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1 - Tips and Tricks

2 - Case File Walkthrough

2.01 - Terror is Reality

2.02 - Find Katey Zombrex

2.03 - Case File 1-1

2.04 - Case File 1-2

2.05 - Case File 1-3

2.06 - Case File 1-4

2.07 - Case File 2-1

2.08 - Case File 2-2

2.09 - Find Katey Zombrex, pt. 2

2.10 - Case File 3-1

2.11 - Case File 3-2

2.12 - Case File 4-1

2.13 - Find Katey Zombrex, pt. 3

2.14 - Case File 5-1

2.15 - Case File 5-2

2.16 - Find Katey Zombrex, pt. 4

2.17 - Case File 6-1

2.18 - Case File 6-2

2.19 - Case File 6-3

2.20 - Case File 6-4

2.21 - Case File 7-1

2.22 - Case File 7-2

2.23 - Case File 7-3

2.24 - The Facts

2.25 - Overtime Mode

3 - Side Missions

3.1 - Day One

3.2 - Day Two

3.3 - Day Three

3.4 - Day Four

4 - Combo Weapons


1. Tips and Tricks


Exploring the City


Fortune City is a pretty damn huge place and it isn't easy to get around even

without all of the zombies mucking up the place. There are a number of ways to

make navigating the city all the easier and you're going to want to look into

that as soon as possible.

To speed up your ability to move around the city:

- Quick Step: Combine Wine and pretty much anything else in a blender.

- Skateboards: These can be picked up from any sporting store.

- Vehicles: The most useful of them is probably the dirt bike which is gotten

by completing the "Meet the Contestants" side quest.

Of the three methods to speed up your movement the most reliable is probably

Quick Step. Skateboards break too easily if you hit any zombies along the way

which can leave you stranded. Vehicles are only useful if you buy the car keys

(which range from $1,000,000 to $5,000,000 in cost). The Quick Step is easily

made and it gives you a health boost to boot so this is the one you'll want to

stick with for getting around.

Another way to make getting around faster (read safer) is to find a pushable

object. Whether it's a bin or wheelchair you are almost immune to zombie grabs

while pushing something. Since you can find a wheelchair after almost any

screen transition you will be able to grab it as soon as you arrive and sprint

off to another portion of the mall.

Lastly over time you will unlock shortcuts to get to around the city with ease.

Shortcut 1: This one is always available. Instead of going through the various

casinos to reach Palisades Mall head to the Silver Strip. Go to the

Hot Excitorama shop and take the back door to reach a maintenance

room as well as a back entrance to the Palisades Mall.

Shortcut 2: You must complete the "Wilted Flower" and "Linette's Passage" to

unlock a shortcut between Royal Flush Plaza's restroom (1st floor)

and the Palisades Mall second floor clothing store "Brand New U".

Shotrcut 3: Once you have access to the underground tunnels you can use these

to travel to any of the other casinos with only a short drive. Just

hop into a vehicle and ride over to the casino you're looking for.

Be careful as hitting the zombies will destroy vehicles eventually.


Leveling Up


Of course the best way to level up in the game is to actually play the game.

Rescuing survivors and completing the Case Files will get you pretty large

amounts of experience. If you head to the Fortune City Arena security room you

can grab a book, "Rescue", that will give you 25% extra PP from any activity

related to other survivors. This includes bringing Katey gifts and, most

importantly rescuing survivors.

If you don't want to play the quests then the other way to level up is to give

gifts to Katey. Most of these can be picked up in Royal Flush Plaza so just

fill up your inventory with a bunch of the items and then grab a giant stuffed

animal. Take these back to Katey and watch your PP score inflate. You can give

her the following items:

- Bag of Marbles (gotten from any toy store)

- Beach Ball (gotten from toy stores and watery areas)

- Funny Painting (bought during the "Art Appreciation" side quest)

- Giant Stuffed Bull (check Children's Castle in Royal Flush Plaza)

- Giant Stuffed Donkey (check Small Fry Duds in Royal Flush Plaza)

- Giant Stuffed Elephant (check Stylin' Toddlers in Royal Flush Plaza)

- Giant Stuffed Rabbit (check Lombardi's in the Food Court)

- Robot Bear (check Astonishing Illusions in Royal Flush Plaza)

- Snowflake (Another survivor you can rescue from Yucatan Casino)

- Stick Pony (check Ye Olde Toybox in Royal Flush Plaza)

- Watergun (search any watery area or the Palisades Mall toy store)

If that isn't cutting it for you then try to advance the storyline a bit. Grab

a Blambow or two as well as a few Spiked Bats. Now focus on completing the Case

Files until you complete Case 2-2 which leaves you in the underground. Pick up

the Blast Frequency Gun from down here (see item chart for information), head

over to Tunemakers in Royal Flush Plaza and combine it with an Amplifier. Take

the Super B.F.G. and find a few crowds of zombies. Only shoot this when you can

hit about 30 - 40 zombies to really rake in the experience.




Fighting the zombie hordes in Dead Rising can be a huge pain in the butt until

you've leveled up a good bit. You're going to always want to keep a few good

melee weapons on hand to deal with the hordes, namely a Spiked Bat or two and a

Pole Weapon. The Spiked Bat will handle your crowd control needs while the Pole

Weapon has great range for killing them off. Once you get the Combo Card for

the Pole Weapon it gets infinitely better at handling crowds as well. It's only

real drawback is its lack of endurance before snapping.

When dealing with the zombies you need to be careful. They're a whole lot more

grabby than they were in the first game. If you so much as come within arms

reach of them when they're facing Chucks direction then you're almost certainly

going to get grabbed. What you will want to do is try to move towards the gaps

in the zombie hordes, threading the needle repeatedly and using the Spiked Bat

to clear a path when none presents itself.

This is pretty easy to do during the day but at night the zombies get more

aggressive and are going to be quite a bit harder to avoid. This is the point

where you will want to avoid the enemies entirely when possible. In addition at

a certain point in the game the zombies get far more aggressive and powerful.

From this point forward you will no longer want to even try to engage enemies,

stick to using your ranged weapons when necessary or just knock them away with

a Spiked Bat to buy yourself some space.

Fending off psychopaths is going to require a different touch. Almost all of

these guys are going to take an ungodly amount of damage to bring down. They're

also quite capable of fighting you off in melee or at a range. Honestly most of

the time you're fighting them you'll end up in a battle of attrition where you

try to damage them faster than they damage you. Bring your best melee weapons,

an LMG (or several shotguns) as well as a number of healing items and be ready

to brawl.

*NOTE: There is an AI trick you can use to take out most of the psychopaths

with ease. Stand just behind a pillar or wall with just a bit of your body

exposed. Now use the fact that Chuck aims to the right to your advantage and

shoot around the wall at the target. They will not be able to hit you like this

since they aim for center mass while you can keep plucking away at their health

with impunity. Take note that some bosses will wise up and try to move around

to avoid beign exploited like this but just keep moving around your cover and

that won't be an issue.




Managing your inventory can be quite a pain in the butt early on in the game.

Early on will generally want to stick with a Spiked Bat, some form of Ranged

weapon and then a healing item or two. If you're accurate then the bow can be

used to one shot kill zombies via headshots but otherwise you can get an LMG

from a number of places in the Fortune City.

One of the main things you'll want to keep on hand at all times is some form of

massive healing item. Wine is always a great choice since it heals five full

health boxes. The only items that heal you any better are Steak and Lobster

which heal six boxes but these aren't exactly the most common items. An easier

to get item you might want to hold onto if you can't get Wine is the Coffee

Creamer, gotten from the drink bar in The Dark Bean in Royal Flush Plaza.

A highly preferred item to keep in your inventory is a Pain Killer. This mixed

drink is gotten by combining two Vodka's, two Whiskey's or some combination or

those two put together. Not only will it heal you six blocks of health but it

also reduces the damage you take for a short time. This is immensely useful

against any psychopath that is causing you difficulty.

When you start getting a larger inventory from leveling up you can keep other

stuff on hand. Keeping extra melee weapons on hand, such as Knife Gloves, or a

wider variety of guns (a shotgun always helps) will help you out greatly. Also

it's a great idea to keep some Quick Step mixed drinks on hand to help you move

around the areas at high speed as well as to keep a few Queens for helping

clear out zombie hordes.


2. Case File Walkthrough


If you've played Dead Rising: Case Zero then you will can start off at level

five, have a solid $10,000 on hand and the Combo Cards you got back there. But

if you haven't then you're at something at a disadvantage.


2.01 - Terror is Reality


The game opens up with Chuck participating in the "Terror is Reality" show. You

have to ride his dirt bike, complete with chainsaws on the handlebars, around

the arena killing as many of the zombies as possible. You don't have to win

this but if you do then you're going to start off with a nice bundle of money

to your name so lets do this right.

*NOTE: The bike controls rather simply: RT / R2 will get you moving while the

LT / L2 will act as a brake. When nearing the end of the arena tap on the brake

while turning to power slide, quickly turning back towards the zombie masses.

As soon as the event starts power straight into the thickest group of zombies

that you see. While doing this be on the lookout for a large piston to drop

down from the ceiling, depositing more zombies. Near the ends of the arena they

will drop down zombies with pink balloons on their head. Aim for these zombies,

plowing through as many of them as possible on every pass. These zombies give

you a serious point boost whenever you kill one and are the key to victory. The

player who kills the most of these guys is the one who will win the event.

If you won then you get a nice chunk of money to start your day, otherwise it's

likely to be that jerk Leon who wins. Once that's over you have a bunch of

cutscene goodness to sit through before the proverbial fecal matter impacts the

oscillating object.

Making your way through the hallways is tough if you're at a low level. The

problem is that you have almost no weapons beyond what you can improvise. Use

anything you can get your hands on as a tool and otherwise avoid the enemies.

When you reach the room Katey is in another cutscene will play and you have to

carry her out of the arena. This, ironically enough, is simpler than doing it

on your own since Chuck seems to move a bit faster and be harder to grab with a

person in his arms.

Once you exit the arena it's time for oodles of cutscenes so sit back and enjoy

the show. When all is said and done you're inside a safe house and can save

your game after that whole mess. From here you can make your way out into the

world at large to find Katey some Zombrex since that's the first thing that

you have to do.


2.02 - Find Katey Zombrex


Available: Must complete between 7am and 8am on Day 1.

Over the course of the game you're going to need to find Katey four doses of

Zombrex. There are numerous doses hidden around Fortune City but this first

mission actually takes you to a pharmacy to pick up some medicine. This is the

last time you'll be told where to look for the Zombrex so don't get used to it.

Before heading that way make sure you have a few weapons on hand. Sledgehammers

or fire axes will be perfect offense and getting some coffee creamer from The

Dark Bean to keep you alive. When you get to the pharmacy a cutscene will play

showing a pharmacist being attacked by a bunch of Looters.

Obviously these guys aren't going to just hand over the Zombrex so you'll need

to beat their faces in. They aren't very tough, taking only about three hits of

the hammer before going down for good. Try to take a swing, walk away to get

some space and avoid their attacks and then swing again when they close in. Try

not to more than two of them attack you at once or you'll get overwhelmed.

Once the three of them have fallen Chuck picks up the pharmacy key from their

bodies. Hop over the counter, open the back door and grab the Zombrex from the

desk. Denyce can be recruited and brought back to the safe house for a nice

chunk of PP and this is something you should always do. Even if you don't want

to spend your time rescuing survivors always grab the ones you get from doing

other quests and let them follow you around as they give you PP just by joining

up, are not likely to die and if you get them back you get appreciable PP.

