.

--->>_ Objective Complete:__ Plant CCTV Jamming Device in Control Room.

--->>_ Objective:__ Find the library on the top floor.

Grab the blue map from the floor, then move out. You're not heading for the

main staircase, but rather a different one that will take you to the top. The

map gives you access to a whole new area of the ground floor, so that's where

we're going. Outside the keycard-locked door, pick the lock of the other door

and go through that way. If you move forward, a split-screen will show you a

security camera, so use the CCTV jammer then run. The broken camera will idle

down the screen - when it gets to the bottom, it's all systems go, operation

as normal, so run like hell and turn the corner, away from its prying eyes.

Please, for the love of God, do NOT go back and save at the first save point

after doing this part. Otherwise, this room will be occupied with three

guards, and there is no way you are getting past three guards undetected and

unscathed. So just continue on.

Inside the next room, a computer room, you'll find a lone guard. Before

tacking him out, use the CCTV jammer again because there's a camera on the

ceiling near the wall with red ticker. Once it's out, take the guard out with

your nightstick, and swap your damaged one for his nice fresh one. If the

jammer runs out, use it again or stay far away from that side of the room. Use

it again, to get close enough to unlock the door. You'll need to do it

quickly, because the jammer doesn't last that long.

Now you're in a hallway, and as you approach the end of the hallway, you'll

again cut to splitscreen. A guard's patrolling another office area, and the

area has a security camera in the far left corner (the direct opposite of your

corner). If you watch the path he walks, you can step inside just as he walks

past the door, and stealth kill his ass. Take his gun.

The door you need to find is directly under the security camera. Use the

jammer, and run over to unlock the door. For this one, you don't know how long

it stays off for, as well, so be fast.

Just in case you're not smart enough to change costumes like I am, the game

reminds you that you can, basically TELLING you to put your neoprene suit on.

Do it, then grab the next map from the coffee table in the desk area. (No

cameras here.) Check it, and you'll see that the stairs are through the door

opposite where you came in from. Go in. Save. (YAY!) Up the stairs, and onto

the top floor.

____ Marshall: The library should be on this floor. But I'm picking up a lot

______________ of camera EM frequency so... watch it!

I have had ENOUGH of these durn cameras, I tell you. Anyways, only one door

leading out, and you know the drill by now. Two guards, both armed with guns,

but no cameras. You should have a gun from the last guard you killed, so get

in there and bust some ass. When both are dead, take the gun of whichever has

the most ammo left, and swipe the next map from the desk inside the glassed


Check out the size of the second floor, will you!? My guess is, we're heading

for the very last room, the one in the south-east corner, but that's just my

guess. Anyways, we're on the lookout. Head through the next door, and you'll

spot a different type of security camera, the type we're more used to. Use the

jammer, and run straight past it to the door at the end of the hall. Enter,

kill the lone guard, take his gun. Not being very stealthy, are we?

Open the next door leading to hte long hallway, and there'll be a camera on

your right and a save point to the left. Save quickly, then jam and run. There

is a guard patrolling in the hallway, as I soon found out. If jamming isn't

for you, you can shoot these security cameras too. Kill the guard who patrols

in the short part of the hallway around the corner. When you turn the corner,

a scene will take over.

____ Dixon:___ I just got a visual on Sloane.

____ Sydney:__ I don't have the virus yet...

____ Dixon:___ Then find a secure hiding place.

--->>_ Objective:__ Hide from Sloane.

Luckily, there's a door either side of you, in the hallway. Hide in one, wait

for Sloane and his cronie to walk past, to the end of the hallway. When

they're turning the corner, that's when you make your move - sneak out and to

where they were, the library.

--->>_ Objective Complete:__ Find the Library on the top floor.

--->>_ Objective Complete:__ Hide from Sloane.

But it's still not all good yet, when you get inside the library...

____ Vaughn:__ Sydney, the architectural layout of this room doesn't match the

______________ schematics we have. Something's not right...

--->>_ Objective:__ Examine Library's architecture.

