Dica e Truques sobre "Half-Life 2: Episode Two" para "PC" por leomarq23

#Dicas & Truques Dicas e Truques de Half-Life 2: Episode Two para Computador. Publicado por leomarq23, em .

Code Effect

vcollide_wireframe 1(Only objects effected by physics are wireframe.)

Impulse 101(All guns, extra ammo.)

showtriggers_toggle(Draw game triggers.)

mat_normalmaps 1(Draw normal maps.)

mat_normals 1(Draw surface materials.)

notarget(Enemies can't see you.)

npc_kill(Kills all npc???s in the area.)

impulse 200(Removes the weapon model from the screen.)

ch_createjeep(Spawn a scout car.)

impulse 83(Spawn an airboat.)

ch_createairboat(Spawn an airboat.)

god(Toggle god mode on/off)

noclip(Toggle moving through walls and flying on/off)

mat_fastnobump 0(Turn off bump mapping)

mat_fastnobump 1(Turn on bump mapping)

mat_wireframe1(Wire frame models.)

Spawning NPCs

Access the console, type in "npc_create npc_" and replace the name with one of these:

Code Effect

barnacle(Spawns a barnacle.)

turret_ceiling(Spawns a Ceiling Turret.)

citizen(Spawns a City 17 Citizen.)

combinedropship(Spawns a Combine Dropship)

helicopter(Spawns a Combine Helicopter)

metropolice(Spawns a Combine Metrocop)

cscanner(Spawns a Combine Scanner.)

combine_s(Spawns a Combine Soldier.)

crabsynth(Spawns a Crab Synth)

crow(Spawns a Crow)

headcrab_fast(Spawns a Fast Headcrab)

fastzombie(Spawns a Fast Zombie.)

turret_floor(Spawns a Floor Turret.)

launcher(Spawns a Headcrab Launcher)

headcrab(Spawns a Headcrab.)

hunter(Spawns a Hunter.)

ichthyosaur(Spawns a Ichthyosaur.)

manhack(Spawns a Manhack)

mortarsynth(Spawns a Mortar Synth)

pigeon(Spawns a Pigeon.)

headcrab_poison(Spawns a Poison Headcrab)

headcrab_black(Spawns a Poison Headcrab)

poisonzombie(Spawns a Poison Zombie.)

rollermine(Spawns a Rollermine.)

seagull(Spawns a Seagull)

stalker(Spawns a Stalker.)

strider(Spawns a Strider.)

vortigaunt(Spawns a Vortigaunt.)

zombie_torso(Spawns a Zombie without legs.)

zombie(Spawns a Zombie.)

zombine(Spawns a Zombine)(Combine Zombie)

alyx(Spawns Alyx.)

antlionguard(Spawns an Antlion Guard.)

antlion(Spawns an Antlion.)

barney(Spawns Barney.)

breen(Spawns Breen.)

combinegunship(Spawns Combine Gunship)

dog(Spawns Dog.)

eli(Spawns Eli)

monk(Spawns Father Gregori)

gman(Spawns Gman)

kleiner(Spawns Kleiner)

mossman(Spawns Mossman)

Leonardo #leomarq23
, São Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brasil