Return to the safe house with Denyce in tow for your PP boost and give the

Zombrex to Katey. This prompts the Case Files to start up.


2.03 - Case File 1-1


Available: Automatic

Chuck is being framed for causing the explosion that started the Fortune City

infestation. We have our plot people! Chuck is now going to have to clear his

name before the military arrives or face summary shooting in the face for what

"he" did in the city. First things first is finding this Rebecca Chang lady.


2.04 - Case File 1-2


Available: Ends 5pm on Day 1.

Rebecca Chang is currently hiding out in the Fortune City Hotel, located across

Fortune Park to the south. It's easy to overlook the hotel on the map as it's

just one small area that's attached to the South Plaza. Make sure you've got at

least two Spiked Bats on hand and sprint across Fortune Park to the hotel.

* NOTE: One Spiked Bat can always be made in the maintenance room outside of

the safe house. Another can be gotten by searching the boiler room that has the

entrance to said safe house - the bat is on the floor by the stairs and some

nails can be found inside of a box there.

Upon arriving at the hotel you will speak to Ms. Chang. Chuck convinces her to

help him out even if she doesn't necessarily believe that he isn't guilty. She

is willing to take you to the security room at the arena to try and get a look

at the original copy of the video she showed on the news.


2.05 - Case File 1-3


Available: Ends 5pm on Day 1.

Rebecca will lead you to the Fortune City Arena security room so that you can

try to find the truth about the start of the outbreak. You don't need to worry

about her as she's basically immune to zombie grabs so just focus instead on

staying close to her and following her through South Plaza. Whenever she is

forced to stop moving she's really good with that handgun of hers so you still

don't have to stop worrying.

During the early parts of the run she stops by a bathroom for you to... rest up

and save the game. Do so before continuing on. This isn't a terribly hard trip

so long as you avoid running face first into the zombies just because she did

it and didn't get chomped on. If possible jump up onto the scaffolding, running

across it to keep pace with her.

Things get thick when you reach the arena lobby. There are an almost laughably

huge number of zombies here so you'll need to use that bat to clear a path so

that you don't lose track of Rebecca. Luckily the security room isn't too far

away from where you enter the arena. Upon arrival it seems that things have

been kind of bad there as well but at least Rebecca is willing to buy into the

fact that something fishy is going on.

Unfortunately you won't get to celebrate for very long. It seems that there's

an issue at the safe house. Rebecca can make her own way back to the safe house

so you're on your own.


2.06 - Case File 1-4


Available: Ends 5pm on Day 1.

All this Case File asks of you is that you return to the safe house to speak

with Sullivan about what's going on. He's quite angry that Chuck is apparently

the one who caused the Fortune City outbreak and wants to throw him and Katye

out of the room. Sounds fairly reasonable... except for the whole throwing out

a little girl part. Chuck talks him down in a cutscene which allows you to go

back to business as usual. You now have plenty of free time until 7:30pm.


2.07 - Case File 2-1


Available: Between 7:30pm and 8:30pm on Day 1.

Return to the safe house security room during the required time to start up a

cutscene. It seems that T.K., the loudmouth host of "Terror is Reality" is up

to no good around the city. He's doing something funny in the tunnels under

Palisades Mall and Chuck is going to have to head on down to investigate. We're

off to explore the tunnels!


2.08 - Case File 2-2


Available: Ends 5:30am on Day 2.

This is going to be your first really hard mission to complete so you'll want

to be prepared. If you don't have any good healing items grab some coffee

creamer from The Dark Bean or near the huge six sided dice. You'll also want to

have a few strong melee weapons so try to have at least two Spiked Bats.

With all those preparations complete it's time to make your way over to the

Palisades Mall. Along the way to the destination stop at the central grotto bar

and grab some vodka and the hidden LMG. The LMG is found by going to the top of

the grotto where the slide is. Walk down the slide until you see the LMG in the

grass near the slide. Hop over, grab it and continue to the underground access.

When you enter the underground you will want to use the bathroom here to save

the game. This next part can be tricky and it might require a reload or two to

complete. With that done head forward to start up some cutscenes showing T.K.

and some mercenaries up to something.

When the talking ends you'll be attacked by some mercenaries. These guys are

kind of slow on the shot, taking awhile to aim at you before actually taking a

shot. Even when they do start shooting their attacks don't do too much damage

to Chuck - an entire burst does only one block of health. Try to stay out of

sight so you can sneak up on them easier, pop out and then bludgeon them about

the face area with your Spiked Bat.

*NOTE: The Merc Assault Rifle that they use is pretty worthless. It's fairly

weak, has a small clip and is just a stripped down version of the LMG. Unless

you forgot to grab the LMG don't bother with their guns. You'll want a ranged

weapon for the next part so be sure to have at least one gun on hand.

After the lot of them have gone down Chuck will commandeer a bike from one of

the mercs. You'll have to pursue the train that T.K. is fleeing in through the

tunnels. As you ride your bike through the tunnels there are zombies in your

way, slowing you down, and the mercs are going to alternate between shooting at

you and throwing debris to slow you down. All of this is going to slow you down

as you desperately try to catch up to the thing.

To catch the train you're going to need to avoid the debris and zombies while

not going too fast. If you catch up to the train you're going to get hurt by

gunfire and if you try to go up one of the ramps on the side of the tunnel too

fast you'll hit the ceiling and lose all speed.

Try to tap on the brakes when it looks like you're catching up to the train and

stick to one side of the tunnel. What you want to do is to use the ramps along

the side of the tunnel to get you high enough that you can drive the bike onto

the train itself. Of course you've got the mercs throwing crap at you, junk

sitting on the rails and ramps you can drive over to contend with. Now you can

just use the debris ramps in the middle of the train tracks to leap onto the

train or drive up the ramps on the side of the tunnel to go into the air and

land on the train but that's risky. Don't take risks here, just be fast but

careful and this won't be too hard.

*NOTE: If you take too long to do this then just reload. After you land on the

train you still have some combat to do and then you have to get back to the

safe house to give Katey her Zombrex... if you've even gotten a dose already.

That's not even thinking about any side quests that might be open. Reload the

game, fight the mercs and then try the racing segment again.

Once you've boarded the train you have completed the hardest part of the case.

All that's left is to fight through a slew of mercenaries to get to the front

of the train where T.K. is hiding. If you have the time to spare then you can

move slowly if you like, shooting at enemies with your LMG to take them down

from a distance. Generally speaking it's a whole lot easier to charge forward

with your spiked bat and just beat their faces in.

Near the front of the train more cutscenes will ensue before releasing you to

your own devices for a bit.


2.09 - Find Katey Zombrex, pt. 2


Available: Must complete between 7am and 8am on Day 2.

From this point forward you're going to have to locate Zombrex around the city.

There are three seperate ways to get your hands on the wonder drug. First you

can always buy it at a pawn shop for $25,000 but this is pretty inefficient if

you're planning on using your money for anything else. You'll want to either

get your Zombrex by completing side quests or finding hidden boxes around the

various Fortune City locations.

A list of these locations and side quests is below:

Zombrex Locations

Americana Casino - Go to Benny Jack's BBQ Shack in the food court. Head up to

the second floor and then carefully leap your way to the

stash up here. Don't forget the money!

Slot Ranch Casino - Climb up onto the crates behind the northern stage. From

here you should be able to see it.

Yucatan Casino - In the center of the casino, on top of the Lucky Marbles slot

machine game. You can see it near an LMG up here.

Underground - Search in the tunnels near the southern maintenance room near the

Secret Lab entrance.

Zombrex giving side quests:

Code Blue - Available between 10pm on Day 1 to 7am on Day 2. This is just a

plain old survivor escort. Get him back to the safe house where he

will give you the dose.

Demand and Supply - Must complete "Code Blue" to unlock this one. Available

between 9pm Day 3 to 1am Day 4. Bring Sven whiskey or vodka

to get this dose from him.

Hunger Pains - Available from 2am to 10am on Day 3. You must bring Richard some

food before escorting him back to the safe room. Once you've

arrived he will give you the Zombrex.

Mail Order Zombrex - Available from 11pm on Day Day to 2pm on Day 3. This is

one of the harder doses to get since it requires you to

fight a psychopath. You get it once he has been defeated.

Through the entire game you only need four doses of Zombrex for Katey, one for

another character to access Overtime Mode and only two more for survivors. That

is a total of seven doses of Zombrex to be used with eight to be found around

the mall, not counting ones that can be purchased. That makes this pretty easy

to fulfill so long as you just keep picking up Zombrex when you have some time.


2.10 - Case File 3-1


Available: Must complete between 10am and 11am on Day 2.

Make your way back to the safe room to find that T.K. is still up to no good

around Fortune City. A number of mercenary squads have deployed to various

locations around the city, looting the vaults of money. Whatever T.K. might

want the money for Chuck certainly isn't going to let them just have it. It's

up to you to stop them from drilling into the money vaults.


2.11 - Case File 3-2


Available: Ends at 9pm on Day 2.

This isn't an especially complicated mission. The mercenaries have deployed to

each of the various casinos around the city, trying to drill into the vaults.

It's up to you to get there, kill the mercenaries and destroy the drills that

are trying to open up the vault. What complicates this mission is the timer on

the various cases - if you don't come into this with a good deal of time on

the clock then getting to the various vaults on time can be trouble.

What you need to do is have a plan when working on this. The Mercenaries come

in some pretty dangerous numbers, especially if they happen to catch you in a

crossfire. Spiked Bats or Knife Gloves are incredibly fatal to them but it can

be tricky to get in close to them when they're coming at you in numbers. On the

other hand the LMG or shotgun don't really kill them quickly but you can often

hide behind some cover while taking them down one at a time.

No matter how you choose to handle the lot of them it's best to bring a bunch

of healing items along with you. If you can bring a melee weapon or two as well

as a ranged weapon then you'll be in pretty good shape for this one.

Go for the Americana Casino first as that's the easiest one to clear out. When

you follow the guide arrow it will take you to the casino security room where

the vault is located. Just outside you will hear the mercenaries shooting down

the zombies so try to use that as your cover to get in close. Take out the mercenaries hanging out outside before going into the security room to drop the

rest of them. Once you've defeated the last one it's time to destroy the power

drill that's boring into the vault. This is easily done with the sledgehammer

or another massively powerful weapon (the Defiler for example).

This is the same routine you're going to have to perform twice more in each of

the other casinos. Your next destination is the Slot Ranch Casino and from

there on to the Yucatan Casino. In each of these locations you've got more and

more mercs to deal with as they're reinforced but it doesn't get all that much

harder. Well it doesn't until you've handled all three vault drills, then it

can get a bit dicey.

*NOTE: If for some strange reason you are carrying around a Super B.F.G. then

it will make laughably short work of these mercenaries. If you're running low

on time then it's also a great time saver.

After you've taken out all three of the mercenary bands you still have one last

thing to do. It seems that the mercs have slammed an armored van into the wall

leading to the Atlantica Casino. Now we have a new toy to trash! Make your way

to that location to find a whole slew of mercenaries guarding the van. If you

have an explosive like the Blambow then you can thin out the mercs with ease.

However you do it cut through the enemies until it's just you and the van. Bust

that up with whatever is on hand to finally finish this fairly lengthy mission.


2.12 - Case File 4-1


Available: Ends at 3am on Day 3.