So, what exactly are we looking for? Blast vague descriptions. Anyways,

there's two guards in here. One sits still, one patrols around the second

bookcase. If you're like me, you're pressed up against the first one. Keep a

very close eye on the map - a lot of pausing and unpausing, or peeking around

corners - when the patrolling guard walks around the back of the bookcase, run

to the corner he'll come walking around. Hug the wall (stealth walk into it),

then special attack right when he's about to turn the corner. Boom, dead

guard. Search him to find some library keys, plus he has a truncheon for a


You'll see a lot of Use commands appearing when you examine bookcases, so

select it each time to see Sydney push a sticking-out book onto the shelf. I'm

not sure whether you have to get them all, or just the one on the right side

of the room (left on the map) between the second or third bookcases. This was

the one I triggered to open up a doorway to a secret room.

____ Sydney:__ This must be where the virus is...

--->>_ Objective:__ Download virus.

Grab the map section from the desk, then examine the computer.

____ Marshall: Use your flash card memory stick on the computer... it'll take

______________ a few minutes to download everything... so if you don't mind, I

______________ like to whistle a little bit while I work. Y'know, a little...

______________ what?

Heh. Anyways, use the hard drive downloader (which is NOT a flash card memory

stick mind you) on the computer when the op-tech logo appears, and it'll get

taken out of your inventory. Wait, wait, wait while it downloads, then...

____ Vaughn:__ Syd, look out - watch your back!

____ Marshall: No-no-no-no! No don't - don't! Wait a second! The flash card

______________ hasn't downloaded the entire virus yet! You have to hold your

______________ position!

____ Dixon:___ A silent alarm must have been triggered. Heavy reinforcements

______________ coming your way...

____ Sydney:__ The download's still incomplete...

____ Vaughn:__ Then you need to buy more time. Start by blocking the library

______________ entrance...

--->>_ Objective:__ Lock the Library doors.

And like a flash, we're outta there! This can take you forever though, because

I couldn't see in the darkness of the library and still locked the doors (with

the keys you got from the dead guard) before they were opened.

--->>_ Objective Complete:__ Lock the Library doors.

The download will finish while you do that, so go back and swipe it from the


--->>_ Objective Complete:__ Download virus.

So leave the little secret virus door, to discover the guards trying to bash

down the door!

____ Vaughn:__ That door is going to give any second! Look around - there's

______________ got to be another way out...

And indeed there is, through the window opposite the virus room entrance.

Examine it, and a scene will take over in which Sydney sneaks out the

window... but your cover is blown, big time.

____ Sydney:__ I'm clear from the library.

____ Marshall: Syd! Syd... someone's jamming the frequency... repeat, all CIA

______________ signals are insecure...

____ Vaughn:__ Find the... satellite dish... side of the building... only

______________ secure feed left...

____ Sydney:__ Dixon, do you copy?

____ Dixon:___ Barely. I've lost contact, too.

____ Sydney:__ Could you make out base camp's last operational instructions?

____ Dixon:___ Upload the virus through a satellite dish on the side of the

______________ building. We can use it to boost the signal to get past the

______________ jamming frequency.

--->>_ Objective:__ Reach Satellite Dish.

And they show you a picture of the satellite dish. Ahah, we must go right! Try

to avoid the spotlights, because if you enter one, you will indeed be shot at.

If you come to ivy poles things blocking your path, hang over the edge of the

building, worm across, then jump back up. If you should fall, you'll be sent

back to the start so it's not exactly hard :-/

When you get to the lattice on the building, drop down, worm across to the

next one (semi-hidden), then climb back up. At the end of the path, you'll see

a ladder, with a save point further on. Save, then ascend the ladder.

Up the ladder, climb the drainpipe on your left. Walk across, then drop down

inside the chainlink fence. Run across the courtyard to find another drainpipe

- scale it. At the top you'll find the satellite dish, so examine the big

black control box on the side of it. It'll split screen, just in case you're

not sure what you're doing.

--->>_ Objective Complete:__ Reach Satellite Dish.

--->>_ Objective:__ Transmit virus data to HQ.

Use the control box, then spin the dish to the left until all six bars on the

transmission meter are full. Press X when they are all full, and Sydney will

transmit the virus.

____ Sydney:__ At the dish. Transmitting... Hope they pick this up.

____ Vaughn:__ Sydney, we're back on line. We have the virus and we're

______________ transmitting on a different channel for all comms traffic. It's

______________ at the high end of the GSO spectrum, so we won't have any more

______________ jamming problems.

____ Marshall: Okay... how brilliant is this? I think I've outdone myself and

______________ that's hard to... Courtesy of your upload, I stumbled upon an

______________ encrypted map of the lab. I'm downloading it and the virus

______________ mutation to your PDA now.

____ Vaughn:__ According to the plans, the lab's in the bottom level of the_

______________ Embassy... under the garage.

--->>_ Objective Complete:__ Transmit the virus data to HQ.