It's time to meet up with Rebecca's sources to find out what the hell is going

on in Fortune City. You need to meet her at the Shoal Nightclub in the Yucatan

Casino at around 11pm. Try to be in the area, fully stocked, by 10:30pm so

that there's time to save, kill the zombies in the corridor and handle the boss

fight immediately. This will give you a whole lot of time to complete any side

missions or find hidden Zombrex stashes before anything else comes up.

For this mission you'll want a couple of melee weapons, like Spiked Bats and

Knife Gloves, a number of healing items, like coffee creamer, and at least one

Energizer mixed drink. The damage reduction on the Pain Killer isn't too useful

here as the targets hit you repeatedly for very light damage, something that

the Pain Killer can't help you with.

Once you enter Shaol you're going to see a really bad situation - Rebecca is

being molested / held hostage by one of the two TiR twin hostesses. Oh and they

are apparently both ninja assassins who carry around katana and wakazashi.

This is an incredibly tough fight as the two girls are crazy fast; they sprint

all over the place just out of sight, before charging in with acrobatic flips

to cut you to ribbons with their sword. The huge threat with this fight is that

the girls, unlike most other psychopaths with multi-hit combos, can do damage

with each and every sword strike. Plus they're both attacking you at the same

time. This means that you can take two, three or even four damage from a single

attack by the two girls. Then they'll run off behind the scenes to shift around

a bit before running out to attack you again.

The best way to fight these two is by focusing on evasion first. When they come

in to attack you use a dodge roll at the last moment to avoid as much of their

attacks as possible. Then open up on them with your best attacks, be it with a

Spiked Bat or, preferably, Knife Gloves. As powerful as these girls are they're

not exactly chock full of health. A few good combos with the Knife Gloves will

tear through their health.

But here is the good news! You only need to worry about taking out one of them.

Single out one of the girls and shear her face off with your gloves. It won't

take much more than four good combos to put her down (depending on your level)

and once the first one falls down the battle is over.

Be sure to grab the unique katana weapons that they drop as these are pretty

good weapons and this is the only chance you have to grab them.


2.13 - Find Katey Zombrex, pt. 3


Available: Must complete between 7am to 8am on Day 3.

From this point forward you're going to have to locate Zombrex around the city.

There are three seperate ways to get your hands on the wonder drug. First you

can always buy it at a pawn shop for $25,000 but this is pretty inefficient if

you're planning on using your money for anything else. You'll want to either

get your Zombrex by completing side quests or finding hidden boxes around the

various Fortune City locations.

A list of these locations and side quests is below:

Zombrex Locations

Americana Casino - Go to Benny Jack's BBQ Shack in the food court. Head up to

the second floor and then carefully leap your way to the

stash up here. Don't forget the money!

Slot Ranch Casino - Climb up onto the crates behind the northern stage. From

here you should be able to see it.

Yucatan Casino - In the center of the casino, on top of the Lucky Marbles slot

machine game. You can see it near an LMG up here.

Underground - Search in the tunnels near the southern maintenance room near the

Secret Lab entrance.

Zombrex giving side quests:

Code Blue - Available between 10pm on Day 1 to 7am on Day 2. This is just a

plain old survivor escort. Get him back to the safe house where he

will give you the dose.

Demand and Supply - Must complete "Code Blue" to unlock this one. Available

between 9pm Day 3 to 1am Day 4. Bring Sven whiskey or vodka

to get this dose from him.

Hunger Pains - Available from 2am to 10am on Day 3. You must bring Richard some

food before escorting him back to the safe room. Once you've

arrived he will give you the Zombrex.

Mail Order Zombrex - Available from 11pm on Day Day to 2pm on Day 3. This is

one of the harder doses to get since it requires you to

fight a psychopath. You get it once he has been defeated.

Through the entire game you only need four doses of Zombrex for Katey, one for

another character to access Overtime Mode and only two more for survivors. That

is a total of seven doses of Zombrex to be used with eight to be found around

the mall, not counting ones that can be purchased. That makes this pretty easy

to fulfill so long as you just keep picking up Zombrex when you have some time.


2.14 - Case File 5-1


Available: Ends on 8pm on Day 3.

At this point we're going to have to find this helicopter that T.K. is planning

on escaping in. You'll need to use the safe house elevator to reach the roof

at some point between 7pm and 8pm to meet Rebecca and spot that chopper. When

you get there Chuck spots T.K.'s chopper setting down on the Fortune City

Hotel roof. Now we know our next destination so it's time to get a move on.


2.15 - Case File 5-2


Available: Ends on 4am on Day 4.

Now you get to absolutely wreck T.K.'s escape chopper. Head on over to the

Fortune City Hotel, mixing up a bunch of Quick Steps, Pain Killers and / or

Energizers on the way. You're likely going to be taking a whole lot of damage

from the boss fight that's about to ensue. Don't worry about weapons really as

this fight requires some alternative methods to win.

When you arrive at the Hotel you'll find a bunch of mercenaries looking kind of

over dressed as they gun down zombies. Run over and pummel the living crap out

of them with your Spiked Bat. After killing the last of the mercs the left

elevator doors will open with one final merc inside of it. Take him out before

using said elevator to make your way up to the roof.

Up here Chuck finds T.K. taking off in a helicopter with some of his goons. He

manages to restrain them by hooking a crane winch onto the chopper but they're

not going to go down quietly. You're going to have to use some nearby stuff to

take down that helicopter.

The developers must have realized that letting you use a gun to take down the

helicopter would be too easy. So instead of that you're going to have to pick

up stuff off the helicopter pad and throw it at the chopper while it's being

restrained by the winch. As soon as the fight starts pick up one of the nearby

spot lights and throw it at the chopper. Since your thrown weapons arc through

the air aim above the chopper so that it comes down on top of it.

You'll have to move quickly because after being restrained for a bit the crane

will unlock from its position, allowing the chopper to move. It then proceeds

to fly across the helipad twice, once going each direction. As it does so you

are in a lot of danger because the winch cable can easily clothesline you if

you're close to the crane and the chopper itself can hit you if you're further

away from it. After two passes the gunner will try to strafe your position with

his gatling gun so you'll need to move a third time to avoid that.

Avoiding these attacks is easy if you have the dodge roll. Frankly if you don't

have the dodge roll you probably shouldn't even bother trying to do this fight.

It's possible to win just by running to the far sides of the room but you put

yourself in prime position to be shot up by the gunner and you're also far out

of position to reactivate the winch lock when it reactivates.

Try to pick up a spot light after dodging the gunner and then run over to the

crane and activate it. Fling the spot light at the chopper and then be ready to

repeat the process. It's quite hard to land more than one hit on the thing so

don't really even bother, stay defensive and mobile instead.

Keep on avoiding his attacks and eventually you will bring down the chopper.

T.K. manages to survive this but Chuck and Rebecca bring him back to the safe

house in an attempt to clear Chucks name.


2.16 - Find Katey Zombrex, pt. 4


Available: Must complete between 7am and 8am on Day 4.

From this point forward you're going to have to locate Zombrex around the city.

There are three seperate ways to get your hands on the wonder drug. First you

can always buy it at a pawn shop for $25,000 but this is pretty inefficient if

you're planning on using your money for anything else. You'll want to either

get your Zombrex by completing side quests or finding hidden boxes around the

various Fortune City locations.

A list of these locations and side quests is below:

Zombrex Locations

Americana Casino - Go to Benny Jack's BBQ Shack in the food court. Head up to

the second floor and then carefully leap your way to the

stash up here. Don't forget the money!

Slot Ranch Casino - Climb up onto the crates behind the northern stage. From

here you should be able to see it.

Yucatan Casino - In the center of the casino, on top of the Lucky Marbles slot

machine game. You can see it near an LMG up here.

Underground - Search in the tunnels near the southern maintenance room near the

Secret Lab entrance.

Zombrex giving side quests:

Code Blue - Available between 10pm on Day 1 to 7am on Day 2. This is just a

plain old survivor escort. Get him back to the safe house where he

will give you the dose.

Demand and Supply - Must complete "Code Blue" to unlock this one. Available

between 9pm Day 3 to 1am Day 4. Bring Sven whiskey or vodka

to get this dose from him.

Hunger Pains - Available from 2am to 10am on Day 3. You must bring Richard some

food before escorting him back to the safe room. Once you've

arrived he will give you the Zombrex.

Mail Order Zombrex - Available from 11pm on Day Day to 2pm on Day 3. This is

one of the harder doses to get since it requires you to

fight a psychopath. You get it once he has been defeated.

Through the entire game you only need four doses of Zombrex for Katey, one for

another character to access Overtime Mode and only two more for survivors. That

is a total of seven doses of Zombrex to be used with eight to be found around

the mall, not counting ones that can be purchased. That makes this pretty easy

to fulfill so long as you just keep picking up Zombrex when you have some time.


2.17 - Case File 6-1


Available: This case is available from 9am to 10pm on Day 4.

All you have to do to complete this case is arrive in the safe house security

room on time. Chuck, Stacey and Sullivan all watch the security monitors as the

military comes rolling into town. They begin to effortlessly gun down any

zombies in their path. Until they're attacked by some weird new zombies that

get hyper aggressive and much stronger when exposed to this odd green gas.

If that's not bad enough news Rebecca has gone running off into the green fog

in an attempt to flee the "gas zombies" on her tail. You have to rescue her!


2.18 - Case File 6-2


Available: This case ends at 5pm on Day 4.

This probably isn't quite what you're expecting to be doing right about now but

it wouldn't be a Dead Rising game without battling the military. Rebecca is now

being held hostage by the final military survivor, one Sgt. Dwight Boykin. You

need to make your way to the underground tunnel area that he's holed up in. Try

to have at least an LMG on hand as well as a Spiked Bat or Knife Gloves. Don't

forget to have a whole bunch of healing items.

There are a few different ways to reach his location but probably the most

reliable is to go grab Chucks bike, slap some chainsaws onto it and speed off

into the tunnels. You can now get down into them the same way that Boykin did

as he has knocked open a hole in the gate that allows entry to the underground.

Don't just ram every zombie in your path as your bike might break before you

actually get there - there are a ton of zombies, especially gas zombies, so you

want that bike to last you the whole way.

When you arrive you will notice that the zombies have thinned out. Enter the

small arena type area to start up a cutscene showing the Sergeants insanity.

Boykin is immensely dangerous if you don't handle him properly. From a range he

will shoot at you with an assault rifle that knocks you down pretty easily. If

you get too close he can knock you down with his rifle, shoot you while you're

on the ground and then pick you up, tossing you away. Should you try to stay

behind cover for too long he'll fling a grenade at you to flush you out.

While all of this adds up to a fairly hard enemy he has a few moments of

weakness that you can exploit. There are a few times when he becomes completely

vulnerable to reprisal so keep your eyes open for these. Every now and again

Dwight will freak out, run to the rear of the area and start shooting his rifle

like Rambo. As he's spraying the room you can run up on him and whack him a few

times. In addition he will also yell out that he needs ammo which is your clue

to run after him and start attacking him as he kneels down to refill.

Fighting him is actually a fairly simple matter even without these vulnerable

moments. Dwight is very vulnerable to the corner angle trick (where you stand

so that you're just sticking out from behind a wall while using it for cover).

This means that you can unload on him using LMG bursts and sniper rifle shots.

Eventually he will flush you out so be ready to run for more cover when he gets

an angle to shoot at you or he gets too close for comfort.

The trick to this fight is that no matter how hard Dwight is there are plenty

of hiding places. So long as you get behind cover to heal up whenever you lose

too much health then there's little to no chance of you dying. Eventually Chuck

can whittle down the lunatic until he finally falls.