--->>_ Objective:__ Find Lab in the Basement.

And note where the camera panned to, while the characters spoke. A different

window exit onto the balcony! With a save point near it and a guard inside!

Let's go!

You need to go back to the area where you first climbed up the drainpipe, and

you'll find a second ladder leading down to the balcony. However, you'll need

to jump on the container to get back to the top path. Climb up, across, down

the pipe, then down to the second ladder. Try not to just fall down it, like I

just did. Save, then climb in the window.

Unfortunately, there's two guys with guns here. And you most likely have no

weapon whatsoever. But do your best - it may take a few tries, but you'll kill

them both.

Search one of the bodies to recover a Level 2 Keycard, then stop and catch

your breath. Head back out into the familiar hallway, and note that while the

cameras are not inoperational, the guard is still patrolling the short stretch

of hallway. Kill him, take his gun. :) Save again at the end of the hall, just

to make sure.

There are two guards in the next room, so shoot 'em both with your gun. Take a

truncheon from one of them, and move on. This next hallway is one in which the

camera still works unfortunately (you know this hallway because you came down

it before, on the way to the library) so zap it with the jammer then take the

side door to the computer room.

Kill the lone guard, swapping weapons with him, then head for the stairwell.

Only this time, we're going alllll the way down. And at the bottom, you'll

come to a door marked 2. Use the keycard, to enter the garage.

____ Vaughn:__ There's a stairwell in this garage that leads to the warehouse.

And he'll even show you where it is. Basically, follow the ramp down, kill a

few bad guys, and you'll find it. Easy! Bad news is, map doesn't work here,

so you'll have to rely on either thermals or enhanced vision to spot baddies.

If, at the end of the ramp, you hug the right wall, you can stealth kill one

guy that does his rounds past there, and grab his gun. Use that to kill other

two baddies. Swap for full gun. Run to stairwell. Sweet.

At the bottom of the stairwell, save at the save point, before making your way

into the storage area. This part is bloody tricky. Best of luck.

____ Vaughn:__ Okay. Entrance to the lab should be at the other end of the

______________ storage area.

____ Sydney:__ I am way outmanned here.

____ Vaughn:__ Can you find a way past them without fighting?

And the camera nicely pans over to a control panel, on the other side of the

room. Closer than your target stairwell, so it might be a good idea to head

over there. There are a complete buttload of guards here, but enter the room

and pillar-hop to the left, and you should make it without being seen.

Once you get to the control panel, use it, and a container will start shifting

left and right, across the room. Also of note is that when you're standing

near the control panel, in the little inlet, you pretty much can't be seen.

Guards will walk straight past you and give the all clear.

So we are to use the moving container to get across the room. Right. As soon

as the guard walks past and motions the all clear, run behind him and jump up

on the shipping container in the center of the room. And it seems like you're

invisible up there, so when the moving one comes around, jump up. Hang on, and

jump down when you get to the containers on the other side of the fence.

You're invisible up there too, seemingly, so just stand up there and assess

your options.

The door you want is the silver one in the corner, so head over there. I

accidentally got knocked off the containers by the moving container and still

wasnt seen by the guards.... hmm. Once out in the hall, use the Hard Drive

Downloader on the computer there.

____ Marshall: Okay, here we go... ...Crossing my fingers, crossing my toes,

______________ crossing my eyebrows because this mutation... it should work.

____ Sydney:__ Should work?

____ Marshall: Well, there's not really any way for me to beta test it. But I

______________ did bet my entire collection of spores and molds against

______________ Harold's in psych ops. Now I wouldn't do that unless I was

______________ totally sure, so...

____ Marshall: Awwwww, yeah, baby! Qoo! Hand it over, Harold! Hand it...

And now we've got a nice map of Basement 3 in our PDA. Head down the stairs,

and you'll see a lone guard patrolling down there. And the camera even split-

screens for you, to time your special attack off the balcony! How nice. Do it,

kill the guard, swipe his gun. Move on. Head through the door.

--->>_ Objective Complete:__ Find Lab in the Basement.