Sadly you're not out of the woodwork just yet. Now you need to get Rebecca back

to the safe house. Correction, you need to carry her back to the safe house. It

would be hard to do normally but with all of the super gas zombies running

around you're going to need to think fast. Make your way for the nearest exit

from the tunnels, heading for the nearest staircase back up into the mall. You

can head for the secret tunnel from Palisades Mall to Royal Flush Plaza to make

your life infinitely easier. Whatever you do don't take the route outside or...

well you're taking Chucks life into your hands.

Upon arriving back at the safehouse you have some more cutscenes to watch.


2.19 - Case File 6-3


Available: This case ends at 5pm on Day 4.

While Stacey, Chuck and Rebecca talk about what's been going on in the city

they get a rather rude surprise: zombies have somehow made their way into the

safe house. If Chuck is going to protect his daughter and the other survivors

then he's going to have to think fast.


2.20 - Case File 6-4


Available: This case ends at 5pm on Day 4.

The safe house has been breached and you're going to have to find some items

Chuck can use to hack the panel. Doing this will seal the door to finally stop

the zombie invasion. Unfortunately until you do this the zombies are pouring in

and you're going to have to shove through them to get to the items you need.

Getting the three items isn't actually all that difficult since the guide arrow

will point you right to them as they sit out in the open. What makes this hard

is that the corridors are very narrow and they're absolutely flooded with tons

of normal zombies. If you have any Queens now is a great time use them to clear

a path through the horde. It's actually possible to find more of them from the

zombies you're killing, especially the ones near the cafeteria.

Pick up the items when you find them and bring them to the destroyed panel. As

you put them down the game will pop up a message to inform you that you placed

them in the right spot. Place all three items to seal the doors and save the

safe house from the horde.


2.21 - Case File 7-1



Time for more talking! Chuck decides to go check out the underground tunnels to

find out the source of the strange gas flooding the mall. It doesn't sound like

a great idea but hey, that's not about to stop Chuck. Onward!

Also in the wake of the zombie infestation T.K. has been bitten by a zombie. He

needs a dose of Zombrex to avoid changing so if you're going for the best/true

ending then you need to give it to him. While it might be against your morals

to save this evil s.o.b. you'll need to do so to get to Overtime Mode.


2.22 - Case File 7-2


Available: This case will end on 12am on Day 5.

To get to the bottom of this (wah-wah-wah) Chuck needs to head down into the

maintenance tunnels under Fortune City. Getting down there is actually the hard

part. You can either install some chainsaws on your bike and ride off into the

tunnels or just enter said tunnels and use the little karts to get around. It's

obvious when you're in the right area since all of the zombies will be walking

in one direction and kind of ignoring you.

There is a control panel on the right side of the door that opens the way for

you and the zombie horde that is strangely ignoring you. Inside of the room a

cutscene plays giving you a bit of a clue as to what's going on here. When that

ends the mercenaries will be shooting at you so head to your left, up the

stairs, to get up to them. Use your Spiked Bat or Knife gloves to wipe them out

before heading further inside.

Passing through the tunnel you will come across two scientists talking about

the gas and its effects. When they finally notice Chuck you get to bash their

faces in with the weapon of your choice as they're rather pathetically easy.

Upon taking them out Chuck grabs one of their laptops and then it's time to

hoof it back to the safe house.

Leave the room and go straight down the tunnel to find an elevator. Use this to

emerge in the Palisades Mall. Since you're right there head upstairs and take

the secret tunnel back to Royal Flush Plaza to make this a really short trip.


2.23 - Case File 7-3


Available: This case ends at 12am on Day 5.

Chuck returns to the safe house with the laptop in hand. They have finally

managed to get to the bottom of this and Rebecca has her story. But as anyone

who has ever seen a horror movie knows just when things look like they're about

to get better they actually get much worse. A somewhat surprising betrayal

occurs and now Chuck has to get revenge before the city is firebombed.


2.24 - The Facts


Available: This case file ends at 12am on Day 5.

All that remains is to stop that betrayer and make sure he is punished for his

crimes. Follow him out of the safe house as well as the maintenance hallway

before you lose track of him. You now have between whenever you started this

until 12am to do whatever you like around the city before taking down the final

boss. This means you've now got a chance to make as many healing items as you

like, grab any weapons you'd want and then finish him off.

A few notes about the final fight: you're going to need a whole lot of health

for this one. Head to the central grotto of the Palisades Mall and make as many

Pain Killers as you can. You will want an LMG, Six-Shooter and / or a Sniper

Rifle to combat this guy. Melee weapons don't really help as he will disarm you

so you're going to be doing this with guns for the most part.

Whenever you're ready make your way over to the Yucatan Casino and follow the

arrow to your destination: an elevator to the roof. Ride it up whenever you're

ready to finish this.

Sullivan is a tough opponent but he isn't an impossible one. If you use a melee

weapon against him he will disarm you and fling you off the platform he's

standing up on. The only way to battle him you're going to need to use either

your hands or guns. The two ways to battle him are either pure ranged or a mix

of hand-to-hand and guns. While you're dealing with trying to hurt him he will

be shooting you or throwing flares to cause the chopper to fire explosives.

*NOTE: The chopper will blow holes in the roof so be careful when moving around

the ground level. It's easy to fall into the lower level and get hurt by some

zombies before getting back to him.

If you want to fight him with your hands then you'll want to have your gun (any

but a handgun or shotgun) at the ready and rush him. Keep using your drop kick

attack whenever you can to chip at his health. If he's not in the middle of a

punch or rolling animation you can actually knock him down. While he's floored

use your gun to shoot him repeatedly until he's back up on his feet. Repeat the

process to take him out in a fairly safe manner.

A safer, and slightly cheesier, way to end this fight is to stay near the

stairs where you came up. Clear the zombies out of this area and use the nearby

stairway doors as cover. Step out to shoot at him, taking cover whenever he

returns fire. So long as you don't shoot while he's rolling you can actually

take him down with just a Six-Shooter and possibly a bit of sniper ammo if you

missed a few shots. Since the chopper can't destroy the ground here you're

totally and completely safe. It's possible to beat him without any damage if

you use this method.


2.25 - Overtime Mode



3. Side Missions


3.1 - Day One


Ted and Snowflake


Time: Immediately

From the very start of the game this mission is available although it's not

suggested that you even attempt it until you've leveled up a bit. Once you're

ready to give it a try it's time to head on over to the Yucatan Casino. Make

sure you've got an LMG, some Spiked Bats and a few good healing items in

preparation for this battle, it's something of a doozy.

*NOTE: Just because this is available early on in the game doesn't mean you are

going to want to do it immediately. This is a mission you never want to do when

you are pressed for time or have survivors with you. Since it isn't on a timer

just go ahead and do it whenever you get around to it.

When you enter the Casino you're subjected to a lengthy cutscene that leaves

you right in the middle of a psychopath fight. Here you must battle Snowflake

the tiger and her handler Ted. Ted is actually incredibly easy to fight if you

are quick but Snowflake greatly complicates matters thanks to being, oh I don't

know, a huge freaking tiger!

Ted has only two attacks to his name: fairly weak handgun attacks and an even

weaker hand-to-hand attack. As soon as the fight starts he will try to go for a

fire axe but if you go straight on the offense then he never picks it up. This

leaves him to be a rather pathetic psychopath. Snowflake on the other hand will

tear you a freaking new one as she swipes you to the ground and occasionally

pounces on your face to chew it off.

If you've got some good healing items you can just take them on face to face.

Snowflake will often run off into the casino proper before attacking which lets

her get distracted by knocking around the zombies. Focus on shooting Ted with

any guns you might have (shotgun or LMG work wonders) or just try to move in

with a Spiked Bat or two. Ted is about as non-threatening as they come so you

can just get right into his face and start swinging.

The more careful way to approach this fight takes a bit more effort. Run inside

of the tigers pen near where you start the fight and jump onto the upper level.

From here you can shoot at Ted while he fires back, doing minimal damage. This

removes Snowflake from the equation entirely, allowing you to shoot him at your


Regardless of how you choose to fight them try not to hurt Snowflake due to

what occurs when you kill Ted.

** Optional Mission - Tame Snowflake: Snowflake can actually be tamed as she is

one of the survivors that you can rescue in the game. Doing so is somewhat

tricky though. You'll need two or three steaks to tame her but early on it can

be tricky to have the weapons to fight Ted, healing items and then have these

on your person so it can be hard to carry all of that.

Instead check the tigers den for some spare steaks lying around. Two of them

are on the upper level while another is on top of a rock in front of it. Grab

these three steaks and then watch out for Snowflake. Once you see where she is

go stand out in the casino just in front of the tiger pen and watch her as she

runs towards you. Before she gets too close throw a steak right in her path to

distract her. If you timed it right then she will veer off to eat the steak. If

not then she's going to pounce on you and eat your face.

Each steak can be used twice and you have to feed Snowflake three times so

there is room for error. If you get too hurt you can even snack on one of the

steaks if necessary. Just try to pick them after she finishes eating since she

usually runs off into the casino. Retreat afterwards, look for her and then go

back out to draw her in again to repeat the process. Do this three times and

she will join you.

Once Snowflake and Ted are taken care of you can head over to the southern VIP

room to find Lenny, the survivor who ran off while you were attacked. Lenny

will turn on all of the slot machines in the Yucatan Casino before you can

escort him and Snowflake back to the safe house for a nice PP bonus. Examine

Snowflake in the security room to present her to Katey as a gift for yet more

PP. This is a great bonus early on in the game.


The Lost Couple


Time: Available from 6:45am to 3:45pm on Day 1.

This is one of the first few missions that are available in the game but it,

ironically enough, doesn't show up as an actual sidequest. For this quest you

need to locate two survivors that are stuck in the initial area of Royal Flush

Plaza. LaShawndra was ditched by her husband Gordon when some zombies attacked

so it's up to you to reunite the pair.

LaShawndra is right outside of the doors you use to leave the maintenance area,

hanging out in The Dark Bean. Speak to her before heading over to Casual Gals

to find her husband hiding behind the counter. Lead the two of them back into

the safe house to get a nice PP boost.


One Man's Trash


Time: Available from 9am on Day 1 until the game ends.

For this sidequest you're basically just going to confirm that there's some

strange activity going on at a Silver Strip shop. It seems that some of the

various Looters have set up shops around Fortune City and are selling their

stolen goods. They're selling a bunch of goods at fairly inflated prices so you

won't want to waste your money there.

The main purpose to these shops is to give you easy access to Zombrex if you

happen to be running behind on time. If you've got a lot of money to spend it's

also possible to buy keys for the various vehicles around Fortune City. Doing

so allows you to use them to quickly moe around the mall areas as well as just

running the heck over all of the zombies in your path. Otherwise take a pass on

these places.




Time: Available from 9am to 10pm on Day 1.

You're informed of a lady in front of the Arena that is handling herself quite

well against the zombie horde. However she's not all there is to this mission:

if you want her to follow you then you're going to have to get her husband.

Chad can be found outside of Dining at Davey's along the Platinum Strip. Speak

to him a few times to get him to follow you before making your way to the

Fortune City Arena. With him in tow Doris will be willing to join up with you.

Take the two of them back to the safe house before moving on.




Time: Available from 10am until 7:30pm on Day 1.

There's a blind old biddy on the second floor of Royal Flush Plaza, inside the

store Children's Castle. She believes that the zombies and Chuck are just

employees who won't help her properly so you'll need to talk to her a few times

to get her to shut up. When she's finished be sure to carry her as she's too

slow otherwise and get her back to the safe house.


Welcome to the Family


Time: Available from 11am to 8pm on Day 1.

This one is tricky since it's in the Palisades Mall and you've likely not gone

there just yet in the story. The quickest way to complete this is to leave

Royal Flush Plaza, sprint towards the Silver Stripe and enter Hot Excitorama.

Go through the back door, through the alley and into the rear entrance of the

Palisades Mall. Doing it this way is a necessity if you haven't finished off

Snowflake and Ted just yet.

From here head all the way to the northeastern part of the first floor to find

these two survivors hiding out in Shanks. You'll need to beat off a whole bunch

of zombies before you can speak to them but once that's done all you need to do

is talk to the two of them to get them to follow you. Bring them back to the

safe house for a decent chunk of PP.


Worker's Compensation


Time: Avaialable from 1pm to 10pm on Day 1.

Before heading towards this mission you'll want to make sure you have at least

one open inventory slot. The reason for this is you'll want to bare-handed when

you meet the two survivors. Make your way over to the Americana Casino where

these two schmucks are located and follow it to their location.

When you find the two casino employees barricaded up near some slot machines

the man, Stuart, will actually attack you. It seems that he believes the casino

owes him money so he's going to steal it from the slot machines. Without any

reason to do so he assumes Chuck is there to stop him so he attacks. This guys

an idiot of the highest caliber but that doens't mean you want to kill him.

Instead unequip your weapons and go after him with your bare hands. You'll have

to smack some sense into him to get him to stop attacking like an idiot. Once

he stops swinging Chuck can finally talk some sense into him and he will join

you. When he's stopped you can then speak to his female companion, Brittany,

to have the two of them following you.

You'll want to complete the Lush-ious Lady mission while you're here as it's

just a short walk away from these two.


Lush-ious Lady


Time: Available from 2pm on Day 1 until 2:30am on Day 2.

In the security room of the Americana Casino a seriously drunken showgirl is

busy puking her brains out. While it doesn't take much to get her to join up

with you she's too far out of it to keep up. You have two choices here: either

carry her or sit her in a wheelchair. Using a wheelchair is the better option

since it lets you move pretty fast while knocking zombies out of your way.

Take her, Stuart and Brittany back to the safe house now.


Meet the Contestants


Time: Available from 2:30pm on Day 1 until 8:30am on Day 2.

It seems that one of the Terror is Reality contestants has flipped his lid over

by the Arena. Before making your way in that direction you'll want to have a

Spiked Bat or two as well as a couple of good healing items, like mixed drinks

or coffee creamer, Head on over that way to see just how far this crazy lunatic

has fallen since your competition earlier. A fairly long cutscene will ensue at

this point where Chuck speaks to him before the psychopath fight erupts.

Run over to the dirt bike and ride it down the strip. When you hear Leon's bike

going you know that you're close to him so park your bike near a corner. Get

off the bike and wait near a wall for him to come charging at you. The hard

part is keeping your eyes open for him because once you see him coming either

run to one side, jumping if needed, or simply use a dodge roll. When he rides

face first into the wall he leaves himself open so run up behind him and smack

him with a Spiked Bat a few times.

The trick here is that if you stay too close to the front of his bike when he

tries to turn you will get knocked down and / or sliced. If you're standing out

in the open he will continue to ride around, turning repeatedly to try for the

perfect run at your face with his bike. This is why using a wall is so

important - if he doesn't run into something he will just keep moving until he

manages to hit you.

So long as you keep your eyes open for his bike and always dodge when it's

coming at you then this fight is actually pretty easy. He isn't so fast that he

is hard to dodge so long as you're smart. Attack when you have an opening, try

to avoid getting crowded by zombies and stay on him he is immobile. It's a lot

easier of a fight than you might initially think.

Once he's defeated you can now use the bike that you unlocked as well as his

trailer. Nothing is cooler than using the trailer to add some chainsaws to the

bike, plowing right through huge groups of zombies.


Brains Over Brawn


Time: Available from 3:30pm on Day 1 until 2:00am on Day 2.

It's suggested that you wait until completing the "Chuck the Role Model"

mission and getting Vikki with you. Having a female survivor with you makes it

so much easier to complete this mission. Otherwise it's a fairly drawn out

ordeal to get these spastic monkeys to follow you.

A quartet of nerds are playing games in a store in the South Plaza. You are going to have to talk to their leader, John, repeatedly to get him to join up

with you. But if you have completed either the "Chuck the Role Model" or "Barn

Burner" missions you will have a bright, shiney girl with you. As we all know

girl + nerd = your obedient slaves. Simply speak to them a few times with the

lady in tow to get the lot of them to follow you.


Chuck the Role Model


Time: Available from 5pm on Day 1 until 12pm on Day 2.

Prepare for one of the hardest, freakiest and most aggravating bosses in the

entire game. Brandon here has seriously flipped his freaking lid and only your

fists, or whatever weapon you have on hand, can stop him from continuing to

turn people into zombies. We seriously hope you have a lot of healing items on

hand, especially at least one Energizer or Pain Killer along with a few other

strong healing items.

Brandon isn't exactly tough. No, let's rephrase that - Brandon is a very tough

boss to fight but he doesn't have a whole lot of health. His attacks deal out

monstrous amounts of damage, he attacks incredibly fast and he's so mobile that

it's almost laughably hard to keep track of him thanks to his ability to move

between the various bathroom stalls to flank you. There some tricks to make

beating him easier but this is in no way an easy fight.

Guns are probably one of the most reliable weapons for dealing damage to this

lunatic but he moves far too quickly for guns to adequately hurt him. Even an

LMG can't dish out the damage fast enough before he jumps on your face like a

freaking monkey and slashes Chucks' face off. Instead of bothering with a gun

pull out your Spiked Bat or Knife Gloves and prepare for a brawl.

Brandon has a fairly simple pattern to his attacks: he runs around the bathroom

in an attempt to either flank you or get you to pursue him in which case he

jumps on your face when you round a corner. After dealing, or taking, enough

damage he will run away and leap into one of the bathroom stalls. Shortly after

this he will emerge from a different one at random before charging you again.

To prevent him from outmaneuvering you always run to the bathroom door and

stand so you're facing the bathroom. This will allow you to see Brandom as soon

as he leaps out of a bathroom stall. If you're feeling daring you can shoot at

him a few times after he jumps out before switching to a melee weapon but it's

risky. Step into the bathroom and wait for him to charge at you, using the

dodge roll at the last minute to avoid his attack. You will still probably get

hit by part of his combo swings but you shouldn't get knocked down which allows

Chuck to hit him a few times with his weapon.

Sadly you're kind of forced to trade blows with him at this point because he's

just too fast to outmaneuver. But if you can prevent him from tackling you to

the floor with his stab attack then you'll mitigate the worst of the damage and

should be able to last out this battle pretty easily.

When he's dead speak to Vikki to release her from her bindings. It's up to you

whether you want to escort her back to the safe room or have her come along

while recruiting some other survivors.


Barn Burner


Time: Available from 5pm on Day 1 until 2am on Day 2.

It seems that two hillbilly types have become trapped by fire in a room inside

of the Fortune City Arena. This is an incredibly simple situation to handle.

Make your way over to the Arena, fight through the huge crowd in the lobby and

head down the hallway where they're trapped. A fire extinguisher is waiting to

be picked up nearby the flames so use that to put out the flames.

Go inside the room to speak with the two survivors. It doesn't take much to

convince them to join you, just a bit of chatting them up. The hard part is

getting them out of the arena in one piece since there are just so many damn

zombies inside this place. Just sprint your way through the Arena and head for

the nearest exit.

If you're going to do the "Chuck the Role Model" quest head for the casino and

leave these two somewhere safe while handling the psychopath. But if you don't

want to deal with that just now simply return them to the safe house.


Once Bitten


Time: Available from 7:30pm on Day 1 until 8:30am on Day 2.

An injured man has holed up on the second floor of Royal Flush Plaza in a store

called Wily Travels. When you head that way you will find him barricaded in but

he's bleeding rather badly. It seems that a zombie took a bite out of him

before he could get someplace safe and he isn't going anywhere without Zombrex.

If you don't have a dose of it on hand you can either purchase a dose from the

nearby pawn shop or finish off the "Code Blue" side mission first.

Once you've got that lovely dose of Zombrex hand it over to convince Jared to

side with you. He's injured so the going is slow if you don't pick him up. Just

carry him back to the safe house to simplify your life.


Code Blue


Time: Available from 10pm on Day 1 until 7am on Day 2.

A rather simple mission, all this mission requires is that you head towards

the Silver Strip. When Chuck arrives, a message will pop up that Ted has died.

Don't let this faze you as there's nothing you can do to save him. Make your

way to One Little Duck Bingo and you will see a paramedic named Sven trying to

resuscitate the recently dead man.

Speak to Sven a few times to get him to follow you back to the safe house. The

main benefit to completing this mission is that getting him back alive nets you

a free dose of Zombrex. In addition it unlocks a side mission named "Supply and

Demand" later on that, upon completion, will net you another dose.


Tastes Like Chicken


Time: Available from 10:30pm on Day 1 until 8:30pmm on Day 2.

The security cameras show that a chef is leading survivors into a diner in the

food court. It's up to you to check out the italian eatery and see what's going

on there. Before heading over be sure to have at least two Spiked Bats, not the

Knife Gloves. The Knife Gloves don't move you around enough while you attack

with them but the bat can actually move you in such a way that some of his

attacks will actually miss you. Also mix a Quick Step instead of, or in

addition to, a Pain Killer or Energizer as that will be more useful.

In every Dead Rising game it seems like there is a psychopath battle that comes

down to little more than an endurance run. In Dead Rising 2 Antoine probably

fits that bill better than any other psychopath. His attacks hit hard, he can

throw stuff at you and as the fight progresses he will start healing himself.

All of this combines together to make for one really nasty boss battle.

Antoine will start off throwing things at you so take cover behind some of the

scenery. This will prompt him to either move in close or, less often, move in

for a better angle of attack. Either way he will move in enough that you can

run up to start hitting him with the bat. After a few shots he will knock you

around with a frying pan before running off to throw some more stuff. Try to

stay close to him while pounding on him when possible and watch his health

plummet rather quickly.

During this period you probably took a good chunk of damage so pop the Quick

Step once he starts running away from you. He's going to run around the area to

eat some of his own cooking which will heal him. The only way to stop him is by

catching up and pounding on him with your weapon a bit. From this point onward

you're going to be chasing him around, hitting him, being hit in return and

then chasing him some more which is where the endurance test comes in.

It'll take you a bit to finish him off unless you're really high leveled but

so long as you brought enough healing items it shouldn't be too hard.

When he's dead go into the back room to speak to his captive. She won't follow

you unless you bring Jasper to her so leave her be for now. Go across the food

court but watch to your left. You should see some snack machines - head toward

those and jump on top. From there jump up to your right to climb on top of the

food court stores. Up here you can find Jasper hiding from the zombies so talk

to him a few times to get him following you, return to Cinda and gather up the

two of them for a quick jaunt back to the safe house.


3.2 - Day Two


An Industrial Fashion


Time: Available from 3am until 3:30pm on Day 2.

Terri and Willa, two female construction workers, are currently trying to fend

off a bunch of zombies in the South Plaza. Head on over to the Fortune City

Hotel, passing through that to reach the South Plaza construction area. When

you get there Terri is beating the crap out of the zombies but Willa is sitting

on a scaffolding. To get them to follow you it's Willa that you must talk to.