____ Vaughn:__ That diamond's got to be in here somewhere. Do you see it?

--->>_ Objective:__ Find Rambaldi Diamond.

Now, there are three guys in this lab, but they're not guards, therefore they

go down in like one hit. Literally. So take them out, then start exploring.

You'll find the big blue safe with the diamond in it, in the far corner of the

room, opposite where you started from. Use the lockpick (six-pin lock), and

ignore the split screening as you already took out the scientists in the room.

Take the diamond from the vault.

--->>_ Objective Complete:__ Find Rambaldi Diamond.

____ Sydney:__ Base camp, I have the diamond. Prepare for extraction.

____ Jack:____ Sydney, we just traced the jamming signal to inside the car

______________ park. It's completely foreign to all known CIA frequencies.

____ Sydney:__ ...Sloane?

____ Jack:____ No... It's too advanced, even for him. If someone else knows

______________ we're here, we have to find out who. Can you find the signal's

______________ root location?

--->>_ Objective:__ Locate source of the signal.

There's a small hole in the wall near the safe, that leads out into an

elevator shaft. Climb through, and the elevator will start to go up. At the

top, you'll be at the third floor in a parking garage. Head through, following

the red arrow, to find the truck. Signal source?

--->>_ Objective Complete:__ Locate source of the signal.

____ Sydney:__ Let me hack into their server and retransmit the data to you...

--->>_ Objective:__ Download info from truck.

So climb into the back of the truck and hack into the computer with the remote

modem. Crack the password (which takes all of five seconds). Simple.

--->>_ Objective Complete:__ Download info from truck.

Watch the cutscene - Sloane knows you're there, and he's rigged the embassy

with enough C4 to level the building. Fun fun. And off he goes. Just like

that. Bastard!

____ Dixon:___ Sydney, I've located the bomb, it's in the ballroom. I'll

______________ deactivate it; you concentrate on getting everyone out!

____ Marshall: The Embassy blueprints show there are fire alarms on each

______________ floor. I've highlighted them on your PDA map. If you set them

______________ all off, it should evacuate the building!

--->>_ Objective:__ Trigger fire alarms to evacuate the building.

Ten minutes. Four alarms. Off we go! Check your map to see where they are. The

only problem is, they're NOT all marked on there. And this part is the source

of about 90% of the Alias-related e-mail I get. Where to find the four fire

alarms. And how to disarm them. So. Here goes.

1)_ The room where you rode on the shipping container. Take the stairs back

___ down there, saving at the save point in the hallway. In the corner past

___ the control panel you used to move the container, you'll find the alarm.

___ Bash at it a bit (attack it with a normal attack, X), and you'll set it

___ off.

2)_ Back up to the car park. Past the truck, there's a ramp leading upwards.

___ Up the ramp, you'll spot the small alarm on the wall to the right of the

___ doorway, in front of the dumpster. Set it off.

3)_ From the second alarm, head through the doorway and up the stairs. Through

___ the door behind the save point, turn right, and you'll find the third fire

___ alarm on the left wall. Set it off.

4)_ Head back out to the stairwell and keep going up to the next floor. Exit

___ to the main hall, and follow the rooms. The camera will split screen, as a

___ guard lays in wait for you... meh, barge in and kill him. Head straight

___ past him out to the hallway. There's another guard, but who cares, the

___ fire alarm is just to your left. Hit it.

--->>_ Objective Complete:__ Trigger fire alarms to evacuate the building.

____ Marshall: Way to go! You did it! I'm proud of you.

And a scene commences, with everyone escaping from the embassy. Yay.

____ Dixon:___ Sydney, I've got a duel trigger mechanism on the bomb. Can you

______________ help me out?

____ Sydney:__ I'm on my way.

--->>_ Objective:__ Get to the Ballroom.

Yup, it's close by. Back out to the stairwell and down to the first floor.

Pass where the third alarm was, through the two doors, and you're in the

lobby. Up the central stairs, then follow the hallway to the ballroom.

--->>_ Objective Complete:__ Get to the Ballroom.

--->>_ Objective:__ Neutralize aggressors in the Ballroom.

But your struggle isn't over yet. There are bad guys in this here ballroom,

and they're keeping some innocent people hostage there. New objective -

neutralize the aggressors. Three guys with fists. Now me, I just special

attack'd my way through this entire battle and only got hit three times. So

run in there and hammer special attack until they all die.

--->>_ Objective Complete:__ Neutralize aggressors in the Ballroom.

--->>_ Objective:__ Find Dixon and escape from Embassy.

Dixon's not too hard to find - he's near the piano on the stage. Go near him,

and a scene will take over. The wires on the bombs are both decoys! Gotta get

out of there! New objective - follow Dixon out of the embassy before the bomb


Dixon heads straight out of the room, down the hall, and down the stairs to

the lobby. Follow him, towards the door - you'll only have about thirty

seconds but it's not hard. When you get there - kaboom, embassy explodes, but

the two of you are safe.

______________________ --->>_ Mission Complete!_ <<---

Yay. But ah, new intelligence. The information you uploaded from the truck in

the carpark talked about a Pole Shift. The two magnetic poles, north and south

- they're not constant, they shift, and it seems that the Machine is actually

a device for shifting the poles of the planet. What effect would this have?

Well, pretty much, worldwide climate change.

And this is what Anna wants. Anna's part of a secret sect of the Followers of

Rambaldi, who believe that the world is irredeemably corrupt, therefore they

want to destroy it. Oh, yay. Doomsday crap. Her target all along was the

diamond - because the drop of blood inside the diamond acts as an ignition key

for this Machine. And Sloane has the diamond. And is going to give it to Anna.

They tracked Sloane to a nightclub in Rio de Janeiro, which is where they know

the handover will take place. So, of course, you're going in too. Armed with

the latest in op-tech - a DV recorder, for eavesropping on conversations

through glass, and a keycode descrambler, for annoying pinpads and the like.

Good luck.

_____________ ---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---

________________ 4.7__ Rio de Janeiro - Operation Nightclub

_____________ ---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---=---=*=---

_______________________ -----------------------------

_______________________________ Objective List

_______________________ -----------------------------

1._ Follow Anna.

_______________________ -----------------------------

__________________________________ Op-Tech

_______________________ -----------------------------

Remote modem, DV recorder, keycode scrambler.

_______________________ -----------------------------

________________________________ Walkthrough

_______________________ -----------------------------

We start off on a rooptop, outside the nightclub in question. All is well and

good so far - lots of guards patrolling, nothing really exciting.

____ Dixon:___ Sydney, I'm outside the building. No sign of Sloane, but Anna

______________ just arrived.

____ Sydney:__ Copy that. I'm going to trail her... ...she might lead me to

______________ Sloane.

____ Vaughn:__ Do me a favour and stick to the rooftops. Let's keep you safe

______________ as long as we can.

--->>_ Objective:__ Follow Anna.

Follow the path along the roof, and you'll come to two guards on the roof. The

trick is to fight them and kill them (pushing them off the roof works),

without falling off yourself. If you fall, instant game over. Best not to use

specials here, in case you do fall off. When you're done with then, take one

of their crowbars, and move on.

From there, head down the small set of stairs and across to the next roof.

Another guard, but armed only with fists, so your crowbar should make short

work of her. And that's the end of your roof tripping.

____ Sydney:__ I can't get around here... I'm going to drop to street level.

So drop down the fire escape one level. There's a guard in the courtyard that

you can have a go at if you want, but he has a gun. Otherwise, you're just

looking for the door with the red flickering sign on top, so jump down and


Through the hallway, and into another courtyard. There are multiple guards

with guns here, so I suggest simply running right through, easier than

fighting. Through another set of doorways and halls, and you'll catch up with

Anna. She'll run, and the door will be locked behind her.

____ Sydney:__ They've closed the gate behind her, my access is cut off.

______________ Dixon, can you pick up any alternate routes?

____ Dixon:___ Try checking the warehouse to the south.

--->>_ Objective Complete:__ Follow Anna.

--->>_ Objective Update:__ Enter club via warehouse.

____ Marshall: Uh, one more thing... ...I just raided their files and picked

______________ up a requisition for a total overhaul of their security

______________ systems. I see orders for body-heat sensors and wall-mounted

______________ gun turrets...

____ Sydney:__ In a nightclub!?

____ Marshall: Perhaps they have a strict no-moshing rule.

____ Dixon:___ I've got some hardware in the comms truck that might be able to

______________ help. Syd, can you brush pass with me on the street?

____ Sydney:__ You got it.

--->>_ Objective Update:__ Meet with Dixon for additional equipment.