She's having a bit of a freakout but Chuck can calm her down and convince her

to leave with him.

Once you've got Willa following you it's time to speak to Terri. After you've

recruited the two of them pick up Willa as her leg is injured and get a move

on. If you're careful you can complete the following two missions together and

get the "Come on! Follow me!" achievement / trophy.


Rock Heroes


Time: Available from 4am until 3pm on Day 2.

It seems that Angel Lust, a rather strange band, are currently rocking out on

the Silver Strip. Make your way towards the stage by heading down the strip and

following the music. Upon arriving there you'll see an army of zombies gathered

about the stage the trio of performers are standing on. Climb up on one of the

sides and speak to the lead singer a few times to get her to follow you. The

band rocks out and destroys the zombies surrounding the stage to clear the way.

If you've got the survivors from "An Industrial Fashion" following you then

take them to the maintenance room and stash them inside before doing this so

they are safe, especially Willa. With the three of them following you that's

five survivors you're escorting. Once again you can either return them to the

safe house or hold onto them for the "Come on! Follow me!" achievement/trophy.

Should you choose to hold onto them then it's best to hole up in Royal Flush

Plaza, near the maintenance room. Leave the survivors in the maintenance room,

hop on into the safe house to give Katey her Zombrex shortly before 8am and

then pop back out in time to do this next mission.


Lady Shoppers


Time: Available from 8am until 4pm on Day 2.

Take note that this is not an actual side quest. This doesn't show up as an

active mission. Instead you have to mosey on over to the Royal Flush Plaza and

ferret out these three ladies for yourself. Make your way to the second floor

shop, Kathy's Space.

Upon arriving there you'll find that Chuck is going to have to help the ladies

get their merchandise back to the safe house if they're going to go anywhere.

Have Chuck pick up the big pile of shopping valuables and carry it for them.

Now you can lead them to the safe house to complete this quest.


Wilted Flower


Time: Available from 12:00 to 5:00 on Day 2.

It seems that some woman has gotten herself trapped inside of a store in the

Palisades Mall, The Venus Touch. Not only that but when you arrive you find

out that she is rather horribly burned thanks to being trapped in the tanning

bed for far too long. She's both dried out and in serious amounts of pain.

To get Linette back tot hes afe house you're going to need a drink, something

that will quench her extreme thirst. Chuck should always have some type of

fluids on hand, even if it's just coffee creamer, so hand that over to get her

to join up with you. Once that problem is solved it's going to be slow to get

her back to the safe house.

Luckily Linette has a plan.


Linette's Passage


Time: Part 2 of the "Wilted Flower" side quest.

Linette works at Brand New U store on the second floor of the Palisades Mall.

She knows of a secret passage that travels from that location to the bathrooms

on the first floor of Royal Flush Plaza. That's right, this tunnel travels that

huge distance in the blink of an eye so it's something you'll want to have some

immediate access to.

Pick up Linette as she can't really move around of her own accord and get to

running. Sprint your way to Brand New U, go into the back area changing stalls

and examine it to use the secret entrance. From here you're just a short run

away from the safe house.

*NOTE: This passage must be unlocked every time you start up the game. Even if

you know it's there it can't be used until Linette shows it to you.


Everyone Knows Slappy


Time: Available from 12pm on Day 2 until 3am on Day 3.

It seems that there is some sort of dead childrens mascot in the northern part

of the Palisades Mall. Head over there and go up the escalators to the second

floor childrens toy store. The mission itself actually starts when you examine

the apparently dead mascot, starting off a cutscene that shows her boyfriend

in a Slappy mascot costume getting ready to murder our boy Chuck.

Slappy is surprisingly hard but it's mostly because he's an incredibly tricky

little sunnuva... Well suffice it to say he's really difficult. Due to his

rapidly moving around on his rollerblades it can be very hard to nail him down

for any appreciable attacks. Plus on offense he has a pair of Flamethrowers he

is more than happy to use to burn you down. While that can be avoided if you're

careful his Fire Spitter is much more dangerous.

The Spitter has a whole lot of range and it's quite accurate so you'll want to

stay close to avoid him even using it. As long as you stay within moderate

distance he will stick to trying to skate at Chuck using his Flamethrowers to

try burning him to death.

He has two attacks with the Flamethrowers: The first is him simply moving right

at you with the flames going. You can easily dodge this by running sideways and

jumping or using a dodge roll. What's really difficult is his second attack as

this one is done whenever you're too close to him. For this one Slappy spins in

a circle with his flamethrowers going, setting everything in a wide radius on

fire. This one is hard to dodge because once it starts spraying flames you must

either be outside of its radius of attack or you're going to get hit. If he has

knocked you down and then uses this there's no way to avoid being hit again.

With this in mind there are two ways to fight Slappy, one is the easy one and

one is much harder.

The easy way to defeat Slappy is if you've gained enough levels to use the Drop

Kick special move. If you catch Slappy in the face with this attack it will

knock him down onto his butt. When Chuck gets up use either your Spiked Bat or

Knife Gloves to tear through his health at a rapid pace. Hit him a few times

and then dodge roll away as he starts getting up to avoid his Flamethrower spin

reprisal. As his spin winds down run on over to Drop Kick him again so you can

repeat this as necessary to slowly kill him off.

Now the hard part comes in if you haven't gotten the drop kick ability. If this

is the case then you'll want to have three shotguns and an LMG to whittle his

health down. Two shotguns can be gotten from the High-Noon Shooting Range and a

third can be picked up from atop the Severed Ties kiosk. An LMG can always be

found from a ledge on the side of the grotto bar. If you've got a Blambow then

that can work as well. Carrying an Energizer into this also wouldn't hurt you.

For this strategy you're going to have a heck of a fight on your hands. What

you'll need to do is stay at medium range or so, dodging his attacks so you can

shoot him from somewhat close range after he misses. Cut through his health

with your guns as quickly as you can while trying to avoid his attacks. When

you run out of ammo then use your melee attacks. Should you run low on healing

items you can find more in Chris' Fine Foods which isn't too far away from

where the fighting begins.

When Slappy finally falls you've made the mall a bit of a safer place.


Here Comes the Groom


Time: Available from 5pm on Day 2 until 9am on Day 3.

Time for yet another psychopath fight. It seems that this crazy psycho, Randy,

is trying to force some poor woman to marry him in the Swept Away Chapel. This

S&M freak is armed with a huge pink chainsaw that he's incredibly adept at

using to slice his victims to ribbons. You're going to have to fight off this

big ol' lunatic if you want to rescue Danni, his bride-to-be.

Randy is a whole lot faster than you might initially suspect. He is capable of

charging at you from across the chapel, including making turns, before slicing

the ever-loving crap out of you with his chainsaw. These charge attacks will do

several blocks worth of damage in one hit so it's imperative that you avoid

these at all costs. His other attack involves swinging the chainsaw from side

to side in combo attacks or jabbing Chuck with it.

All of these various attacks do almost one solid block of damage so if you get

caught by a multi-hit combo, but knocked down, you're going to be hit a few

times and lose a chunk of health. Because of this you're going to want to bring

a few mixed drinks along for the ride. Quick Step can be helpful with getting

away from him, or closing in to attack, and an Energizer can always help if you

want to go toe-to-toe with him. Otherwise have some coffee creamers and BBQ

food to heal up from his various attacks.

To fight Randy you'll want to wait for him to charge, roll out of the way and

then wait until you can hit him. Whenever he's taunting you attack him from

behind or with a ranged weapon as the mere touch of the chainsaw will hurt you.

At this point he will start moving around and trying to cut Chuck apart with

various combo attacks. Stay on your toes, dodging his attacks and whacking him

with your Spiked Bat whenever there's an opening.

Keep up this routine of dodging his chainsaw attacks and whacking him from

behind until he finally goes down. It takes awhile but it isn't terribly hard

to defeat him.




Time: Available from 7pm on Day 2 until 9am on Day 3.

This isn't an actual side quest as it doesn't show up in your quest log. You'll

need to actually make your way over to the Atlantica Casino and find him

standing in front of the main entrance. He's yelling out for somebody to help

him so when you're in the right area it should be noticeable.

Janus isn't actually all that hard to get following you. So long as you have a

gun of some type equipped then just talking to Janus a few times will get him

to follow you around. It's that simple. Of course the hard part is even knowing

where to look for him in the first place. When you bring him back to the safe

house he will give you $70,000. Should he die along the way bust open his money

case to get $50,000.


Par For The Course


Time: Available from 8pm on Day 2 until 3am on Day 3.

Stacey informs you that there is a woman fighting off zombies on the first

floor of SporTrance in Royal Flush Plaza. This lady, Luz, has a whole horde of

zombies that are trying to eat her face. Use your weapons to beat down the

undead for her and then talk to her a few times to get her to follow you back

to the safe house.


Stuart's Scheme


Time: Avaialble from 9:00pm on Day 2 until 2:00pm on Day 3.

Stuart is in the safe house trying to talk the other survivors into a mutiny.

He's up to no good so you'll have to go there to talk him down. This is quite

frustrating as you're trying to save people and this jerk is taking up your

precious time. Whatever the case all you need to do to complete this mission is

head back to the safe house and speak to Stuart a few times. Eventually the

dumbass finally decides to stop being a jerk and the mission completes itself.


Mail Order Zombrex


Time: Available from 11pm on Day 2 until 2pm on Day 3.

Chuck is informed that there is a postal worker in Royal Flush Plaza who is

looking for someone. Make your way over there to find a postal delivery cart

just sitting in the middle of the mall. When you go over to examine the vehicle

a cutscene plays that shows some crazy postal worker goodness.

Carl will be your explosive delivery man for today. He has two attacks at his

disposal, a trio of shotgun blasts and an explosive package. When you're at

range from him he will fire three shots from the shotgun. If two of these shots

hit you then you lose a health block but if three shots hit you then Chuck is

knocked to the ground as well. The explosive package is only used if you get in

melee range with him. Carl whacks you with the shotgun to knock you down before

running away and flinging explosive packages behind him.

Battling Carl is actually incredibly simple if you're careful. Carl's attacks

are incredibly predictable and using that to your advantage is key. When you

stay away he fires three shots, taunts or reloads and then fires another three

shots. If you hit him while he's firing those shots he will roll forward before

firing at you again. That's the extent of his ranged combat tricks so you can

definitely outmaneuver him.

While you can just get into Carl's face and whale away there is a much safer

way of handling him. Get a sniper rifle, LMG or a few handguns in preparation

as well as being sure to have a few healing items. If you don't have any you

can easily grab coffee creamer from The Dark Bean before the battle. During the

fight you'll want to use the Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow kiosk as cover. Peek

out just enough to get Carl to fire at you and once his three shots are done

stick yourself out and shoot him a few times before hiding again.

By repeating this simple pattern you can easily shoot this lunatic dead in very

short order. But if ranged attacks aren't exactly your flavor there is always

the "Punch him in his face until he dies" method. It's not the easiest way to

handle this battle but it works.

For this all you need to do is dodge roll towards Carl just as he starts to

fire his shotgun. If done properly you can roll through his gunfire without

taking much, if any, damage. Since you're in close range start cutting him up

with Knife Gloves or Spiked Bats. Eventually he will knock you down with his

shotgun butt before running off and throwing explosive packages. Roll away from

the packages and keep on his butt, whacking the crap out of him whenever there

is an opening to do so. You'll take damage using this method, sure, but it's

also a pretty quick battle if you're strong enough.