If you check your map, you'll spot the green beacon that is Dixon, in the far

corner of the ground floor. Sneak around behind the trucks and you shold reach

him without confrontation.

____ Dixon:___ That's a coolant jet gun. it fires a very concentrated ball of

______________ liquid nitrogen ideal for heat sensors and door locks but too

______________ small to affect human targets.

--->>_ Objective Complete:__ Meet with Dixon for additional equipment.

Now, where did Anna go? Through the gate directly opposite the end of the last

hallway. Problem is, there's guards teeming EVERYWHERE. Head back to the

hallway, same way you came.

_________ ----->>__ Rest of Mission Walkthrough coming soon__ <<---


______________________________ 5.0____ OP-TECH


At the moment, this op-tech list is incomplete. I add devices as they appear

in the game, as well as listing their uses (if applicable).

_______________________ -----------------------------

_____________________________ CCTV Signal Jammer

_______________________ -----------------------------

Use:____ Hong Kong, to jam the signals of the security cameras

Two-part device that disrupts security camera video feed. The frequency

scrambler is inserted into the coaxial signal splitter on the main control

board, and activated for 10 seconds at a time by the remote, works within a

1000 meter radius of the scrambler.

_______________________ -----------------------------

__________________________ Cocktail Waitress Outfit

_______________________ -----------------------------

Use:____ Monte Carlo, as a disguise for the casino floor

Waitress uniform from Sark's Casino in Monte Carlo. NOTE: Waitresses have

clearance to be on the Casino floor only.

_______________________ -----------------------------

____________________________ Control Room Keycard

_______________________ -----------------------------

Use:____ Monte Carlo, to unlock the Weapon Facility control room

Swipe card which unlocks doors to the Weapon Facility Control Room.

Use:____ Hong Kong, to unlock the Control Room.

Swipe card to access the security control room.

_______________________ -----------------------------

________________________________ DNA Scanner

_______________________ -----------------------------

Use:____ Romania, when tracking Caplan in the Asylum

________ Romania, when searching through the Morgue

Advanced biometric scanner, matches DNA samples to a remote database. Samples

DNA from a live target up to six meters away, by filtering cells in

surrounding air. NOTE: Must be placed in contact with a deceased subject.

_______________________ -----------------------------

______________________________ Doctor's Outfit

_______________________ -----------------------------

Use:____ Romania, when in disguise in the Asylum

Doctor's coat taken from maximum-security psychiatric hospital in Bucharest,

Romania. NOTE: Photograph on ID badge does not match self.

_______________________ -----------------------------

________________________________ DV Recorder

_______________________ -----------------------------


When attached to a glass surface this minituarized DV recorder will record

audio and video on the other side of the glass.

_______________________ -----------------------------

__________________________________ EMP Gun

_______________________ -----------------------------

Use:____ Romania, when dismantling security cameras

Hand held generator that creates a directional electro-magnetic pulse wave,

disrupting electrical equipment in a six-meter range. Disables CCTV cameras

for 60 seconds at a time. NOTE: EMP wave has the side effect of repelling

light metal objects.

_______________________ -----------------------------

________________________________ Evening Wear

_______________________ -----------------------------

Use:____ Hong Kong, when in disguise at the embassy

Haute couture fitted gown, made for alias as a guest at the Embassy ball in

Hong Kong.

_______________________ -----------------------------

__________________________ Finger Print Replicator

_______________________ -----------------------------

Use:____ Monte Carlo, to gain access to the Vault in the science labs

Scans a subjects finger prints when places directly in contact with the

device, then replicates the prints in a liquid polymer. The cooled polymer

fakes can be applied over the fingertips of the user to fool automatic finger

print security checks.

_______________________ -----------------------------

___________________________ Hard Drive Downloader

_______________________ -----------------------------

Use:____ Hong Kong, to obtain the virus from the secret room

Copies all data from any brand of hard drive into itself at 40Gb per minute

when placed in close proximity with the computer. Has an inbuilt transmission

device - lock onto its co-ordinates with satellite to activate the

transmission of data.

_______________________ -----------------------------

_____________________________ Keycode Scrambler

_______________________ -----------------------------


Device which attaches to any standard keypad security lock, unscrambles the

correct entry sequence and opens the lock.