A fairly quick battle all things considered and you get a free dose of Zombrex

out of the deal. So it's definitely worth your trouble to handle this lunatic.


3.3 - Day Three


High Rollers


Time: Available from 1am until 1pm on Day 3.

Three schmucks are playing poker in the Atlantica Casino. They're not willing

to leave the poker room until they get a fourth man for their card game. Speak

to Nevada, the big heavyset guy, a few times to find out that they want you to

join them as a fourth player.

This is a simple but incredibly annoying side mission. You need $100,000 to get

into the high stakes poker game and you need to eliminate all three of the

survivors to get them to join you. Make sure you save somewhere nearby before

going to start this mission as it's very, very easy to lose if the cards aren't

working in your favor or the computers luck just goes through the roof.

There are no real strategies to this beyond tips on playing Texas Hold 'Em that

can be better found elsewhere. But a few general tips for dealing with the

computer in all its predictable goodness:

- Don't let yourself bet too much money unless you have confidence in your

starting hand. Relying on the flop to improve your hand is often a bad idea.

- A good hand depends on how many players are in the game. If you have four

players even having an Ace High can be a good hand to bet on. When it's just

two or three players don't get too cocky unless you have a pair and be ready

to fold if things don't improve during the flop but someone else is raising.

- If you ever see the computer throwing in chips like mad be sure to fold

unless you already have a solid hand. At the same time if you have a pair of

aces then always be willing to challenge them throwing in chips. They almost

always end up with a pair when they're acting like this.

- Each of the players have a distinct personality. Nevada is fairly gung-ho

and willing to bet quite heavily on even the most meager of hands. Jacob is

fairly conservative until it's down to you and him although when he has what

he thinks is a good hand he will bet a whole lot of his money on it. Rebecca

is incredibly meek, often folding unless she has a very good hand. It takes

a bit get her to do anything other than check or call your bet.

Once you've won you are given the pot, a whopping $1,000,000, as a reward. Lead

them back to the safe house for your PP reward.


Hunger Pains


Time: Available from 2am until 10am on Day 3.

Thankfully this is a much easier mission than the freaking gambling mission. A

man named Richard is scavenging for food in Dining at Davey's diner located on

the Platinum Strip. All he wants is some good solid food so you can bring him

anything from a donut, to a cake to a chicken. Simply hand over the food to get

him to join up with you and you can escort him wherever you like.


Fetching Females


Time: Available from 3am until 9am on Day 3.

There are three women hanging out atop the grotto bar in the center of the

Palisades Mall. You have to make your way there, on top of the bar to speak to

them. Chat with Cora, the leader of the trio, to find out that they won't

follow you unless you pay them $10,000. At this point you're probably thinking

that they're escorts, especially with their clothes, but apparently they are

actually bodyguards.

If you don't have the money for some reason just put together a hacker in the

nearby first floor maintenance room and hack one of the ATMs. Pay them their

money and the trio will follow you wherever you want them to go. If you give

them some weapons they can actually defend themselves rather well. Give them

each a handgun, stick them at a waypoint in a corner and watch them shoot the

zombies dead as they try to approach.


Secret of Charlie's Gold


Time: Available from 4am until 10am on Day 3 if Lenny has been rescued.

Take note that this is another mission that Stacey doesn't tell you about. You

will need to make your way to the safe house loung to start this one up.

Upon arriving at the safe room you will need to speak to Lenny. It seems that

there is a good chunk of money stashed inside of a lockbox in the Yucatan

Casino vault. You'll need to speak to him a few times to wring the passcode out

of him otherwise you can't get into the vault. Now just make your way over to

the vault to find $250,000 in cold hard cash.




Time: Available from 4am until 7pm on Day 3.

Once this mission activates you're going to find that entering the South Plaza

is a scene of carnage. A man who has appointed himself the Sheriff of Fortune

City has been hanging survivors for a variety of crimes. This lunatic is going

to attack you the moment that the cutscene introducing him ends so you've got

to be prepared before even entering South Plaza.

Seymour is an almost ridiculous pain in the ass. This doofus has a six-shooter

on his hip that he will use to absolutely wreck you. The gun fires fast, does

decent damage and the punk can use it to shoot your weapons out of your hand.

Yes, that's right, this schmo can knock your weapon out of your hand which will

leave you defenseless and require you to pick up your weapon before using it.

This is a huge pain in the ass as he can even disarm your healing items if you

aren't expecting it.

Oh and our cowboy extraordinaire also has a lasso he will use at mid-range to

pull you down to the ground if you don't dodge roll out of the way. If you get

into melee range he will attack you with a pretty weak nightstick so this is

the ideal way to battle him.

Stay in close to this guy and just go head on with him. Take out your Spiked

Bat or Knife Gloves so you can just open up on him. As long as you have a

decent supply of healing items, or a lot of health, you're in no real danger.

If you've gotten the ability then using Drop Kicks then keep using that on

Seymour until you knock him down. Even if you don't stagger him thanks to him

being in the middle of attack animations you won't take any damage so it's a

safe thing to just keep using this until he dies.

If you are still fairly low leveled then there are other ways of doing this.

Grab a few sniper rifles from High-Noon Shooting Range in Palisades Mall as

well as the LMG there. Don't have any weapons equipped when you start the fight

and immediately run for the bathrooms. If you stand just outside of the womens

bathroom, sticking out just a bit to shoot around the wall, Seymour will stand

down the hall and start shooting at you. His bullets will impact the wall while

you can freely shoot him. It's possible to take most, if not all, of his health

from here if you're accurate enough.

When he has fallen you can find a man named Ray hidden in an abandoned store

nearby. Grab him and take him back to the safe house to flee this insanity.


Tape It or Die, Part 1


Time: Available from 6am until 12pm on Day 3.

And we're looking at another mission Stacey doesn't warn you about.

At any point during the available hours head towards KokoNutz Sports in the

eastern part of the Palisades Mall. On the first floor of this store there is a

locked door you cannot enter most of the time. Head inside and speak to the

four survivors here to learn that this is the Tape It or Die crew from the Dead

Rising viral marketing program.

All you need to do is bring them a cement saw and some plates but these are

pretty easy to get your hands on if you know where to look. An easy place to

go to get the required parts is Luaii Wowii on the northeastern part of the

Silver Strip. The Cement Saw is outside of the maintenance room there and you

can get plates from the shop itself. Return this to the guys there to get the

Plate Launcher combo card.

Completing this opens Take It or Die, part 2 on Day 4.


Bank Run


Time: Available from 6am until 5pm on Day 3.

Apparently there is some guy running around and robbing the ATMs inside of the

casinos. You'll need to head over to the Slot Ranch Casino to find a man named

Woodrow messing around with one of the ATMs. Speak to him to find out that he's

planning on looting the ATMs in this casino and the Food Court. This is as easy

as following him around, keeping the zombies off of him as he does his stuff.

When he finishes with the fourth ATM you can finally bring him back to safety.


Slave to Fashion


Time: Available from 9am until 6pm on day 3.

When you follow this lead you're going to find a strange mostly naked lady

hididng behind some plants in the Fortune City Hotel lobby. It seems Europa

here got locked out of her room during the infection and is stuck without any

of her clothing. When you speak to her you'll find that she isn't willing to go

with you unless you strip naked.

This causes an area where you can strip down to your skivvies to show up as

your next objective. Go there, get changed and return to Europa to convince her

to follow you. It's best to carry her and then use the Palisades Mall tunnel to

get her to the safe house easily.


Ante Up


Time: Available from 9am on Day 3 until 9am on Day 4.

Not so much a mission as it is another chance for you to gamble, it seems that

a bunch of the survivors you've rescued are challenging you to a game of poker.

But this isn't just any game of poker. This is essentially a game of strip

poker in which you can strip one of three ladies, or one of two men, down to

their skimpy underthings.

Once again you're going to be play Texas Hold 'Em so if you won the high stakes

poker you know what you're in for. Eliminating the fat guy, Jack, nets you the

rare piece of clothing, the Knight's Helm. Otherwise you can really just skip

this mission as it's just more frustrating than it needs to be.


Redneck Snipers


Time: Available from 9am on Day 3 until 9am on Day 4.

This mission triggers when you enter any of the outdoor areas after 9am on the

third day and there's no way to avoid it. Entering these areas causes a fairly

lengthy cutscene showing you a quartet of rednecks who want to kill off all of

America's problems, one bullet at a time.

These four are hanging out on top of the various casino entrances and are only

out one at a time. But unfortunately their positions give them a great shot at

you and any survivors you might be escorting. Plus those rifles of theirs do a

good deal of damage whenever they manage to hit you so it's more than just an

annoyance. Until you decide to fight these guys avoid the outdoors as much as

possible by using the Palisades Mall / Royal Flush Plaza secret passage.

Chuck can battle the first of these guys, Big Earl, on top of a scaffolding

near Fortune Park. You'll need to climb up there to deal with him. He is the

only one of these snipers that you'll have to go toe-to-toe with. Use the

nearby materials to climb up to him, he might knock you off a few times but

there's no other way up. Once up there just open up on him with your Spiked Bat

and try to stay close to him so he can't use his rifle. After enough swings he

will go down. Grab his rifle, heal up with the nearby burger and beer and go

for the next one.

Next you'll need to head for the maintenance room further to the left from the

Slot Ranch Casino entrance, and go up the ladder. Here you'll encounter Johnny.

This is a much easier fight since there is now cover. All of the snipers can be

fought the same way - get up there, use the nearby cover to hit them while

avoiding their shots and shooting them in return and lastly beating them in

melee if you run out of ammo.

Your third target is found near the maintenance room where you can create the

Paddlesaw, across from the Slot Ranch Casino entrance. To the right of the room

is a pair of green double doors. Go through the doors and follow the hallway

until you find a ladder going up. This leads you on top of the Atlantica Casino

where you will find Derrick. Last up is Deetz who is located atop the Platinum

Screens theater. As he's located close to Big Earl you'd think to go for him

second but he's almost never there when the other snipers are around. The load

screens coming and going from fighting Derrick should make him spawn so take

the ladder up onto the rooftop and defeat him to finish this mission.


Chemical Dependancy


Time: Available from 11am until 3pm on Day 3 if Jared has been rescued.

This is a rather simple side mission but it requires you to have another dose

of Zombrex. It seems that Jared is asking for another dose of the stuff to

prevent from turning into a zombie. Should you choose to not give him the

Zombrex he will change and be killed by Sullivan (you can see this in a scene

by being in the safehouse when the mission expires). Just bring him the Zombrex

to save him and get a nice PP boost.


Art Appreciation


Time: Available from 11am until 7pm on Day 3.

Chuck is informed that there is a man looking rather upset inside of an art

gallery in the Palisades Mall. Randolph is crying because he has finally gotten

one of his pieces into a gallery but with the zombie apocalypse nobody will

ever buy his work. To get this idiot to follow you you're going to need to fork

over the $3,000 for his painting. The only good news here is that this Funny

Painting is a unique gift for Katey that can only be gotten from this mission.

Take the painting and Randolph back to the safe house for some nice PP awards.


Konw When to Fold 'Em


Time: Available from 1pm until 9pm on Day 3.

Some older dude is sitting inside of a mini-casino on the strip, gambling away

his money during the zombie apocalypse. Head on over to the Shamrock Casino on

the Silver Strip and speak to Bill a few times to find out that this idiot will

not follow you unless you give him $20,000. Oh but that's not enough for this

greedy cow - you'll have to give him another $5,000 to get him to agree to come

to safety.


Shell Shocked


Time: Available from 1pm until 10pm on Day 3.

A man named Dean has holed himself up in the Americana Casino and is making a

bit of a last stand against the zombies. Make your way to the shop that he's

holed up in and speak to him a few times. It seems that this overly proud idiot

has an injury that is going to slow him down but he's not willing to let you

support him. This is very bad news.

Dean has a pistol he's pretty good with but you don't want him using that as it

will slow him down. Run away from him as fast as you possibly can and wait for

him by one the casino entrance. Doing this will cause him to hobble after you

as fast as he can and prevent him from stopping to shoot zombies.

The only way to make this any easier is to have the Leadership magazine, gotten

from One Little Duck Bingo. When used this makes survivors in Chucks retinue a

bit better at combat and they follow him easier. It'll help Dean hobble after

Chuck a bit faster so it helps greatly here.


One Hit Wonder


Time: Available from 3pm on Day 3 until 12pm on Day 4.

*NOTE: Before heading for this mission you can make your life much easier by

having a drink on hand as well as wearing a Tuxedo from Modern Businesssman,

found in Royal Flush Plaza.

One of the most peculiar missions in the game this is fairly easy mission to

finish and it nets you a lot of PP. When you reach the Slot Ranch Casino head

to the northern stage for a rather strange cutscene. You're going to have to

help Bibi perform her stage show to her satisfaction before she will release

the people she's holding hostage.

She has a few demands that you will have to meet. Her assistant backstage,

Annie, will help you out if you're confused but that's what this is for:

- First she asks for something to drink. Any liquids will do whether it is

coffee creamer from Royal Flush Plaza or a beer from the nearby bar.

- Second she asks that you be dressed properly for the occassion. You'll have

to be wearing a Tuxedo from Modern Businessman located in Royal Flush Plaza.

- Lastly she demands a large crowd to perform in front of. Go backstage to

find some firecrackers. Run around the stage area and toss those to draw in

a bunch of zombies to start up the performance.

With that done all that's left for you to do is to control the pyrotechnics.

This is a simple mini-game that requires you to press the buttons in the proper

pattern to set the pyros off in order. It's incredibly easy to do this so don't

fret over it. Just keep on doing it until the show ends.

Bibi is no longer a threat to the others but she's in the process of being

killed by zombies. To save her get the zombies off of her, preferably with a

Queen so you don't hit Bibi, and then talk to her. Now you can lead her and the

rest of this group back to the safe house. Be mindful of Cameron though as he

is injured and unless you give him your shoulder he will slow you down.


Bent Wood


Time: Available from 4pm until 8pm on Day 3 so long as Luz was rescued.

For whatever reason Stacey will warn you about this one but not missions that

peoples lives depend on. Priorities... Whatever the case all you need to do is

bring a gold club to Luz, hanging out in the safe house cafeteria, so she can

continue to work on her golf swing. That's all there is and you get some cash

for helping her out.


Stranded Siren


Time: Available from 6pm on Day 3 until 3am on Day 4.

A lady dressed as a mermaid is stuck inside of a clam in the Atlantica Casino.

How she survived this long we have no idea but Chuck has to rescue her. Saving

her is a simple matter of going there and carrying her to safety. If you'd like

to make your life a bit easier you can put her in a wheelchair but she's one of

the few who can't move at all under her own power (negating the book).


Dead or Alive


Time: Available from 8pm on Day 3 until 7am on Day 4.

Stacey finds a survivor standing on top of the slot machines in the Palisades

Mall. Make your way over to the mall to find out what this fellows issue is.

Hop up onto the slot machines alongside him and prepare to listen to him whine

for a good long while. It takes a bit to get him to follow you but eventually

he will give in and be willing to follow you back to the safe room.

Note that if you talk to him and then walk too far away he will kill himself

with his shotgun. It's very important that you stay close to him once you talk

to him even once. Both players need to stand near him in co-op otherwise the

game registers it as Chuck walking away from him and he kills himself.




Time: Available from 9pm on Day 3 until 1am on Day 4 if Sven was rescued.

You are not warned about this mission so try to get to the safe house at this

time to avoid missing it. It's a simple mission to complete but it has a very

nice reward. Essentially the safe house is running out of medical supplies and

he needs some whiskey or vodka to act as disinfectant. Bring him some to get a

dose of Zombrex.


Two's Company


Time: Available from 11pm on Day 3 until 7pm on Day 4.

It seems that two guys are hanging out alone in Hot Excitorama on the Platinum

Strip and arguing. Why they picked a sex shop to argue in we will never know,

nor want to know for that matter. Whatever the case you can get there either by

the outside path or using the passage behind Palisades Mall.

When you arrive the two men reveal that they're competing comedians and they

want Chuck to act as a judge. He has to listen to their jokes and then give the

trophy sitting on the counter to whomever he judges the best. Both of them are

beyond cheesy but there's a price to be paid for giving it to one or the other.

If you give it to Walter then Royce will have to be paid $5,000 for him to join

up with you. If you give it to Royce then Walter will cry constantly while out

in the mall or in the safe house. Choose what you prefer to suffer with and

get them to safety.


3.4 - Day Four


Deadliest Trick


Time: Available from 12am until 9am on Day 4.

It seems that two crazy stage magicians are still trying to perform their

tricks in the Atlantica Casino stage area. Make your way over there to find the

duo murdering an innocent woman under the guise of performing a magic trick.

They also don't take too kindly to Chuck criticizing them for this which

results in a boss fight against the two crazies.

Roger attacks you using his two swords, performing rather crazy combos while

his buddy Reed will hang back and shoot rockets at you. Reed should always be

your primary target as Roger is fairly easy to battle from a distance.

Reed has a rocket launcher, just like the one you can make. He is quite adept

at using this to knock you down if you get into his face but this is much more

desirable than letting him shoot at you. Get into his face, hit him with your

melee weapon twice and then dodge his reprisal. Keep doing this as fast as you

can to take him down before Roger gets on your butt.

Once Reed has been handled you can focus on Roger. He's kind of squirrely, able

to get away from you by running around the slot machines when you fight back.

It's best to fight him with a gun from long range rather than trying to fight

him in melee. If you have a Six-Shooter or LMG you're set to do this although

it can be done with a sniper rifle. Just hang back and wait until you can see

him running towards you. When he gets close start shooting at him until he gets

out of sight. Now simply wait for him to come back and repeat the process until

you take him down.


Family Feud


Time: Available from 2am until 11am on Day 4. Only available if you have

completed Case 5-2.

Stacey will warn you that there's a lady up on top of the Fortune City Hotel

roof who looks like she could use some help. Make your way over there and ride

the elevator up to the roof to find Camille. Apparently her and her mother had

an argument that ended up with the two of them seperated. If you want to stop

Camille from jumping off the roof you have to find her mother.

Mom is located in the Atlantica Casino so head over there to find her taking

cover in the fountain near the entrance. Speak to her to get her to follow you

and bring her to the hotel roof to speak to her daughter. The two ladies will

now follow you back to the safe house.


Fortune City Botany Club


Time: Available from 4am until 12pm on Day 4 if Vikki was rescued previously.

Stacey calls to tell you that Vikki is acting really agitated. Before going

back to see what the problem is head by the art gallery in the Palisades Mall

up on the second floor. Here you can find a Peace Art plant lying on the floor

near the door. Pick it up and then use the secret tunnel to get back to the

safe house. Speak to Vikki to find out that she wants you to save a particular

plant. You just grabbed that so hand it over to complete the mission.


Delta Point 1


Time: Available from 9am until 6pm on Day 4.

Just as you head out of the safe house, after the failed military intervention,

Stacey will warn you that some army guys are making a stand in Fortune Park.

Leave Royal Flush Plaza to hear the gunfire of the two men. Drop any guns you

might have in an easy to get to place and approach the soldiers. If you try to

go towards them with any guns in your inventory they will open fire on you.

So long as you have no guns in your inventory run over to speak to the two

soldiers near the central grotto just outside Royal Flush Plaza. After chatting

with them a bit they will agree to follow you so pick up your guns, lend your

shoulder to the injured one and lead them back to the safe house.


Tape It or Die 2


Time: Available from 9am until 5pm on Day 4 if you completed the first mission.

This mission is only available if you completed Tape It or Die part 1 and you

will not be alerted to it by Stacey.


4. Combo Weapons


Air Horn - combine a Pylon and some Spray Paint.

Augur - combine a Drill Motor with a Pitchfork.

Beer Hat - combine a Construction Hat and a bottle of Beer.

Blambow - combine a Bow and Arrow with Dynamite.

Blazing Aces - combine a Tiki Torch and a Tennis Raquet.

Blitzkrieg - combine a LMG or MAR with an Electric Chair.

Boomstick - combine a Pitchfork and the Shotgun.

Burning Skull - combine a Bull Skull and Motor Oil.

Defiler - combine a a Sledgehammer and a Fire Axe.

Drill Bucket - combine a Drill with the Bucket.

Driller - combine a Drill with a Spear.

Dynameat - combine some Dynamite with a Hunk of Meat.

Electric Chair - combine a Battery with a Wheelchair.

Electric Rake - combine a Rake and a Battery.

Exsanguinator - combine a Vacuum cleaner with a Saw blade.

Fire Spitter - combine a Toy Spitball Gun and a Tiki Torch.

Flamethrower - combine with a Watergun and a Gasoline Canister.

Flaming Gloves - combine a pair of Boxing Gloves and Motor Oil.

Fountain Lizard - combine a Lizard Mask with Fountain Fireworks.

Freedom Bear - combine a Robot Bear with a Light Machine Gun.

Freezer Bomb - combine a Fire Extinguisher with some Dynamite.

Gem Blower - combine a Leaf Blower with some Gems.

Hacker - combine a Flashlight and a Computer Case.

Hail Mary - combine a Football with a Grenade.

Handy Chipper - combine a Wheelchair with a Lawnmower.

Heliblade - combine a Machete with a Helicopter.

Holy Arms - combine some Nails with a Training Sword.

I.E.D. - combine a propane tank with some nails.

Infernal Arms - combine some Motor Oil with a Training Sword.

Knife Gloves - combine a Machete with some Boxing Gloves.

Laser Sword - combine a Flashlight with some Gems.

Molotov - combine some Whiskey with a Newspaper.

Paddlesaw - combine a Paddle with a Chainsaw.

Parablower - combine a Leaf Blower with a Parasol.

Plate Launcher - combine a Cement Saw with some Plates.

Pole Weapon - combine a Push Broom with a Machete.

Portamower - combine a 2x4 with a Lawnmower.

Power Guitar - combine a Guitar with an Amplifier.

Ripper - combine a Cement Saw with a Saw blade.

Roaring Thunder - combine a Battery with a Goblin Mask.

Rocket Launcher - combine a Lead Pipe with a Rocket Firework.

Snowball Cannon - combine a Fire Extinguisher with a Watergun.

Spear Launcher - combine a Spear with a Leaf Blower.

Spiked Bat - combine a Baseball Bat and some Nails.

Sticky Bomb - combine Lawn Darts with some Dynamite.

Super B.F.G. - combine a Blast Frequency Gun with an Amplifier.

Super Slicer - combine a Servbot Mask with a Lawnmower.

Tenderizers - combine some M.M.A. Gloves with Nails.

Tesla Ball - combine a Battery with a Bingo Ball Cage.

Wingman - combine a Queen with some Nectar.

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