_______________________ -----------------------------

___________________________ Laser Beam Interruptor

_______________________ -----------------------------

Use:____ Saudi Arabia, to disable the laser beams in the museum

Compact magnetic gun equipped with two reusable interruptors that when fired

will auto-lock over the base of a laser sensor, breaking the beam without

setting off the alarm. Gun will magnetically reclaim a planted interruptor

when fired while targeting it.

_______________________ -----------------------------

______________________________ Laser Prototype

_______________________ -----------------------------

Use:____ Monte Carlo, disabling the security system in the science lab

Prototype laser found in Weapons Facility, hidden beneath Sark's casino in

Monte Carlo, Monaco. Intended use unknown - lengthy warm up period on beam

makes it ineffective on live targets.

_______________________ -----------------------------

_________________________________ Lock Pick

_______________________ -----------------------------

Use:____ Monte Carlo, opening the locked door in Basement 1

________ Saudi Arabia, when opening each of the bone cases

________ Saudi Arabia, when escaping the ruins

________ Romania, when gaining access to the cell hall and the morgue

_________________ storeroom

________ Hong Kong, when picking locks in the embassy

Pick and torque wrench set with added digital lock analysis. Scans the

configuraton of the lock barrel and displays a visual readout of the order of

the pins and the pressure applied. Will pick all makes of locks with up to 8


_______________________ -----------------------------

________________________________ Mini Camera

_______________________ -----------------------------

Use:____ Saudi Arabia, when taking photos in the Vault

________ Romania, when spotting the first prism

Micro digital camera with telephoto lens, remotely beams down data via

satellite straight back to operations HQ. Auto-filter preserves the limited

bandwidth on secure transmission channel by ensuring that only vital

intelligence images are retained.

_______________________ -----------------------------

_________________________ Museum Benefactor's Outfit

_______________________ -----------------------------

Use:____ Saudi Arabia, when undercover in the museum

Haute couture tailored suit, made for alias as an extremely wealthy patron of

the Saudi Arabian National Museum.

_______________________ -----------------------------

______________________________ Neutrino Reader

_______________________ -----------------------------

Use:____ Saudi Arabia, when tracking Anna in the museum

Scanner that detects the presence of neutrino particles. When kept in range of

a neutrino-emitting body can establish a lock onto a neutrino signature which

can then be remotely tracked.

_______________________ -----------------------------

_______________________________ Nitroglycerine

_______________________ -----------------------------

Use:____ Romania, when neutralizing the fuel cell in the Lab

Chemical compound designed to decay the stabilizing element of the Rambaldi

fuel cells. NOTE: Fuel cell will become highly unstable minutes after the

compound is introduced with unknown results.

_______________________ -----------------------------

________________________________ Razor Prism

_______________________ -----------------------------

Use:____ Monte Carlo, maintenance room

Slices through video cables to intercept the signal without interrupting it,

allowing the user to see the camera's visual feed. The video signal can also

be beamed by satellite back to operations HQ.

_______________________ -----------------------------

________________________________ Remote Modem

_______________________ -----------------------------

Use:____ Monte Carlo, when accessing the computer in the Gersh Room

________ Monte Carlo, when accessing the computer in Basement 3

________ Monte Carlo, when delaying the co-intel-pro biometric scanner

________ Saudi Arabia, when hacking the security terminal

________ Saudi Arabia, when hacking the mainframe

________ Romania, when unlocking the prism cases

Assists the user to bypass almost any computer security system. When connected

to any computer port, the modem will analyze the system and provide a

graphical readout of the security protocols in use. Can also remotely beam

data downloaded to operations HQ.

_______________________ -----------------------------

________________________________ Stealth Suit

_______________________ -----------------------------

Use:____ Monte Carlo, when sneaking around in the casino

________ Saudi Arabia, when sneaking around in the museum

________ Romania, when sneaking around in the asylum

________ Hong Kong, when sneaking around in the embassy

Custom issue black neoprene suit with light body armour and additional storage

pockets. Non-reflective coating on fabric renders the wearer virtually

invisible in shadow. Offers protection from cold to temperatures of -15

degrees Celsius.

_______________________ -----------------------------

________________________________ Tracer Serum

_______________________ -----------------------------

Use:____ Monte Carlo, when drugging the driver's drink.

Tasteless, odorless serum with added radioactive isotopes that can be tracked

by satellite. When ingested by a target, the serum can be used to track the

subject, staying traceable in the bloodstream for up to 24 days.